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+2 respect for eminem
A few weeks ago I sent my D4 to iBasso for repairs (under warranty). Got it back a week after that and everything is working well. Fast shipping and great communication from iBasso. They only replaced the the USB port. Stef32, I guess your only option would be to replace the USB port yourself or find someone to do it for you. Bonne chance!
to me, ultrasone is pretty sketch
just keep in mind how much of a pain in the a$$ a long, heavy cord can we while walking or even taking to school. the warbler should drive the denons just fine.
Hi   So before I send this little guy back for repairs, I'd like to see if anyone can help me for free here.   THE PROBLEM:   Upon slight movement, the USB connection cuts out entirely - power and audio. The blue light goes out. If switch is set to "Battery", the device stays on, but is no longer processing audio. The computer no longer sees it. And when I say slight movement I really mean it. Any little vibration, a light tug on the headphone cable, tapping...
So, about 6 months ago I got an iBasso D4 for my Denon D2000. I took it on a few trips, but lugging it around was more of a pain in the a** than I thought it would be. And not just the amp, but the headphones too. Anyways, thats a different story. Now, the amp hasn't been outside the house in months but I've been perfectly content with using it as a desktop amp. It improved on the Denons a lot.   Now I'm looking at new headphones, and it's made me wonder if I should...
I'm not a fan of hip-hop and "mainstream" music either, but I would say that the only genres you can rightfully call 'not music' are the more-than-not synthesized / computer generated / techno or whatever. Sure, sometimes its fun/catchy to listen to, but I sure as hell wouldn't call it music.   As for the article: never would have though that they put so much work into the product. 70-80 iterations? I would have expected a much better headphone.... The author of this...
Retailers:    Bay Bloor Radio (Toronto, Ontario) > MOOG Audio (Toronto, Ontario | but might be a chain, i'm not sure) > Steve's Music Store (Toronto, Ontario | but might be a chain, i'm not sure)
my iPod shuffle 1st gen is pretty incredible and i've read good things about it too
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