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Great perspective. Thanks. I never rely on just measurements for evaluation. That UE7 measures great and doesn't seem to be a fav of anyone.
That would make the 2.5k bump that was described by another poster be quite tame and perhaps even welcome. Thanks for that.
I was considering these until that. It will be great for some as that will be a 'clean' or detailed sounding bump but is a range I perceive a glassy and personally don't acclimate well to. I don't understand why I keep considering more devices that justsit around even when they're good. I'm really happy with what I have. Bloody addiction, I tell you.
It's real but much in the way of setups and files limits most trying to discern it...IMO
True but there is more to bass quality than quantity. Damping also plays a roll. for me, it's less about bass quantity than how the mids are a bit less solid than they could be. Take my comments with a grain as I feel these are VG as is. I'm speaking in absolutes and like the device as it comes out the box.
I think my jh13s are heavy in the low bass. I like quad electrostatics. I am anything but a bass head. I just know real has more weight than these do stock. My portables are a QP1r and a modded ak120. I've owned things like the LPG and hate EQ. It's not my sources, files or bias and I never called anything tinny. I care about prat and overall balance... mostly in the mids. No one needs to agree with me but I'd prefer if folks weren't arbitrarily disparaged because of it.
Unit is worth the money but I didn't find it special in any way. Warm and inoffensive which is cool but not as revealing as the best DAPs, which is OK considering the price and size. Dumping on other high price players doesn't make this one any better. Nor does it's moderate price make it any worse. I've personally been inside DX90, ak100, ak120, LPG, Sansa(s) and know what goes into a Tera Player. Tweaked a few of them for kicks. Anyone with a TP that is counting...
V shaped is the opposite of midcentric and vents always make it less isolating. 
I heard it on other recordings as well. I used that one to verify and make certain it wasn't what you described.
LOL, I can show you the recorded waveform in Wavelab. Have heard the actual master tape played through Stax, JH13s, Phonacs, Dynaudio Coincidence, Teslas etc. Other than some background hiss if you look for it (analog tape without NR) it's a pretty awesome sound of an unamplified and quite rare French Vuillaume acoustic string bass. The reason the recording was done in LA is that Charlie (RIP) would no longer travel with that instrument and it's not the only recording I...
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