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Thanks man! I'm sad to see it go. It's my favorite amp to date.
*SOLD*Up for sale is my Woo Wa6. Its in excellent condition. Due to life circumstances, I have to let this wonderful amp go. It comes with upgraded 1940's JAN-CHS 6SN7GT/VT231, with 6sn7 adapters from Woo Audio. Also included is a RCA 1940's , rare smooth plate rectifier tube. Power cord is included as well. PayPal and shipping to ConUS is on me. International will pay actual shipping cost. PM me with any questions. Cheers
Maybe consider the Singxer F-1 , or the X-1. For spdif conversion. Check out this thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/803111/xmos-xu208-usb-bridges-the-latest-gen-has-arrived/3405#post_12816965
I'm totally stoked for this "tube". Lol. I will definitely report back. I'll be comparing it to a Osram U52.
WOW!😨That TAK , is pricey. That's insane bro!
Got mine from the same guy. What are your thoughts?
Just bought one off eBay. Will report back. LolCheersPs: I'll be using it with a Wa6.
Don't waste time. Jump on some E188CC's, or CCa's. I prefer the Heerlen sound myself.
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