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Thanks for reassuring me.  I am listening to the Burson I have with the Z1R now and it is a great pairing!
But the recommended input power on the Z1R is max at something like 1200 mW.  Doesn't that matter?
How about the Burson Soloist (Not SL)? Anyone here used it with the Z1R?  Does it have too much power?
does this happen with different headphones?  Could be your TH900's.
enjoy the tunes!
Just got my Sony/Kimber cable and am trying it out now.  I must say the quality is much better than the stock one.  I like what I am hearing so far... not good at putting it into words though.  But there seems to be "more" bass.  Whether that is quantity or quality, only time will tell.  Like I said, I just got it.
Bit the bullet and bought the sony/kimber cable from Amazon.  Should be here Monday if the weather cooperates.  I am looking forward to comparing it to the stock cable, which sounds fine, but is flimsy.
I would like to know if this amp is worth the price as well.
@E3E would love to hear your impressions of the new sony kimber cable you are getting.
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