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I never thought 16s lacked highs but that the bass overwhelmed the other ranges. Are you sure they aren't stuffed with ear wax? I've found that if theres something further down that what a tip cleaner can reach, the eye side of a thin sewing needle to come in handy. Also handy if they're clear enough to see the bore path. After having my 13s, I'm very glad that the tips are transparent enough to see what's going on.
What? I can't hear you!
Just got my KC06a from the group buy. I won't get critical on the sound until it's got some hours but it's already good. Might change but right now I prefer the bass tips that smooths the highs and brings the mids forward a hair too much. 5 min wont tell me if this will continue to be the case but I can tell that I prefer these to the GR07 I had simply because the highs aren't as aggressive. I could never get past it on the GR07. Got these as a backup partially because the...
I've haven't felt the need to 'move up' either after hearing the latest flagships, both custom and universal. 
Way too general to be true on a few different points. A higher impedance phone can be more efficient depending on design and even a slightly less efficient one could play louder before clipping (higher V setting) with the same DAP due to drawing less current.
More likely a print or way of measuring change than a difference in product but I think you'll need to tell us. 6db is significant. I guess you'll need to 'test' them. Only open one set of tips and swap them back and forth if you want to keep one set fresh.
Agreed. It's not all better but I do prefer the tighter bass and less laid back presentation of 1.5L. Well, until I sold it. I'm purging right now since I don't use portables all the time and just picked one to run with and a cheaper backup to hang on to. Keeping one AK and one HiSound with the least value. Both quite small and thin. Still think the DX90 may be the best value going.
With 1.5, slow is a clear choice for me.
Here's a link to RKbatchtool along with recent drivers but no specific instructions. Careful with the driver if you use an AMD processor. I believe it always uses the x86 version regardless of OS but I'm no longer certain.   Make sure to not use a lurker FW in RKBatch as it's incompatible. You can use a stock FW and then update to a lurker version in the normal update method afterwards. I'd toss FW files from...
I've looked extensively and found nothing on the current version. Here's one on the old model. To me, it has the most normal and extended response but some like more sparkle. Here's another. It's the red curve.
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