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Nice to see some sold and get more reports. Fun to pass time in theory when not much more was happening but now we can get to the meat.
I'm not a brick guy either but if I owned that, I would at least  try a 2 pocket approach with perhaps a 1-3 foot cable between them (depending on which pockets). The dap would function normally and only Volume is used from the Shure and even that is optional as the AK out can be varied. Would take the concentrated weight and bulk away from a single point.
They all get removed for a reason as was one of mine. It's a discussion for a different forum. Posters will consistently bring 'bitrate is unimportant' to a product discussion that triggers opposing views. It becomes a different thread because there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue. For me, it's recording before bitrate but if the recording and playback setup are good enough, that recording will sound even better at a higher bit rate. Call it personal opinion...
I still prefer a great speaker setup to anything headphones but the costs for that aren't comparable and make the Shure seem cheap. I also never thought the KSE1500 overpriced to begin with. 
Tidal is great but that's more an indicator of rips and playback chain. I rip wav and have dedicated playback kit (do not rip or playback with a computer or USB DAC) and tidal is not as good in most instances. Still a great service and access to a lot of tunes.
The 13s have more low bass (relative to midbass) than all those except the Roxanne though it won't have the authority of the Layla. I'd try a TWAG V3. Works well for what you what. Give it a couple hundred hours to settle in.  The RR sounds like a great product that I'm interested in hearing at some point but it's unlikely to meet your personal 'fun' bass requirement. Not really its intent or purpose.
So many like over the top bass that we know these won't be for everyone regardless of how good they actually are.   LOL at fake KSE1500s. 
Fakes are cheap enough to more than offset returns. QC is a huge cost as is service and marketing. I hate to even acknowledge the economics of selling fakes because it's more about deceit and theft than economics. Even if fakes weren't the crap they are, the cost differential between fake and genuine would still be significant. Fakes benefit as much as the real thing from reputation and marketing paid for by the genuine manufacturer. Consumers that are unaware suffer...
New Posts  All Forums: