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That steelseries looks awesome.  I may have to pick one up just for gaming ;)
sold - thank you.
correct.     and you can often remove the amp if you're going from the DAC directly to active speakers.
Apple Magic Trackpad.   Love it.   I was searching and searching for a new mouse, and someone mentioned the trackpad, and I was like WTF?  Why on earth would I want a stupid trackpad when I can have a mouse that does so much more so easily?  But then I tried one out, and was won over almost immediately.  I'm never going back.
Thinking about upgrading this to the new model.  There's supposedly very little difference, but I'm a sucker for black.   Had this for about a year, and used very lightly.  It's a phenomenal recorder, probably the best selling unit of its type in history. Very small scrach on one side, but looks as new otherwise.  Works perfectly.  Never dropped or mishandled in any way.     Around $150 with tax on...
Agreed with everybody about the Genelec price floor.   And yes, apples and oranges, and bicycles, or whatever.  But, c'mon, you can say that about a lot.  I mean, I'd like the experience of standing 10ft away from a 8ft tall bass cabinet with 50,000 watts please.  You're not going to get a home stereo to do that at any price range.  It's a unique experience.  Personally, I didn't like the small near-fields as much as I did my JH13s.  But yes, if I had my own...
  I agree with this completely.  Exactly my experience.  Bugginess and all.  But yes, the richness is the best thing.  I do think A+ is excellent however, as is Fidelia with the proper settings.   But dude, they dropped the price of Amarra from $700 to $189?   When did that happen?!?     And Amarra Hifi is $49?  What is that?
I thought these only came in 27in?
All the artists I know use Genelecs, but when I borrowed a friend's tiny ones the other week for something, they struck me as massively underpowered without a subwoofer.  Maybe it's just a matter of taste, but if you want a big sound, I would not go for those tiny actives.  I think the larger K&H or Genelecs sound amazing, but those are perhaps $10k for two.  Still probably a good deal considering all you're getting, but sort of illustrates why Head-Fi came into...
    I think by this logic that you would have to simply say that audiophiles as a whole are simply idiots and suckers.  If that makes you feel better, good for you.  I'm pretty sure that numerous doubleblind tests have been conducted that prove that the average listener cannot consistently and reliably tell a $10,000 setup from a $100 setup.  I have no doubt that the average person could not consistently and reliably tell 24/196 from 128k AAC.  I have no doubt that the...
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