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Pm sent.
New schiit owner. In regards to the Valhalla, can anyone confirm that these tubes(1966 Foton 6n6p) are the good ones from Russia. Thanks in advance.
I'm curious if anyone has tried this dac? I've seen this mentioned in this thread somewhere but can't seem to find it.
Exactly. Lol
I really appreciate the info! Some great people on here. Thanks again. I'll let you know if it works.
Up for sale is an ifi Ican micro($249 new) and an external battery pack($90 new) for portability. This Ican micro is the newer version with the gain settings , on the bottom. I recently purchased this unit and battery pack from a fellow head-fier , for my daughter. It's not as transportable as I had hoped for her. Just to big for her to lug around. With that being said, and buying her something on a smaller scale, and this is now up for sale. It is in excellent condition...
Thanks for posting this. This might be exactly what I need for my DF1.0 half-volume issues.
Thanks a ton! Really appreciate the help. Cheers
Really? So confused now. Lol. Audioquest said that's what I needed. Oh well.
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