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Sounds like a great date.
To each his own. Guys that like their Teras have what's right for them and fortunately most got them under $2k. It's just not for me, even though I suspect i'd like it's sonics. I've heard the Altmann home DAC with the recommended battery and even bypassed with a well chosen electrolytic to improve it's attack and thought it was quite good but not top home kit great.   Daps shouldn't be expected to be top home kit great but at $2k plus those expectations will change a...
22 ohm output will do that. Apples and oranges. AK should get called out for the original AK100 but by the same token, it's sound is not representative of anything they've made since. They may not be a great value but everything after the original is in a very different class than a Kogan.   Back to the Alien. I'm actually excited to hear one. I'm like you regarding screens but at $200, I can deal if it's good enough. At over 10 times that, not so much.
You must hate AK then, LOL. Those would be well out of your described wheelhouse. Audio is a funny market. It seems the common denominator is that good things come from those the understand music and it can come from any price point. While many think AK is about marketing and profit, it's clearly more. I still have to respect that they make very musical things and are actually the best made stuff out there. AK100 mk2 is super friendly in size and use with the side V wheel...
I'd run them in for a bit ay a pretty good clip with the ports uncovered to allow the driver more excursion and them see what you think. I bet they have less warmth but go lower now. I really like them but they did have a little extra warmth in the mids. I suspect they are now more even and extended, at least technically.
Get the medium stock tips, also used by ortofon, there's nothing else as good on these IMO. Don't be surprised if the last owner just didn't want to part with them.
Perhaps but regardless of what you hear from those biased against AK and I think that's reasonably clear in that review, the AK120 is still a step up from those you mentioned. In fact, I prefer my Ak100 mk2 as well though you could call it a personal preference vs the VG DX90. I'm not an X5 fan. That said, this take and some other comments had me decide to try the . Preferences aside, if it even competes with the AKs, they've scored a huge win. 24/96 is more than enough...
Unless you need the power, I wouldn't recommend it. The E11 is OK but it doesn't improve good daps with enough power for their load. 
It's relative. There's good and bad at every price point. For instance, I think the Ostry 6a is a great but they sound rather unrefined next to my JH13s. There's a significant qualitative difference. I'm probably keeping both but one is clearly for when I don't want as much isolation or to use on less good sources.
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