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 There's no such thing.
I haven't been active here lately, partially on account of losing interest in headphone listening. I just received a Sennheiser HD800 as a gift, and since I have no use for it I'm putting it for sale. It's brand new, never opened, intact in the factory fresh box.   Price includes paypal and shipping anywhere within the continental USA.
Awesome. Can't wait!
Selling my unused 48" HPL silver IEM cable, terminated to fit Shure or similar on one end, and a 90 degree Oyaide rhodium 1/8" connector on the other. If you prefer a straight plug, it can be accommodated at no charge, just let me know. I got this cable for my SE846, but never used it.
These are the non-freqphase version. Look & work like new, hardly used. Pics upon request.   I'm also including at no charge a 8 pin to 3.5 mm Male Adapter for JH3A/JH16 IEMs.  This adapter allows JH3A users to detach their JH16 from the amp and use with any source, and JH audio sells them for $65. (This one:   Price includes paypal and shipping within CONUS. 
I only listen to music during the cardio part of my workout, so that makes it 30 minutes, 3 times a week = 90 minutes. Considering how little this is, I just had to have some good sound. I'm not a big fan of IEMs, but it is what it is. I also have a JH3A/JH16 rig which I don't really like and will most likely end up selling.    As far as taking the LG to work, it's not a practical option for me, given that I'm seemingly always in meetings or conferences. I'm just not...
 Liquid Glass is collecting solid dust. I haven't listened to it and my LCD-3 in months; just no time. Alas, lately it seems that my only listening is at the gym, so I got a RWAK120 and SE846 for this purpose.
 He was the best.
Wow. Just finished reading this thread, the last pages of the LL review thread, and the relevant thread on that other forum. I thought I didn't skip head-fi for that long, but obviously things have jumped up a notch in the meantime. I no longer have any skin in this game, as I've gone low-key, mobile/IEM, as of late, but am honestly a bid sad thinking of all the bickering over some stupid amps and, generally, gear. All this negativity sucks out whatever morsel of enjoyment...
I received my SE846 today, and am glad it retained the magic Shure mids I fondly recalled from a few years ago. I also got Ted's silver IEM cable for it, but the OEM cable's not bad at all - though I still wish it were more flexible. Nothing so far has come close in this regard to the Westone UM3X cable.    They are burning in as I type this message, but even right out of the box the sound was good; not a hint of shrillness as I read another poster complain, the bass...
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