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Oh sure, pick on the neurotic guy.
I found a really good protractor online to print out: It's the "custom arc template generator..."
I have started referring to my turntable as "the money pit."
I am actually in the process of buying a Wally Tractor.
Have you found single point protractors to be as accurate as two point-ers?
Yes, as a struggling "aligner" right now, I would say a good protractor that works for you is paramount.
Thanks, guys , I just bought the Hi Fi News Setup and Test LP Producer's Cut.  Should answer my questions.  I expect it in the mail soon.  Right now I am listening to Ozzy's latest greatest hits and so far it sounds really good...  not sure if it was subjected to the old table before I fixed it or not. 
OK.  I think I have my turntable set up correctly now.  Thanks for your help Analogsurviver!  I have a question though.  I am getting a bit of distortion occasionally on some records in certain places.  Not every side I play but enough that I noticed it.  I was wondering about mistracking and groove damage ala this thread at a different...
Excellent!  Glad to help.
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