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So many like over the top bass that we know these won't be for everyone regardless of how good they actually are.   LOL at fake KSE1500s. 
Fakes are cheap enough to more than offset returns. QC is a huge cost as is service and marketing. I hate to even acknowledge the economics of selling fakes because it's more about deceit and theft than economics. Even if fakes weren't the crap they are, the cost differential between fake and genuine would still be significant. Fakes benefit as much as the real thing from reputation and marketing paid for by the genuine manufacturer. Consumers that are unaware suffer...
You're wrong. In this format, there is no back wave to deal with and plenty of available excursion.
Just to be more specific.100 does DSD at 2.30 and the 120 since 1.30
Dump your cookies, go to headphone.com and there will be a 10% coupon available that works on the preoerder. I'd do it quickly as I suspect it won't work on the KSE1500 once Shure finds out.
I get it but selling the AK100 gets you close and there's always the cheaper QP1 -without the R.
QP1r > AK100+Mojo
Don't put solder on that. It will go out of spec and stress what it's connected to. If other phones work fine and you want to use that one, replace the plug and maybe use a straight one. That looks like a 90* and probably sits in the socket exactly the same way every time and not distributing normal wear.  They sell through dealers so contact who you bought it from but it doesn't sound like it needs it if other phones work and that plug has an obvious issue.
For me of what I've owned or compared directly to at least another in the mix using some 24/192 masters that I know intimately. (original)X5
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