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I for one enjoyed the review.  Thank you, ForShure, for writing it.
I am not surprised by your positive review... VPI makes some great turntables.  I am sure this one is no exception.
Nice collection!!
That is absolutely crazy looking.  It looks like he dug them out of the trash!
Thanks, I am pretty pleased. 
OK, thanks to NinjaHamster and rb2013 for the advice.  I managed to get them out fairly easily and switched them around.  I also put even more Deoxit Gold on them and reseated them.  I also made sure the tubes were in the socket savers real good.  That was only a few minutes ago, but so far no noise at all.   A few minutes into listening: I think the sound has improved a bit.
I thought it would be easier than removing the socket savers which are wedged in there pretty good.  I might have been wrong. I didn't know that.  I got a response, too.  Schiit said it would void my warranty.  So it's a no go anyways.
Well at least the noise is getting quieter with time... I sent an email to Schiit asking if opening the amp to remove the socket savers would void my warranty.  I have tubes I spent alot of money on that make noise without the socket savers.
I wonder if those tube dampers would help my situation I described in a previous post with the socket savers???
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