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Peter, my friend, thank you! It's been a long time since I did any critical listening so I'll take my time easing myself back into this game. I'm sure it will sound superlative right away, given my lack of a sustained frame of reference as of late, so before I post anything I want to make sure I'm not unrealistically rosy on it.
1 1/2 years? Twice the human gestation period? Wow. I must commend you for your patience :-)
 No competition from me on that one :-)
 Lovin' it. Let's hope mine is part of the stash.
  I love the LG. I have a pair of Mullard CV181 on it, and love the velvety smooth mids they produce. I might go on a mini tube acquisition spree soon. Too bad I haven't even turned on the amp in 2 years.
 That's what I plan, to use the GS-X ii as the primary amp, and if I want coloration, I have the very versatile Liquid Glass which is awesome for tube rolling.
 I chose the DACT as well.
 We shall see. Last time I ordered from Justin, a few years ago, his timelines had been notoriously unreliable. I wonder what current lead times for the GS-X ii are; his site states 4 weeks but so it did back when I ordered the BHSE and that ended up being months upon months.
 Thanks. Seeing how the LCD-4 are made to order, and also the GS-X mk II takes 4 weeks according to Justin's website (double that for a real-life, realistic timeframe), it might be a while.  Also, I just sold my LCD-3, so I'll be canless for the immediate future. I do have the Cavalli Liquid Glass amp, however, to hear the 4s out when they come - since I expect to get them before the GS-X ii.
Some viruses never get fully eradicated from one's body; they merely become latent and the weirdest triggers get them reactivated.   Such was the story with my just dropping of the radar here, focusing on other things in life, when lo and behold, out of nowhere, I was reorganizing my storage cabinet to make room for a few lens boxes. While throwing out some, dusting off others, in there lay my LCD-3 case, headphones snuggly tucked inside, untouched in well over a year....
New Posts  All Forums: