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Can't Wait. Sweet to have something this big here in Co.
Hey I was trying to install Asio4all to use with winamp yet whenever I install it the exe never installs (no control panel). I have tried 2 installs of 2.10 and one of 2.9. Can anyone help?
I am looking for a decent DAC for under $200. I was hoping that I could find one that has fiber optic out to use with my speaker system so I would not have to switch sources often. In an older topic I saw the Trends UD-10.1 Lite and was wondering how good it was(It also is hard to find to buy) If there are better options I would be greatly thankful for them. I will be using it for a pair of A700's and DT990 Pros. I also was wondering if they support 5.1 through the fiber...
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