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created new posting with pictures of the new eclipse (black) wire.
Just got this cable delivered, but due to financial circumstances, it appears I'm not going to be getting an LCD-2/3 to use these with after all.   Absolutely gorgeous, brand new, still in sealed plastic, TEN FOOT long balanced Twag V2 (black) stranded silver cable by Whiplash with Cyroparts custom 3-pin XLR connectors and the LCD connectors opposite.   I had two cables made, the LCD and a IEM cable, so I've included some pictures of the IEM cable so you can get...
I have this source and have been mesmorized for the past year:    Eastern Electric Minimax Tube Dac, Modded by Josh Graham of Downsize Audio Cables: I/V opamp 5532s replaced with two dual-mounted LME49990, 12au7 tube output replaced with NOS Amperex SQ e80cc, output caps replaced with Auricaps, volume control bypassed, digital coax imput replaced with WBT Nextgen Ag silver digital coax connector, input and output paths rewired with Downsize Audio Cables 97/3 silver...
This is still available.     And just in case there's any confusion, I posted a link to Toxic cable's silver wire, because it's the best silver wire out there for DIY products - NOT because he uses Whiplash's cable. Two different companies, two different products, both great.  Mine is from Whiplash.  Just included the link for reference, to let noobies know how expensive good silver cable like this runs.  
Heroic review, David.  My god.  I've been taking a break from Head-Fi for the past few months, and this was a treat to return to.     Also funny how things change but remain the same:  Senn 600 with a decent dac/amp = incredible value.  JH13 with a good dac = incredible value.   My first thought was, kudos for having the chutzpah to make clear judgments - I'm sure he'll be crucified for this on the forum!  But kudos, none the less.  I think you strike an...
Sold.  Thanks!
I had the RSA Shadow with my JH13s and I thought it sounded far too dark.  I sold it after testing the Pico Slim, which I thought was a much better match.  The Mustang has the same dark signature, but isn't going to be quite at the same level as the shadow with the CIEMS.   Since the JH16s have even more bass than the JH13s, I don't think the Shadow would be as good a match as the Pico Slim.  
Ok, I'm an idiot.  Please help.   I made an RCA - mini cable that works great.   But the second one I made as some weird issue I can't figure out.  Only the left channel coming out of the dac works.  No signal through the right.  But if I switch the RCAs on the dac, I only get a signal out of the right channel.  So it would seem like my dac is busted.  But that is not the case.  When I plug in my other RCA - mini cable, everything is perfect.   I don't...
  I never found that the volume helped any with impedance issues, and since i've had it removed, the quality's improved overall.  Just my 2cents.
Very good deal on this.
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