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I enjoy dubstep, but in small dosages. My main gripe with dubstep is that most of the mainstream artists are not that good. Personally, I'm a huge Bassnectar fan because he can switch it up from genre to genre. His latest podcast can be found here... ... if you are a basshead, enjoy 
Just bought at pair of Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii from another head-fi member. Nothing better than getting off a long day of work to find a USPS package with some headphones in them. Been rocking these cans for the last few hours and are loving them so far.
EVERYONE has a hobby they spend too much on. That might be headphones, clothes, cars, drugs, etc..    I have handed people great headphones and received a 'meh' from them. It's understandable, I don't get the appeal of putting rims on a car, or why someone would spend $150 for a pair of jeans when I could get a good pair for $35. As long as you enjoy it and it makes you happy, that's all that matters. If someone wants to put you down for the money you spend on...
Welcome to Head-Fi!   You should have placed your post in this forum...   And really, just browsing that forum there might give you a good amount of insight as to your question.   Edit: You could also look through this section...
It depends on the song. It goes about 50/50.   What's funny is there are songs that I have heard for years than I have no idea what the lyrics are to. I know the bass line and guitar solos perfectly, but couldn't write out the lyrics pass the chorus. Then there are the songs where no one knows the correct lyrics to. It reminds me of the Volkswagen commercial that came out a year or so ago...  
Two! days off in a row starting tomorrow. Hasn't happened since... well I don't remember. And I should have a pair of Sennheisers sent my way this week.    At any rate, a good start to a few awesome days!
Click on 'My Profile' on the top, then to the right of 'your community profile' you should see an option to change your avatar.
I am looking to buy either a pair of Ultrasone DJ1, or Ultrasone HFI-580. I have feedback on head-fi from a while back which can be found here...   If you have a pair in good to excellent condition please send me a message. Thanks in advance!  
1st day off in two weeks, and managed to get a bunch of things done (before 11am!). So yes, I am doing nothing productive for the rest of the day and I don't feel bad about it all :)
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