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No, these are the original.
PRICE DROP- $525   JH13 for reshell.   Works perfectly, sounds expectional.   Incredible 'phones for everything, iPhones to high-end DACs.     Also thinking of selling at Eastern Electric Minimax with rare tubes, and a HeadAmp Pico Slim- keep an eye open.
Successful trade with the curiously named head-fi'er "ohcrapgorillas".  Thanks so much!  Listing now closed. 
Thanks everyone - I've got a trade in progress.  Will close this once successfully completed. 
I've bought and sold a lot thousands of $  here and on photography forums without a hitch, so buy with confidence.    Etymotic HF-5 - these were best IEMs I could find for my wife. She has tiny ears, and I was trying to get her something better than the @#$&*( she was listening through, but no dice, her ears are just too wavy and small for iems (except many customs, but she won't try them.)   Anyway, there are fantastic little iems.  Etymotic is legendary.  Very...
fantastic DAC for non-USA buyers.  230v will not work in USA, remember, especially for something as delicately tuned as a DAC
I'm in.  Will be bringing:   JH13 Pro (not that this helps anyone else)   HeadAmp Pico Slim   MacBookPro 2.4hz i7 (2011) with Amarra 2.4   MHDT 192/24 USBridge my Eastern Electric Minimax, modded by Josh Graham of Downsize Audio Cables (dual-mounted LME49990, NOS Amperex SQ e80cc, Auricaps, bypassed volume control, input and output paths rewired with Downsize Audio Cables 97/3 silver and gold wire, WBT Nextgen Ag silver digital coax connector,...
  Oh, please understand - I would never dare to argue that this is the BEST setup - not at all.  First of all, how would I know - I would have to test hundreds of different setups and evaluation at the upper registers is incredible subtle in any case.  I'm only claiming that I like it!  You can see in my SIG what DACs I've compared it to (not many) and the mods I've made and had done are fairly cheap and minimal.  I'm not at all saying this is the system you or anyone...
USB converters Audiophileo (1) Halide Bridge (3) KingRex UC384 32/384 Async USB Converter with AES/ EBU (1) Music Fidelity VLink 192 (2) Stello U3 (4) USBridge 192 (1) Yulong U18 Asynchronous 24bit 192khz USB Digital Interface (1) Budget/Entry level (Below $1000): Ack DAC 1.0 (1) Audio-GD DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB 11.32 (2) Audio-GD NFB-2 (1) Audio-GD NFB-2.32 (3) Audioengine D1(1) Audiolab M-DAC (5) Audioquest Dragonfly...
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