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Interesting because guessing is exactly what the app does.  If I wanted to actually improve things I may look at apps like Kaisertone and run it bare with some HiDef files.
Ya, I was kidding and I do think they break in.
You may just like them more now due to imaginary breakin. 
Yet B2s and GR07s are still too hot for me. 
This. What happens as you exceed that ratio, linearity may deviate by more than 1db. Nothing to get worked up about as the deviations will be of a smooth nature and the way a persons ears react to an IEM will be much more significant. Things like damping factor is also affected but how that manifests itself (bass tightness) will vary by device. Things like the JH16 will exceed that ratio below 100hz but as the Doc has said it sounds fine, as do my JH13s on my AK120. Jerry...
I bought my very clean and almost new ak100mk2 for $450 a couple months back. I now have an old AK120 again and am undecided about keeping the Mk2. It's still great and very nice in hand and pocket. I just don't know how much I'll use it. I really don't use these things often enough to warrant a collection. Modded AK100s seem to go for more and I'd personally rather have the MK2 with it's included leather case and stock low output impedance.
I'm 60 and feel the same. 
I believe the AR M2 has a class A discrete output stage but I don't expect it to be as good as the Questyle. Other units have their last stage as simple discrete pairs. There's many ways to do this and really, is it a problem if max current is down at 7kHz where only a small fraction as much energy is required? Part of why the Questyle is VG is it's circuit but there's lots more to it. I'm concerned with the end result. I've heard protos of great amps before they were...
I find that I can almost always hear a very slight veiling or loss of crispness with gapless engaged on good DAPs and files. Seems there's always tradeoffs with DAPs. I sort of like there not being an way or the other. Always on or always off. A bit of a myopic view but myopicity abounds on headfi. 
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