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HiDef is not and never will be for the masses unless it simply becomes easier to do with storage getting significantly more compact, cheaper and transfer speeds much faster.   History lesson. CDs didn't replace records as records weren't the top form of music sales before CD took over. They replaced cassettes which had 55% of the market at the time. The music software market has never primarily been a qualitative one. It's the same reason Itunes etc is so popular. Not...
Generally, the word length is upsampled to allow volume and EQ without bit loss/compression but changing the frequency doesn't do much good in mixing and rendering back to it's original word length is generally the way to go. Now I agree that many/most DACs behave better with higher bit rates for the reasons you describe but I consider that a fault of the DAC and/or their one size fits all ASRC. I guess it doesn't matter as long as the consumer result is better. I do like...
My error, I thought the headroom gradients were 5 ohm and they appear to be 10. It all falls in line and my previous post about minimal change should be changed to agree with castleofargh. The added output between 2k and 10k from a low impedance source will make it sound leaner. Bass shouldn't change much but other ranges become better driven. I suspect I would personally prefer it from a low impedance source but that's all personal preference. 
Didn't read all your setup but if I wanted to stream HiDef to another room I'd use the reliability of a wired connection to my router. If not, next best would be to wirelessly bridge another apple router to your current one for a more solid connection and better throughput. Helps prevent buffer overruns. Install Minimserve on your Synology (requires JAVA) and stream to whatever UPNP device you have that can play the the files in question. A streaming Video player often...
Maybe using a computer as source is the issue. Perhaps it's not the res. Files and dedicated kit like your Esoteric may have something to do with it. Play that CD on your PC through the DAC and see what happens.
Interesting. that curve looks a similar shape but with a significantly wider variance that the headroom one.
Just the point where I personally perceive the sound to be as good as is practical for distributed music played on home kit and returns beyond it are quickly diminishing.
What you could do is cut a skinomi type clear skin for the entire face. This place is cheap and good. http://www.bestskinsever.com/diy-skin
Not exactly the same. You could say the same about your ears yet the perception exists. I think his example is overstated as well as by experiment, I find a practical limit at about 24/192 for a final product but I think there is something to it.
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