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I have chosen to leave , been a nice 5 years. Bye
Also, if you like "fun" IEM's do you like warm, bass oriented iems such as the Klipsch Image x10 and Atrio futuresonic a5 and a8? or Do you prefer the good treble of IEM's like the Klipsch image x10 and 10 pro? Im confused, i wouldnt say X10s were trebly??
Wow you and Xena are sooooo funny , couple o bawbags. Why dont you just stick your dry "humour" up your arse.
I actually posted this to prove that a W3 thread will do a ton at the moment when other threads are simply ignored, your all W3 daft. I was disappointed by them though, probably need a few more dayys to get used to the new signature.
Quote: Originally Posted by spleisher People don't answer your question, and it has to be THEM... All of them. Thousands of members/posters. OK. How about making your comments a little more intelligent / interesting to read? Then, people might be more inclined to engage with you. What is so "badly balanced / colored" about the SE530's? What makes the Custom 1's better. Here's the problem I find with many posts on forums in general. People...
tried them today, wow what a disappointment , my er4ps are better balanced andmy god the sibilance is as bad as they have said ssshhhhhocking!
Let us know what earphone you think is the most overated and which is the most underated (and why if you want). Overated = Shure SE530 (i think they are badly balanced + coloured) Underated = Klipsch Custom 1 - (better than most i have tried at the same price imo)
Quote: Originally Posted by Herandu Looking at the Beresford website I worked out that for £135 or less the Beresford can be delivered to anywhere in the world. Looking at the Cambridge website the DacMagic price does not include delivery, and the £200 only applies to the UK. After some extensive searching and exchange rate calculation it actually works out that in some parts of the world the two DACs differ by a price factor of two or more to 1. i.e you...
i have this issue, while the beresford scores very well the dacmagic is clearly a more versatile and overall a better dac for just £70 more.
i have at present some low end iem, SE210 , Custom - 1 and Some Sony EX75s. i want to upgrade, out of the ones i have the custom 1 are now my favs (at first i preferred SE210 but time changed that), the custom 1 has reasonable detail and is quite warm , i guess warmth/detail is what i like as KSC75s are also to my liking. I am thinking Klipsch custom 2 (i hear these are warmer than custom 1), X5 or AR6i at the moment , the X10 sounds like it might be too bassy. Any...
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