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Looks really interesting - I've heard a lot about the cascade current source improvements.  If anyone can piece together how this is installated, I'd love to hear!
I have, and the D100 is substantially better both as an amp and as a dac than the D4 (and virtually every unit under $350).
  Exactly.   I can crank it up loud enough, but that has it's own problems.     But actually, kinesthetic issues are annoying as well, and no level of isolation or volume can counteract them.  When I walk, your foot hitting the ground is not only going to slightly dislodge or at least contort the iem in your ear, but it's something you "hear" with your whole body.  Similarly, on the subway, the vibration of the train is so substantial that it will deafen any puny "bass"...
For my money, the new iphone 4s has exceptional sound quality, but more over, it's smaller than anything else out there.  Why?  Because I have to have it with me at all times anyway, so even something 1/2 the size of the clip would be a lot more bulk.    I own the pico slim amp for my JH13s, because it's the best amp I've heard for them, desktop OR portable, and I own the JH13s because they sound better than any closed cans I've heard AND they have the added benefit...
Pm'd - I'll take it.
Quote: For a brief moment I owned the stock and the upgrade (silver wiring, silver RCA connector, volume control bypass, fuse upgrade), before I sold off the stock. There was a small but noticable improvement, but I admit that I didn't stress too much over A-Bing them.  Like Turn&Cough said, the volume bypass is just common sense, and that was the principle reason for my upgrade (I can't say whether a $100 silver RCA connector or a $50 fuse makes a noticable difference,...
found someone - thanks
64in TWag v2 Eclipse please email if you're thinking of selling yours asap!  
Anyone have any JH13 style iem pins that could do a cable repair?   I screwed mine up and need someone with better soldering skills than myself to fix it.     Please PM.  thx.
Doesn't seem like THAT should be dropping out!  I use a Viablue direct RCA-RCA connection from my USBridge. Never had a dropout.  
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