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2.1 is more open than 2.05 and less upper mid prominent. If you have a phone with extra midbass, it's likely allowing that to be known. Then again, I use it as a complete unit and have no idea how it melds with you're particular amp.
I suppose that if one's not comfortable with the RK batch tool that would be so. Of course, you'd need to reinstall Rockbox again after every update.
What he did was something Jamoto and I already discussed. When you look at the dx90 board, they are already there. It may still be possible to get some minor improvement by adding a moderate value at the battery or bypassing the ones on the board with a something but may be fruitless as well.
I haven't followed. Are these dual boot when ported? I'd never opt out of HiDef entirely.
 Next come some caps in parallel. Nice to hear things are working out. I guess I better get to it.
I guarantee that they are not using DSP and it will measure as accurate. Maybe try using the RK batch tool and make sure to factory reset. Slow slope and med gain. I found the original FW a little too laid back. Certainly, we can disagree.
This is exactly the problem being discussed about the site and options. All should have the ESS chip. The dual dac option gives you an additional DAC chip so that it can be used in differential DAC mode like in the DX90.
I haven't joined in. I'll wait and see what experienced guys like you think and pay the piper if that time comes. I'm trying to stop chasing my tail but I'll get hooked by something like this is it works. You know these will come off a line. $128 could have been a few buck if they had put it on them all. I'd sit tight and fight the urge to change your initial intent. Had I noticed early on, I may have done as you.
Gain settings also tend to have subtle sonic changes as well. It's really impossible to decide things like this without an example. They should all just have gain switches. I mean really, making all these versions has to be making the mean price increase. Make a single, a balanced and a tweak version (all with a gain switch), with set features and call it a day. Choice is great but if we trust these guys know what they're doing, we should trust that they can hear and know...
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