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Thanks. I know Calyx doesn't want you to compare but could tell us which of the top players you are not familiar with. That shouldn't be against their intent.
It wasn't an isolated FB post and when Calyx responded they were ganged up on. They either needed to either cave or endlessly continue to defend their decision and have negativity continue on the page. They changed the game because they found neither option acceptable. They could have used what would seem more appropriate language to us English speakers but I do understand the decision. Look at this thread. People still can't let it go.
That fellow didn't know what an IC was and said the M was the best OS in his experienced. The AK240 OS is similar and faster with less lag so he's obviously not super experienced or tech savy. That's fine as his ears are likely sound but take those sorts of comments as relative and with a grain of salt. He probably misunderstood the Calyx DAC bug as well. Likely more to do with the Calyx application than the chip itself as they tend to do some proprietary filter stuff. No...
How do you answer, 'Have you stopped hitting your wife?'. Basically they were guilty before they could answer and the only response acceptable to the posters without more grief would have been to give it away. They preferred to terminate that discussion and quickly stopped the offer. Give a friend a gift and have them say you didn't spend enough. See if you do that again.
Hate the shape and hype but it does look well made.
Seems that once posters get a bug up their butt, it crawls way up in there. Multiple attempts at extraction  just makes things more irritable.
I think if the files and phones are up to it, you should prefer the AK120 but that they can be discussed in this fashion speaks very highly of the HiSound player.
I haven't heard the MkII but I understand it's closer to the 120 than the standard 100. For me that would make the AK100 MKII better but at twice the price. Others have preferred the Anniversary 3 to the AKs.
Then it should play 24/48 flac as well. There is no way to know what is or isn't down sampled on a HiSound other that to ask them but the player isn't about trying to play everything or additional processing to do so. I believe that the DAC portion of the SOC is capable of 32 bit input so it would be more about the codecs etc. In the past, Jack from HiSound has stated the same res as I have in this thread so if we assume anything, it would be that 24/44 flac and 24/48 wav...
Just loaded up a 24/44 FLAC and am listening as I type this.
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