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Oh man. Is that one of the CCa's that I sold you? That is definitely a tragedy. Sorry for your loss.
I'm really curious if you here what I hear without the Lry in the chain. It seemed to digital, with less holography and life, with just the emo and dac.
Definitely worth bidding on where the price sits. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=221862951111&alt=web
Atm, all I have is the HE500's. I'd probably try just about any can if I had it in my possession. I'd be to curious not to. Lol
I'll NEVER look back
To all the new folks that wanna roll tubes. Keep an eye on this thread. I'm constantly posting excellent ebay deals for people to take advantage of.
I'd say they're a melting pot of the Siemens CCa/Philips mini watt, with a sprinkle of OG/Mullard Blackburn. Lol
Check @lekoross on the fs forum. I believe he still has a pair available that are exactly what I have. Yellow prints. On ebay, you can snag a pair if you're patient, for around $200.Cheers
The bass is insanely accurate, and deep. The most textured, and powerful , I've heard. It's as real as it gets to my ears. Lol
Absolutely organic. The most full, deep, 3d/ Holographic , sound I've heard to date. The imaging is like no other I've heard. These are absolute midrange gods. I'm in constant awe , every time I listen.
New Posts  All Forums: