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Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepper Grab his Airsoft gun and blow his Skullcandy's to dust. Then he'll get the picture. Ha, the question is which gun. AK-47? M-16? Mac-10? SCAR-L? MP-40? He collects Airsoft with the same dedication I buy audio gear with.
The funny thing is my Airsoft roommate loves music, and will sit in his room painting Warhammer models (another hobby I don't get) for hours with cheap Skullycandy headphones on. I offer my headphones to him all the time (I have at least 4 pairs within visual distance right now), but it's not of interest to him. I've repeatedly told him that if he spent even $100, he could have drastically better sound. He also tells me that if I spend $200 on a cheap gun, we could both go...
I'm fairly new here, and haven't spent nearly as much as many of the members of this community, but I personally find that my friends are blown away by the amount of money I spend on audio gear in a year. I've told people at work that I own $200+ headphones, and some people seem blown away as if I had thrown my hard earned money down a well. I guess like all other 'hobbies', it's hard to explain to others your obsession with great sound. All to often I put my cans over...
As I am too poor to buy a new rig, I am seeking a used iBasso amp/DAC. My budget is in the air, so I would love to see what anyone here might be trying to sell. Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by H4Z3Y I listen to the likes of pendulum, the prodigy, justice, cyantific, logistics, deadmau5 etc, Wondering what the best headphones for about the $120 price range would be. i am getting a piar of ath-ad700's next week, will these do the job for those artists or would i have to get something like the MS-1's. (i can push my budget to about $200 if they can be purchased from this store Headphonic | Australian Headphone...
Great review! That 1st pic makes me jealous.
Quote: Originally Posted by tosehee Blind brand royalty might be stupid, but based on years of good experience usually builds a good relationship with them. Hence my question. I'm sure most people on here support many great companies. But I'm sure there are those who have repeatedly rewarded you with good sound, becoming your go-to can, go to brand, and the ones you recommend to others.
A fanboy sits in all of us. I'm all about my Xbox 360 (PS3 blows). My PC is (and has been) a Hewlett Packard. I love my Jetta. But, I still don't have a headphone brand that I swear by, though it seems as if many people here have. Who is your company? Who is it, that you swear by, day and night? What was the headphone that turned a simple purchase into a full blown love affair? PS --> I'm not trying to create a "screw you" flame war. I'm just wondering where your loyalty...
All I do is find a playlist that I like, and let it repeat for a few nights in a row. I figure, the best way to burn in a pair of headphones is with music I enjoy. That being said, I've noticed some changes in my cans (my hd-595 sound better IMO), but much less so in other.
This is what my order says... Qty: 1Price: $58.09 Status: Processing Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days. Sent to warehouse
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