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Are their durability nice? I'm kinda traumatized of when I bought the Sunrise X-Cape last year and it broke in pieces after a week of totally normal use conditions. I'd really want something more durable.
hello guys! i hope you can help me picking one of these options for me. i've been looking for some IEMs around $50 and I think these were the best options I've found. The MC5 seems to have the best SQ; the S4 seems to be the most durable one (which is very important to me, since I'm TIRED of having broken earphones and cables); and the Airbuds, even though aren't even commented here at all, seem to be the most comfortable (which would be great too!) Considering I...
Also looking for a can around $100~$150. Preferably closed. :) Almost decided on the M50 or the SRH440, but still looking for opinions. Thank you!   Amazing price, but is it genuine? Have anyone here bought with this seller? Thanks.
Have you ever seen anything like this?
After lots of researches and weeks reading on the threads here on Head-fi, I bought my Sunrise SW-Xcape. Two months after being shipped (due to the terrible Brazilian postal service), I got it in hands last week. Wow, finally I had this revolutionary IEM, the best option on the $100 tier! Put it in ears. Well, it sounded a bit "plane". Ok, I wouldn't judge the sound quality by my first impressions of it, after all, it needed a burn-in to have all the frequencies...
So I should go with the X-Cape?
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