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I've tried the JVC spiral dots and while they are better than the stock tips, there's still some sibilance. I was a bit annoyed at the sibilance too and the very forward sound signature. After experimenting with all the tips and inserts/spacers, I found that the foam tips with no spacers are best.  Also, after using the IEMs for a few days the sibilance definitely eased up a whole lot. The comply foam is pretty much the same thing as the stock foam tips that come with the...
Selling the Ultrasone Pro 2500 with 1 extra earpad. These are great sounding headphones! Lightly used, and in great condition. I'm selling it for budget reasons. 
I've had the DUNU 1000 for a month now and tried with all the stock tips as well as the JVC tips earfonia recommended. Just a short impression of specifically the spacer rings and tips.   Colored Spacer Rings: I've noticed that adding the spacers emphasizes both the lows and highs. Silver rings were fine but once I got to the Blue and Red rings, while the bass punch was good, the highs became too harsh and sibilant for me.   Tips: I've decided to stick with the stock...
 Would it be fair to say that CKR9 is slightly warmer than IM03 but not as dark as IM04 in terms of tonality?
Sorry, MTPC is monster turbine pro copper. How would you compare the CKR9 to IM04 or IM50?
Great reviews! Question though....any insights for comparison between the CKR9 and IM03?And how would they compare to MTPC? I have the MTPC and tf10 and for me the tf10 is lacking a bit of bass and can get tiring after a while where as MTPC has good bass extension but is not as clear as the tf10.
Audio Technica's new CKR and IM series seem to be getting a lot of praise.  Namely the stars seem to be CKR9 and IM-03. Has anyone had a chance to compare these two and what are your impressions?   CKR9   IM-03
ES-10 has nice punch to the bass and extends really low, but only when the music calls for them.  It's not bassy and loose like some headphones out there, but clear and tight.  I would say the ES-10 is more well balanced with lush sounds in all frequencies.  I just thought the ESW-9 bass was a bit sloppy and muffled the other sounds because of this, hence I didn't get it.  Personally, I think the ES-10 is a clearer sounding ESW-9 which is great for all types of music...
ES-10 for $150 is fake 100%.  When it's selling in Japan wholesellers for a little over ¥20,000 there is no way with currency conversion for it be to under $200, even used.  I bought mine on accessoryjack for $400 and definitely think they are worth the price.  Imagine a more balanced, better sounding M50 in the housing of an ESW9.  Most stores are going to sell them for $380-400 because of currency conversion plus premium for importing them from Japan.  If you can...
I say don't get either.  Get the better ES-10.  The driver is better than both and it's much faster while still having the same punch in the bass department but being clearer.  ES-10 are very well balanced w/ crisp highs and lush mids.  It's good for all types of music and way more detailed than the ESW9 or ESW10.
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