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Yes, PM me for details
One driver failed so I sent them in for the replacement.
I just received the LCD-4 back from Audeze after the driver replacement. They look and function like brand new. There are zero signs of use on both the headphones and amplifier. Headphones have the Cocobolo wood, and they come with both blue cables (balanced and SE), papers and travel case. The amp is black in color. Price is firm, but includes PayPal and shipping at no extra charge.
A recall is a recall. You reach out to affected customers using their contact information. There exists a record of purchase, with full contact information.
I read Audeze's post and I was never contacted. The serial number of my LCD-4 falls under the recall. Since I purchased directly from them, and even got a follow-up message with the FR chart, they definitely have my info, yet I was never contacted.   This can't be good for their reputation, launching a relatively expensive item and not more than a few months in specs have to be materially changed due to design failures? And failing to notify customers subject to said...
OK I see what you mean (I read some posts regarding such). I would think mine are 100 ohm since I got them at launch. However, wouldn't 200 ohm presumably be harder to drive? Meaning more volume required of my amp? Some of these posts also reference a decreased sensitivity? And also a different sound signature? Surely all this cannot be true???
 I have no idea; I wasn't told one way or another.
So... I decided to list my LCD-4 given I don't really have time to listen to music. I ignored all the lowballers, and even some who got close to my asking price, since I don't really need the money nor was I looking to replace them with something else. Today was a great day to give them one more listen, and lo and behold, turns out it's dead on the right channel. Amp is fine, cable is fine (tested with different amp and also cables) so I can only surmise it's a dead...
Sure, if you pay by bank wire. Or have a verified PayPal account with a confirmed shipping address
Well since it's indistinguishable from brand new, I don't know what they would accomplish...
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