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Are these still available? Thanks
Just wanted to let the community know that a pair of Westone ES-5 are on ebay with 12 hours to go. Might be able to get a good deal on them and have them re-shelled. Right now there at 305 bucks , free shipping. If i had the funds i'd try to snag them up.Cheers
Crooked still- Ain't no grave( gonna hold my body down) This woman's voice is amazing.
No.. Just need a mini to mini cable for the combo. That cable would work for the Fuze. The shadow could be had for far less than retail here on the forum and is leaps and bounds better than the fiio IMO. The clip+ plus on its own with the TF10 should do you great justice....  
The EQ sucks!!! no need to mess with it. For ultra portability you can't go wrong!!! IMO the SQ of the clip+ is superior to ipod nano. I'm sure you will like the synergy of the + and the TF10. When i had both , the sound was pretty damn good !! If it doesnt work for you , add an RSA the shadow for the smallest and best (IMO) ultraportable amp/dap combo!! both are about the same size factor....
Infected Mushroom - Franks ..... Absolutely insane on the HD800
Sales tactics!!! they make you think there's is something special by adding the "PRO" to it. Theirs a seller on ebay that has them for 129 , keep searching and you will find him.
Sorry but NO..... Theirs no differrence ....TF10 is the TF10... the VI cable is just an option.  
The J3 is a player i haven't owned but a lot of people here have owned it and loved it, not sure how to answer that. at the time i had my TF10 i was using a sansa fuze/LOD/P51-Mustang and it was pretty sick. To give you an idea of just using a player on its own , straight out of the Fuze the bass had the same impact but not eyeball jaring, but still insane. if my memory serves me right ( now dont hold me to this) majority preferred the J3 to the fuse SQ wise. Or it could...
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