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Posts by FlyingInABlueDream   Bought from this thread. I would like to keep this CONUS, but will entertain offers.
Old school feedback here...
I love these cans for portable use, but I might consider a pair of headphones with more bass. Beyer, Ultrasone, etc.. Throw me an offer (+/-$$), I will get back to you.   Theses are in near perfect condition (2nd owner and still flawless). Pleather and velour pads, adapter, bag, no box.   
I'm not 100% sure what this video proves, but it sure is cool to look at.
I usually use headphones when I'm out and about. Walking somewhere, taking the bus. I'm not a huge home listener, though there are times when I feel like rocking out and don't want to disturb the roommates. 
  I recently bought a pair of HD 25-1 ii. They are excellent portable headphones, and they block out background noise like a champ. I use them on the bus, and at a decent level I can't hear a thing around me.   Plus they're light and have a very solid understated design. When I let people use them they always seem to think that these are cheap headphones due to the lack of flash, but they sound good enough that most people understand why they cost what they do.
Welcome to Head-Fi.   I'll give you the obligatory "sorry about your wallet", even though I haven't spent 1/100th of some the people here.
    My second time reading it.
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