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Anyone recently buy these? Whats the difference between the 05 and 02. Is it worth getting the 05 over the 02 if I'm looking to upgrade my gear down the line ( Looking to buy more computer equipment atm: Headphones & DAC)
Has this thread died? :( Im still looking for a DAC with headphone like the Phoenix, but it looks like the new phoenix has QC issues?
Aw man this thread went in some crazy directions with the addition of all these DACs :( I was just gonna buy a Phoenix DAC-02 for my computer speaker setup but now theres other ones @__@ The breeze looks legit. Man I don't even know.   For headphones I'm not running any that need to be Amped yet so I guess I can just settle with a breeze one for now yeah?
  Hmm well I guess it all comes down to a sound test somewhere. I hope best buy or something has a dayton 1000 and psw10 to compare lol.
Darn it works fine, I didnt need the RCA cable from the start >_<.    Any suggestions on any other subs in that price range $100 that would perform just as good/better?
On the back of the lepai theres a 3.5mm cable that says "mp3". Couldnt I just connect a male to male 3.5mm audio cable instead of using RCA to 3.5mm? lol Would it affect the sound
  Haha I had a klipsh setup before, but what I did was I actually swapped the little speakers out for my Sony Stereo bookshelves because the sub had a speaker amp built in and I used the little speaker just for volume control xD, then I lost those sony bookshelves and then one of those klipsh speakers broke -_-. I would move the amp but I have no room anywhere and I already cut the cables pretty short to one of the speakers haha maybe later.   I was using Direct earlier...
I ended up picking up those Pioneers you posted off newegg. Pretty happy with everything right now. The only thing is that my desk is pretty small so if I have nothing playing I can hear a little feedback when I move my mouse around..    And the White plug for the RCA doesnt plug in all the way into the lepai but I think its far enough for it to work fine haha
  Well what about for example, the back of the Dayton SUB-1000 seems to have speaker inputs and amp input? Would I still need to get an RCA splitter for the Line In + Lepai? If I don't have the phoenix yet but buy a sub I would connect the speakers to the sub and the amp to the sub as well, but would I connect the RCA into the sub line in or the amp line in, or is it like you said I have to get a splitter to plug it into both at the same time.     I got my speakers and...
  Ohhh cool. So with the phoenix with headphones plugged in it bypasses the RCA outputs in the back? And if I got one I would probably plug it into USB right or Optical?   Hmm looking at it so I plug in like Comp -> DAC (Phoenix or w.e) -> RCA RCA to Lepai -> Speakers.    And then when Headphones I use the headphone jack on the DAC?   A sub is plugged Lepai + Speakers -> Sub <- DAC /Source?
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