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I'd be willing to help you out if you wanna snag those up. Pm me if you need me bro.
$65 and free standard shipping. This is where I purchased mine when I had the HE500's. Edit: oops , just noticed that you're in France. That changes everything. Sorry https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1116989-REG/audeze_1002097_lcd_ep_lf_bl_black_leather_free_earpad.html
Well..... I've been without a laptop for the last few months , and haven't been able to use Fidelizer Pro , for music in that time. I've been using my phone with UAPP. I have no idea how I survived! I finally got another laptop, and loaded Fidelizer Pro again last night. Good God bro! I still can't believe what this program does for music. Another Ho-lee-fuk jaw dropping session last night. Lappy and fiddy, completely destroy UAPP and phone. Awesome job X! Cheers
The treble is well extended, smooth, detailed, and transitions into the midrange like no other tube I've ever rolled. I've never had LSST tubes for comparison. With that said, Imo , SS doesn't do holography like tubes. There's an added blacker , deeper presence with tubes, that gives a more 3D like sound.Now that doesn't apply to all tubes.Tubes like the Valvo(Heerlen E188CC/CCa or Eindhoven pinched waist CCa), Telefunken E188CC/CCa, and Siemens E188CC/CCa, are a prime...
That's always been the creed , for this thead. We never step on each others toes. Those CCa's are all yours bro!
Would that apply to stacking an amp on the dac as well? Just curious if the extra heat would create the same instability.Cheers
My Valvo CCa's, were originally purchased from him. Can't remember the account used, but he's legit. There's been a few members that have purchased tubes from him without issue. He does have multiple accounts. Limon01 is an account he's used for some time
My thoughts exactly lol.
Regarding tubes. Don't hesitate to give some Valvo Heerlen E188CC's or CCa's, a shot. After a few years of rolling an insane amount of expensive tubes, they're the most holographic, lifelike sounding tubes. Their midrange is untouchable. Soundstage is on par with Siemens CCa. Sorry for derailing Cheers
A0=1 5k 1965 Siemens CCa(grey plates). I had those exact same tubes, and same month code. Specifically the yellow and blue boxes. They are Siemens/Halske. A0 is the batch code. 1966 is when they went to silver shield. Early 65's had etched codes, late had stamped plates on the getter post. Here's a pic of my old CCa's. I purchased these from headfier NightFlight , 2 years ago. Of course I no longer have them. I preferred the Valvo CCa (yellows).
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