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There's a few Adcom gda-600's , on ebay atm, using the pcm63. Definitely at your budget.
SOLD! Have some extra tubes laying around, heres the list included. 1-Mullard 5V4G/GZ32 1-Brimar 5Z4G (1940's) black plate,foil getter 1-Brimar 5Z4G (1950's) black plate , D-getter 1-Raytheon 5U4G (1950's) black smooth plate, D-getter 1-Raytheon 5U4GB ( 1960's?) black plate, O-getter 1-Pair of 6SN7 from Woo Audio (came with adapters) 1-Pair of 6DE7 , stock from Woo The Brimars were purchased as NOS. I put around 50 hours on the 1940. The 1950 is NOS. The Mullard was NOS,...
Post #92 @rb2013 , thinks it's pretty well built.http://www.head-fi.org/t/777597/vintage-current-r2r-dac-owners-discussion-insight-and-review-thread/90
I honestly can't find a Mullard GZ34, fat base for less than $135, atm. Labels aren't really important if there's codes on the tube.There should be an acid code on the tube. Possibly a Blackburn code. The second row in the code should begin with a "B".Maybe post some pics when you get the tube.Cheers
I've had 65 & 63 , Siemens CCa, but never compared them to E188CC. However, when it comes to Heerlen, tubes. The CCa & PW version, is in another league, compared to the E188CC, in my journey.But I'm sure others hear things differently.Both the E188CC , and CCa, are top notch tubes.At the moment, @billerb1 , has stumbled on some Valvo , E88CC , 7L4 D-getters, with excellent results, and competing with the best.It does really boil down to preference. Conclusions will...
Your posts are great , and refreshing! Keep em comin!
For me. The Kraken, with a slash of coke, over ice, and Colorado's finest.
He calls every tube "1950" lol. I'd say 7LE =68.
+1! 7LG= 70's
First I'd see if @kolkoo or @TK16would part with their ginormous stash. Kolkoo thoroughly tests all his tubes.As for those auctions. I'd pick the reds, but If you're patient, you can definitely get a pair of them E88CC's for around $75 to $100, and a pair of E188CC's $150 or less.Cheers
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