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Happy bidding http://www.ebay.com/itm/272525756824
Keep your eyes peeled for a Schiit Lyr. You should have no problems finding one at your budget or less. Especially the Lyr-1.
What's your budget for amplification?
One of the greatest pairings with my earsonics em3 customs. MAN.....that was a long time ago. LOL. GLWYS. It's a fantastic unit for iems.
Pipe screens.
Focus-A pads worked for me. Also added better imaging and balance. Definitely more dimensional depth/layers.+1 on the recordings as well.
Parasound Zamp V3. On ebay for about $200. You'll need to make a banana plug adapter.
Follow up on Fidelify. So after almost 24hrs with it, I'm not digging the UI. Half of my music won't load and the glitches that started happening in the last 5 hours are driving me crazy. The screen will freeze and it becomes inactive, so I have to shut it down and reopen it. So far it's not worth the headache with the UI, for the SQ gains I get with some music.
WOW! That's some fantastic photography bro! GLWYT!
Hola folks, Just wanted to chime in regarding Spotify. If any of you are using Spotify, definitely check out Fidelify. Fidelify - High Fidelity Spotify Client http://fidelify.net/ It's bit perfect to your dac. I use the recommended ASIO settings in Fidelify. WindowsX , recommended it on the Fidelizer Facebook page. Truly a remarkable upgrade in SQ , using in conjuction with Fidelizer Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: