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I have a near new pair of Beyerdynamic 770's, but would rather have a pair of Ultrasones (owned them before). Throw me an offer, +/- cash, we can figure it out. These are in great condition, and include the original box, but not much else (it never had a lot of accessories).    I have old school feed-back here...  
Kill The Noise, MisterX HPDAC>DT-770.
I agree with the dt-770 recommendations. Very comfortable, great sound, awesome bass. But they sound better amped. Not truly necessary (my phone gets solid sound), but a consideration.
DT-770. I needed a pair of bassy cans and they really rattle my skull at times. Plus they sound nice beyond the bass.
If you can get them at a good price then it's a good investment. Beats are overpriced and if you have that kind of money to spend you can do better. What is your price range?
In terms of comfort, the Beyers are tops. I've owned a lot of headphones and they are the most comfortable cans by a good bit. Sennheiser doesn't skimp on a good feel , but go with a pair of Beyers if you want comfort and sound.
It all come down to how often you will use headphones. I know a lot of people that only use speakers because they like to feel bass. I am at a 50/50 mix myself. I tell people it's like buying a nice big screen TV. If you watch a lot of TV it's a smart move, but don't waste the money if you don't watch TV. A good pair of cans can do wonders for your music but can be a bad investment if you don't use them.   Sounds like a medical issue. Maybe see an ear specialist? I can wear headphones for hours on end, and even at higher volumes I have little to no pain/fatigue.
My bad, wrong forum. Can I change this or is there a delete option?
I love my HD 25-1 ii. They are amazing portable cans, but my musical interests as of late is bass heavy rock and techo. I am seeking a trade for a pair of Ultrasones or Beyers. Used these retail in the $150 range, so I would like something close and can do +/- on cash.   I have old school feedback here....  
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