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Apologies. I assumed that you measured it with an ohmmeter because it's not commonly given by makers. At least that one's easily repeatable. From experience, actual impedance at low frequencies is generally about 25-30% higher than measured resistance.
Your customs are more V shaped than my customs. LOL
The battery can act like smoothing for a noisy switch mode charger so can't tell much from that. You need what you know to be a good battery to do a proper test.
No, I said 40 bit would be needed for 24 bit material at lowest volume control levels but 24 db down from max along with the gain switches should be sufficient in actual use especially since I believe you can get a lot more dynamic range than you quoted without over manipulating bits.  Regardless, they've come up with a nice solution for the purpose and aren't losing bits as soon as the...
To me, the bass is just more delineated in 2.1 and sounds like there is less because it's not warming everything up. I much prefer the current bass character.
It's personal and relates to what music is being listened to but really, I'm not looking to tweak every recording. The ones that have inflection and emotion and/or played in natural space invariably suffer from manipulation, other than simple EQ if absolutely needed. I have recordings that suffer greatly from any sort of that. I can understand playing around with compressed electronic music etc but for me, it would be too much trouble to change up all the time as it...
Here we go. I was thinking 40 bit would be needed for worst case HiRes at lowest volume settings but for all intents the ESS V control should be noise free in this application where we are reaching our own hearing noise floor in use, especially when in a lower than max gain setting.   Inverting has nothing to do with effects. It's used along with a noninverting in differential mode to lower the noise floor...
I didn't consider resampling as I only used appropriate formats when I had rockbox in in the past. I don't even like ASRCs and if needed with increasing the word.
Output may just needs extra feedback isolation from or damping into some loads to not oscillate. No idea if this phenomenon exists but that's what the resistor would be for. Sometimes a simple out of band RC network can help as well.
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