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Like New condition with all original packaging and accessories.   PM me here or email at with questions or offers.   Thanks   edit:   Sold.
Like New with all packaging in new condition.  Also have the original 10' cable and all accessories.   PM me your offers or email   Thanks,
i signed up for the X.   when is the list of names released?
Audeze LCD 2 (Caribbean Rosewood) Retail: $1,145   how is that a sale?
thanks for the quick response.
I received my HD650 cable today too and am here to ask which connector is right and which left?  theyre red and black ends.  pretty sure theyre not labeled but maybe i'm missing it.
link?   cant find it.
actually, why not post this over at reddit?   probably the best way of catching him.
all you cali folks should print that out or have it saved on your phone, and ask around.
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