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In order to clean your records, a nice starting point would be the "Spin Clean" system.  It is, compared to other methods, relatively inexpensive.  It is not perfect but it works.  I have one, and that is where I started.  I have moved up to a VPI cleaner since then.  As far as the table itself, I second the idea of trying your father's vintage equipment to start with.  If you want brand new, however, the Orbit has a good reputation.  I have never heard one, but never...
I think he's planning on using the lyr2 with a different headphone.  I think the fostex headphones go with the fostex amp he was talking about and the lyr2 goes with the ZMF headphones.  
 Let us know what you get!!!
They did leave just enough room for a TH-1000! 
Lots of people speak highly of the U-Turn Orbit.  You can get one fully loaded for around $400.  I have never heard one though.  They also sell a phono preamp for $89.00.  So together that would be within your budget of $500 (without tax).  But do your homework on these. http://uturnaudio.com/
Is anybody here using these headphones with the Bryston BHA-1?? Thanks for any thoughts you can provide in advance.
Chances are they sound just like the old ones....  There's a thread for that...  http://www.head-fi.org/t/595683/fostex-th900-impressions-discussion-thread
Ditto: my HD650's fit very tightly and have never been a problem with any cable.
Hmmmm.  Not to derail the thread, but I wonder if they will come out with a soloist mk 2 or is the conductor v2 it?
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