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I have a few different brands Sandisk, kingston and smaller maker of some sort.
 I wonder if it has something to do with updating. I used the RKbatchtool last time which formats the unit before updating. No issues.
Yes but I would try another card and/or to take everything off the card, format it and them put just a few known things on it to see if it repeats. There may be something on the card or the card itself compounding this.
If the screen is on a lot, he did an update, a few scans etc. I suspect it's possible. I'd full charge it couple times and then just see what it does after.
So I had some time and just did this with my only 2 Samsung batteries. Can't a/b but my impression is that there is a control, fleshing out and texture of sound that is really nice. More better than different. Actually less analytical sounding but with added control and tangibility. I got the bug and did it at home without a magnifier (which I now need for small work) or clamps and a large unregulated tip so it's not my prettiest work but I knew not to get carried away...
That response curve was taken with the IEM already there as load. It's why those response curves look like that. I haven't read that article but I believe Rin does those as differential curves. It has no relation to what's happening with your amp and source impedances which are also not using 4' cables. 1' cable means 1/4 the characteristics. All those cables in the length and loads you are using them would functionally measure as identical. That said, I've always been of...
I guess you need to actually compare some.
Wow. A used ak100 plus mod seems like a bargain at that level of performance.
I haven't used it since the day I upgraded FW but casually, I didn't notice a difference in functionality from 05. I'm sure the lag is there as you guys mentioned. I think I would have noticed if it were more sensitive as 05 was very much so for me. I'd try a reload and reset if it's seems off.
I'm good with it as is. May be a resources trade off for the latest sig.
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