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Has anyone used a custom cable on the fx850's ? I'm looking for one but not too sure what.
To anyone that owns or has listened to the JVC HA-FX850 IEM, can you recommend a cable upgrade ?   Nothing wrong with the stock, just looking for something else that compliments these IEM's.
I've been a fan of Ben Frost's work since his By the throat release but I've somehow managed to miss his latest, Aurora. Thank you for posting this review, I was looking out for something new to listen to.
Interesting I've never seen or heard of them before, did some quick research and they seem promising .Any other suggestions ?
I'm looking for a universal to replace my triple fi 10's. Nothing specific. Just something with a V shaped sound signature.
Anybody got any leads on deals for higher end IEM's ?
Can someone please give a CONCLUSIVE summary of the difference in sound signature between the RS1I vs RS1e ??   (Three pages in and no one has mentioned anything other than "ergonomics", driver size, pads, a brown headband and a chord hugo amp....)     Were is the thread/post between the comparison of the two sound signatures ?
What I'm looking for is something very similar to the RS1i sound signature IN an IEM. (Preferrably without putting a "hole" in my wallet)   OR   For anyone not familiar with the sound signature I'm referring to (Big lows and Big highs)    So, something similar to a Triple Fi 10 but "better".      I need recommendations. 
 Not accepting trades at the moment.
No one knows sh*t ?
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