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Many thanks Erik, I can tell you are a good person, and I've seen you give advice to others that I agree on 99%.   I'm more bitter about the loss of my cans than anything. It happens. But, I'm alive. And that's the important part? Right?
I have really bad anxiety. My meds are in my backpack, just as a safety thing. He still had them, and was selling them (as I was told). Class III drug. He's in a lot of trouble.
I'm kinda blow away. I had a knock on the door. Two cops told me they found my property. I wish my cans were there, but it makes me feel glad that the report I file wasn't thrown in the trash, and that Henrico/Richmond PD would take the time to tell me they found my backpack.   On another note, I take medication that was in my backpack. Dude is in a LOT of trouble. So, no cans, but my lawyer is looking at what I can do.
Update!!, Henrico PD found my backpack!   As I expected, no headphones. Sigh...   They pulled a car over and the driver had my backpack. A few bits of papers in there confirmed it was mine, and I got it back, mostly empty. So no cans, nothing of value, BUT, I'm happy to see the local police doing their job. I'm still bummed, though they did say they would search for my cans (I'm not hoping for too much).   Many thanks for the support. I understand these...
Un-amped, the K701's are horrible. Then again, I wasn't to impressed with them after an amp. Just my opinion.
I misunderstood that. I thought you were talking about a restricted license.   They're just headphones. I'd never shoot someone in the back like that. And as is my understanding, having a permit for a gun is self defense. I'd be in a load of trouble. And god forbid I hit the cans I was trying to save. 
My county will give me a restricted license, after I complete ASAP. It's just the law here. In December, I'll be able to drive, well to work and back. Like I said, I'm paying for my mistakes.
I ride the bus because I got a DUI several months ago. Even with the bus ride, I walk 7 miles round trip a day to work, 35 miles a week. I'm learning my lesson the hard way. I don't see why riding the bus is the wrong. My job understands that I go through a great deal to be there, on time, everyday. Never been late, never missed a day. And for any matter, there are many benefits to public transportation. I don't deal with traffic, it's cheap, and I've lost over 20 pounds...
To clarify, it was a Richmond GRTC bus. For the past 10 years they've won awards for safety (they proudly display this fact on every bus). I've never seen anyone get robbed. Hell, I've never seen an argument on the bus. 90%of the riders are going or coming from work. I've met some very interesting people while riding, and while I wouldn't call them 'friends', I see the same people often and can enjoy a conversation on my way to work. It was the last bus of the night, and...
Thanks for all the sympathy. In the long run, losing headphones isn't the worst thing that can happen. I can buy new ones, and the real cost is just some money. I've called all the local pawn shops, and have a craigslist app on my phone. Some things can't be replaced, but at least I lost a pair of cans, and not something more valuable.
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