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I love the thick, powerful bass on this TWcu I got from Whiplash, but since I've moved to tubes, I'm thinking that I'd prefer to lose some of the bass for a slightly thinner, airier sound.   Wondering if anyone is interested in trading a stranded silver iem cable - compatible with JH13s - for a TWcu?  If so, PM me and I can send you pics, discuss terms, etc.  I'd be willing to add money, if need be. 
PM on ALO cable!
See, now this is what Head-Fi is all about.     If anyone might possibly have a Tube Buffer or SS Buffer for impedance matching, please bring it.  I'd really like to test one out!  
Ok, I finally found the DIY kit dodd sells for much less.   I also found this, which looked interesting:   But also this, which had we worried that the whole idea was problematic.  Not sure what to make of it:
  I hear they're planning a Westchester meet next year.  
I'm interested in this, but I'm afraid that I'm with uelover here - the only one I can find is _well_ over $1000.  There's an upgrade kit available if you are buying the Virtue Sensation amp, but that's only for that amp, and it's sold out anyway.  So I'm not sure what you're talking about.  Could you at least post a link or some more information?  
Dude, seriously, $525?  This is an insane deal.  You seriously could get a lot more on other forums or even on ebay!
I'd really like to hear an ANEDIO D1 or D2 if anyone could bring one!
I still have the JH13s, but sold the D100 for a good deal on a Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac.  Since you also need an amp, it's really in a whole other price bracket. As to whether it's worth the difference, who's to say.  Both are good deals at their respective prices, I think.  
Was that unclear?  I guess I could have said "the tube output sounded much better than the SS, even than the SS with the tube removed completely" But I have to qualify - that was only with certain tubes. I thought the mullards were too rich and syrupy. The e80cc amperex pq was my favorite, followed by the e80cc tungsram and the 12au7 siemens silver plate - all early 60s models.  
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