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  simple RCA - 3.5mm
Picked up one of these from Nikongod at the last NYC Head-Fi Meet for $90.     Loving it.     Put in some NOS RCA's - nothing too fancy, just good solid American tubes - and running this as an impedance match between my eastern electric minimax dac (which has an impossibly HIGH output impedance running with an e80cc) into a (yes this is highly strange) Pico Slim amp (which obviously has an incredibly LOW  imput impedance requirement) to JH13 iems.  I use the Pico...
make sure to try the Centrance Dacport, because it's likely better than all of them.
also the dr dac 2.   I could throw up a lot of things, but those tend to be the best recommended at that price point.  The Audio-Gd 12 and 15 are new models, so there won't be many reviews.  However, I owned and loved the Sparrow, and there's one on the used list now for $140 (vs about $200 or so new, when they were available).  I think you'll find very little difference between these units, other than the fact that the AC-powered units like the audio-gd will tend to...
ibasso d7 for portable audio-gd 12 or 15 for desktop yulong u100 for desktop
Glad to hear it!   The Amperex PQ is phenomenal. I'm intrigued by the DEXA opamps though - you make them sound like a great match.  Might have to look into a pair...    In fact, didn't someone have a pair they didn't like?  If anyone's willing to part with theirs, PM me.  I'd like to try them out!    
Thanks!   Matthew (mateuz) is a really great guy - he only charges a few dollars for his work over the price of materials, and the quality is exceptional.     I think the reason I'm so annoyed about the monoprice stuff is that I wanted to try to fix them, but there's really no way - unlike most normal cables, the terminations can't really be resoldered, they just come apart completely.  Anyway, I'm making all my own cables now anyway (except USB!)  Much cheaper...
The one on my table is no longer available
Check out  http://forzaaudioworks.com/   Mateuz makes a nice cheap usb cable that sends the power separately from the signal. If anything in usb makes any different whatsoever, I think this is probably it. I just had one made to see (since they usually cost like $300+.  His was like $40.  I can't tell any difference, but I haven't really A/B'd them that much.     btw- monoprice is sh*t.  I got a cable that I LOVED from them.  It sounded better than an expensive...
still available
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