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To Canada.
Looking for a cable shipped to Canada.
Anyone try the HE400 with those 560 hybrid pads?
Take a look at this. 
Welcome to headfi. You are asking on the wrong website. No one like beats here lol. There are alot of options depending what your budget is, musical preferences, and how you like your music to sound other than lots of bass.
Yes 110V
Looking for a used Lyr in excellent condition. Must be willing to ship to Canada.
For sale is a Schiit Magni with 50 hours on it. I have upgraded so no longer use it.
I wanted a more agressive sound and still have the mids and bass that the lcd's had and the he400 is bang on. Then you need to upgrade your amp, dac.....
So HF2? Or you could mod a lower end Grado.
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