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It's the internet and we have nothing better to do?   PS. BUMP
I'm only giving this a bump for two reasons...   ... I was going through my old posts and this was was from years ago, and wonder what people have to say about it now.   .... I had to gave my cat to a friend and I miss her (Snoogans, seen as the 1st post).
To each their own. Headphone enthusiasts understand that you can get a quality product at the same price offered for 'designer headphones'. Let them be and enjoy your cans.
My roommate and I miss hockey so much the other day we drove to Norfolk to catch an AHL game, only to have his car die 10 miles from the stadium. Hockey Fail. (this is techno, so if you don't enjoy that genre don't click this)   Any pair of good cans won't break no matter what you pump through them, however this could drive you deaf if you put too much power behind it. 
As a new owner of these headphones I don't know if I can add anything that hasn't been said. I've owned some decent cans, but these were bought as my 'mobile' set.   The sound is fantastic for a pair of headphones so small. Neutral, clean, excellent isolation. Rather than create a huge review I'll just say these sound great for what they are.
If you want the top 25 based on recommendations and reviews...
If you want something that can be used in a gym, you might want to consider in-ear headphones. Depending on your workout larger headphones might not be a good option. There are tons of threads here on in-ear cans, but is a good start. 
Excellent 1st pair of headphones. In college my 1st real pair of headphones was a pair of Grado Labs sr-80's, which are very similar to the MS1 (and I still have them years later). Welcome to head-fi!
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