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I'd really like to hear an ANEDIO D1 or D2 if anyone could bring one!
I still have the JH13s, but sold the D100 for a good deal on a Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac.  Since you also need an amp, it's really in a whole other price bracket. As to whether it's worth the difference, who's to say.  Both are good deals at their respective prices, I think.  
Was that unclear?  I guess I could have said "the tube output sounded much better than the SS, even than the SS with the tube removed completely" But I have to qualify - that was only with certain tubes. I thought the mullards were too rich and syrupy. The e80cc amperex pq was my favorite, followed by the e80cc tungsram and the 12au7 siemens silver plate - all early 60s models.  
  I was worried a lot about this when I got mine as well, because my situation is really bad - running from the Minimax to the Pico Slim, which has an imput impedance of 10k.   But I tried a number of other amps (for my Jh13s,) and the Pico Slim was the best in actual AB testing.     Also, surprising to me, was that the tube output sounded much better than the SS, even with the tube removed completely.  At 22k, running into a 10k, that should be awful, right?...
  Oh, for heaven's sakes - yes, of course, the e80cc - I was just tired. There's no such thing as an e90cc.  Thanks, Bill.  
I actually sold mine a bit back, but I had used it with the JH13 Pros.  I think it's an absolutely incredible value - better than pretty much anything in its price class. My one issue was that I found myself constantly moving between the high and low impedance outputs - the high impedance had richer bass presence, but was slightly muddy, the low impedance had better clarity and detail, but was a bit too thin.  When I used it as a DAC only - and fed a Pico Slim - it was...
That is one hell of a beautiful looking marble table!     Is that the famous Breche De Vendome Marble from the French Pyrenees like they use in Versailles and all the Italian cathedrals?   just kidding around - good luck finding this.  It's a great dac/amp!
this would sell at $650 within a day at audiocircle.  
I'm in.     Will bring a modded Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac (silver internal wiring with bypassed volume control, silver RCA port, 49990 I/V stage and other op amps (2604, 797), e80cc amperex SQ, e80cc tungram and siemens "silverplate" 12au7 NOS tubes), MHDT USBridge spdif converter, a macbook pro running amarra 2.3, and a Pico Slim amp.   And a pair of JH13s that won't do anyone any good.   
Very minor differences, and it also depends on   a) on the music itself (ie, how well it was recorded and produced)   b) the quality of the compression.   I buy from different places, a tiny bit of 24/96 or 24/88 material from HDTracks, flac and the occasional well compressed 320k file from bleep or boomkat, and 256k aac files from itunes. It's not night and day.  But that said, I originally bought a double album from itunes and ended up liking it so much...
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