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I really did but I'm not implying it's better. It had less warm mids and got a bit more black in the situation I heard them in which was admittedly short and specific. On an AK120II, I may have preferred the Layla as the Angie was a nat hair lean on that one and I didn't do any bass adjustments either. We're splitting hairs here on AKs that most say sound the same. Perhaps hearing them through these new Sirens made their differences easier to perceive.  Speaking of...
Part of their goodness. More chameleon like than the majority of their rivals. Other than a bit extra deep bass that is mitigated with a good cable choice, they are just revealing of source. How different that cables, files, FWs and source components can sound through these is great indicator of their overall lack of sig. They can sound smooth or etched, bassy or thin and why you get so many diverse comments about them. People are listening through them more than to them....
and I slightly preferred the Angie when I heard them both on an ak240.  
I definitely think the k10 is better than the original jh13 but for me, the 13FPs give both those and the Roxannes a run but they're all different enough for any given subjective perspective of the 3.
And if I like a GR10e as much as a W50 and another likes a T1 as much as a GR10e, is T1 equal to Angie? It's always relative.
Not even close as far as I'm concerned and I don't mind which is preferred. Source can be a big equalizer as can other factors. The idea that 3 different transducers from 3 different companies are same-ish to all concerned is to my mind, wishful thinking and unrealistic. Small differences for some become quite apparent for others. I find cable differences on the same pair of headphones able to make or break a sig. It's all relative and individual. Attempting to dumb it...
If only preference was linear in that way. Some prefer a jh16 to a jh13 to an Angie to a Layla etc. Best to just listen for oneself than extrapolate from other's ideas. I hear the w60 is better yet with less added warmth though I haven't listened. As usual, you'll get a variety of takes on this.
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