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      The Fiio D3 is a very nice nice budget unit.  It should pair well with something on the level of the O2.  
Just buy this, it's great:
sold thanks!
great quality, great condition- just too many cables at present.     Free shipping to CONUS.
    A bunch come up on ebay, but who always have to worry about counterfeiters with the expensive ones.  I got mine at but I think I may have bought the last one. Good pictures...
    Wow, there's been a LOT of discussion about this earlier, but I guess it's a pain to find it all given the bad search engine on head-fi.     I was really unimpressed by the stock tube - everything I've tried is better - and not that impressed by the Psvane.  There's a good reason people pay so much for certain NOS tubes from the 1950s and 60s.     You can search for info on 12au7 on the internet and find tons of info.  Someone had posted a chart to the relative...
so wish I could hear these!
There are a lot of notes on audiocircle. Basically, it all comes down to how much it's modified. The plus is itself only a modified original As for those caps costing more than the dad, remember Wayne's super mod probably ended up costing 3-5x the cost of original dac!
I guess I was just wondering why the higher ufs and the different voltages.  Also, does everyone use bypasses, or is that another mix-and-match.   I was thinking of trying some new caps - either Sonicaps or Auracaps or possible those Russian ones...
  Seems like the cap upgrade specs here are all over the place:     Flu_Fighter's got 2.2uf 250v (bypassed with 0.022uf)   uelover has 4.7uf 200v   Levir has 3.3uf 400v Turn&cough has 3.3uf (?v)     is there a rationale for all these different numbers?  Are people using different values because of other things changed within the dac, or because of a difference of opinion as to what is required/optimal?  Or just cause that's what was lying around? 
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