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Ok, I'm getting a crazy high-pitched shrieking sound every few minutes, for about 2-3 seconds, through my otherwise impeccably gorgeous sounding setup and it's driving me mad.  I have almost no EE knowledge, but I'm guessing this is either some kind of ground loop or EMI.  Anyone willing to help me troubleshoot this?  Please?
Nice pics!  Of course, that camera costs more than a Stax-009, but you still need to use it correctly.   Had a great time. Finally got to listen to the Stax 009 with the Blue Hawaii, the Woo Mono(ster) Blocks with my JH13s (!), et al., and a bunch of different LCD-3 setups.     Best of all, I brought home an old tube buffer no one wanted that turned out to be EXACTLY what i needed for my system. The impedance of the EE Minimax was already way too high, and using...
Looking for a matched pair of 6SN7GT / VT-231   will pay cash, but also have the following for a trade if there's interest:   NOS e80cc Tungram  12au7 Siemens "Silver plate"
Sold.  Sorry everyone!
Hey, picked these up from the man himself at the New York meet yesterday.  The sound blew me away, so I decided to make a gift of them to my wife, and bought them at the auction for only $160.  These retail for $299 plus the $15 comfort strap or $314.  And they're an INCREDIBLE deal at that price.  But they're an insane deal at $160, which is what I have to sell them here for, since the &#@*($ rules at Head-Fi prohibit me from turning a profit on flipping.   So 50% off....
updated thread with new pictures.
Going to be bringing a few things to give away or sell, if there's any interest:     synthetic tube rings - free     NOS tubes - any reasonable offer 12au7 Siemens "Silver plate" e80cc Tungsram   OpAmps mounted onto DIP8 boards - all free 1028 duals 2604 5534 5532   and the biggie:    brand new, still in package, TEN FOOT balanced TWAG V2 in the new silver (luminous) for 3pin XLR (cyroparts carbon fiber) to LCD2 / LCD3   - I'll...
That steelseries looks awesome.  I may have to pick one up just for gaming ;)
sold - thank you.
correct.     and you can often remove the amp if you're going from the DAC directly to active speakers.
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