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I ride the same bus five days a week. If I ever see him again, I'd be very surprised
Next to me. It's kinda hard to sit in a bus seat with a backpack on. They got my cans and some dirty work clothes.
No It was 10 miles from my house, and the last bus of the day. I filed a police report, but they didn't seemed to concerned.
Long story short, while riding the bus, another rider grabbed my backpack and took off with my Ultrasone 650's. Really, who does this on a public bus? Have fun with my cans, jerk.
I was really hyped for the AKG K701's.    Great cans, but didn't meet my need for 75% of my music. Lack of bass impact really turned me off to them.
My HD-595's had a similar problem (small cracks in the side plastic). Unless you abuse your cans, they should last a while. IMHO, it has to do with the stress from the 'average' construction of the cans. It's almost unavoidable unless you never use them. 
If you are gaming, take the K701 off the list. They are great cans, but will do nothing for games. They rule classical/jazz. The bass is accurate, but has no impact. 
I'll keep it brief...   Ultrasone Pro series. They are my 'go-to' for bass. Some tunes just rattle my head so bad I have to turn the bass down.
I still to this day own my pair of SR-80's (so maybe my opinion is a tad void because you are looking at higher end models). Grado has a great sound. Fairly easy to drive, and it really makes rock music come alive. As said before, buy a pair. If you don't like them, sell em here on head-fi. You'll get most of your money back, and then can try something else. No one headphone will please everyone. It's a matter of trial and error. That being said, Grado's are a good start.
Maybe try Ultrasones Pro series. When you take them off they naturally "clamp" back together. I've never had a problem with them being loose. And I wouldn't try to bend them, it's just plastic, so it'll break faster than it will bend.   Oh and the Pro series comes with a coiled cord. Still 3m long, but only if you stretch it.
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