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Same as stock except for the solder and possibly some voicing and battery.
Never heard an X3 but the DX90 is a very smooth and detailed player. Should fit nicely.
Only if you show a graph from a competing product with a graph from the same source and are aware of the test characteristics. I only said inconclusive as to things like confirming 'house sound' or overall goodness from very differing graph sources. I think that was over reaching. Of course, each designer has his own ear but it only goes so far as each design will have limitations, regardless of price. I had no desire to change from my JH13fp for either of the flagships in...
Here's another of the universal. Just shows how conditions vary the result. You're certainly entitled to your opinion but always best to listen and not draw conclusions from pictures of what are known to be VG products. Check these of the UM Miricle and Roth LS8 taken under similar conditions as your old version JH13 graph. These graphs also don't speak to things like group delay or phase shift. There's lots they don't say.     Don't get me wrong here. I loved...
Would be more interesting is those other graphs were current models and under the same testing parameters.
You should do your best to get a fit and go by what you hear. Kind of the point of doing an audition. I'd consider bringing my own tips as some of the disposables used leave something to be desired.
Haven't heard a V5 in a while but definitely better than the 7th.
I just bought Worm's RoCoo to complete my rotation. Wanted something smaller to keep around with the A3. Studio V will go on sale. If anyone needs a multi purpose weapon, let me know.
Because the material hype is mostly nonsense. Once the material is rigid enough, there's nothing there to make a difference. Resonances will be out of band.
You could kill a guy with the little brick and it and it would still work.
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