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Time dilation is a good sign. It's like a 5 min tune gets you involved enough where you spend 10 minutes with it.
I haven't read that many posts back but it seems word length and frequency might be crossing paths a bit here.
I personally don't care for clamps unless the table is purposely designed for it and then they are still often better sounding without. Still a case by case situation but if you don't have one now, don't sweat it. J.A.Michell clamp is a good one because it doesn't add much mass is easily used and secure but try it on a Linn, Rega, Roksan, Thorens etc and it's a detriment. Other tables could benefit but it's not something to covet. In fact, the roksan Xerxes ability to...
No doubt. Seems to be more difficult with audio as it appears our ears are better at the examining the whole than a group of #s might indicate. Worth the wait to listen since we don't all like or appreciate the same things. Headfi should be pre-listening exploratory research and not a buying forum. Don't want to think about the dubious reviews, whether intentional or not, that started trends. I remember a (I think Scottish)custom IEM that got a best ever review with a...
I don't get why anyone needs studies or to prove anything when making a buy. Listen for yourself and spend what you need to tickle your fancy.  Don't assume anything, the hype or skeptics, and just listen. If you don't hear a difference, buy the cheaper one. If you do, consider if it will make you happier without a compare. If nothing has a significant enough goose bump factor, pass. Overthinking it becomes paralysis by analysis when the point is to find some pleasure.
I think everything breaks in. How much will have to do with the device and how resolved (including software) a setup is. With those, it shouldn't be mechanical though you never know if there may be a calculated change in diaphragm tension once in use, so it wouldn't be as noticeable as some other transducers but there's a still a lot of electronics and cabling.
Even in Binaural recordings, that canal will be different than yours and at what depth do you put the mic which is limited by size and placement. Hard enough to find a great mic at any size and pattern. You're also limited to real time stereo recordings in acoustic space which eliminates 99% of what's available. No multitrack, mixing, level adjustments, reverb etc. There's a reason that so few exist when the market for them has seemingly increased 100 fold. Don't get me...
At the cost of some of the dynamic contrast and timing. To each his own but for me it's a poor trade off when it's so hard to get it right in the 1st place. HiFi is awash with the desire to make things something they are not and generally, when those effects are perceived as improvement, the original message or goose bump factor had already been lost. All IMO and regarding music, not gaming. Like I said. To each his own.
Everything is included and even if mixed in headphones it will still sound less natural than a great HiFi system in a good room unless it's a binaural recording. 
It does have a confident ease doing complicated things that is rather unique to IEMs. The presentation can be be both rhythmically exciting and relaxed in execution at the same time.
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