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As much as I hate to do it, I need the money so my favorite pair of headphones have to hit the road. They are in great condition (as they have a reputation for surviving a nuclear blast). The only detail that keeps them from perfection is a few scratches to the cable that are not visible, but you might feel one or two if you run your hand down it. I also have the soft ear cups that were used for maybe one 2-minutes song, the carrying bag, and the original screw on 1/4"...
Bump. Price lowered. $130. Still available.
Bump. Price lowered. $115. Still available.
Bump. Price lowered. $140. Still available.
I need some extra cash so I'm selling my custom Mister X HPDAC. I bought this off another Head-Fi member a few years ago. It connects to your computer and bypasses your computer audio. It's is a combination of a headphone amp and a DAC. It doesn't look like much but it can drive most mid-range headphones to the point where you would go deaf. I am maybe the 3rd owner. As the links below show it's been sold a few times on Head-Fi, including a member that sold it, then bought...
I hate to have to sell these but I need the money right now. This is a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-770 80 Ohm version. They are in very good condition. The pads are in very good (not perfect condition). I also have the original box as well. I am asking for $140 via Paypal. That includes shipping via USPS along with tracking numbers (CONUS only please). Sorry about the blurry photo, I'm using my phone. I can post more photos if anyone would like but they won't be overly...
I gotta go with...   Umphreys' McGee - Local Band Does O.K.   http://www.amazon.com/Local-Band-Does-Umphreys-Mcgee/dp/B00019PDX4/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_7
80-ohms might be okay, but will sound a bit muted. So I wouldn't see the 250 version as an option. Keep in mind these are really big cans, so good at work, mobile not so good. They are in my top three in comfort, so these do sound like what you want sonically and comfort, but be sure they fit your needs in the real world.
Will you use these at home/mobile? What are you running it off of?
I can only speak on the 80ohm version. Fantastic with an amp, great for techno, etc. They sound great, but $230 is much higher than what I paid for mine. These cans go up and down on price, so if you don't mind waiting you can get them cheaper (check the used forum).   I use contact lenses 80% of the time, but the dt-770's are really nice in comfort, and when i put my glasses on they do just fine. They clamp, but the pads are very soft and don't add any level of...
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