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I haven't tried but I bet high gain is very compatible with the new FW.
Traded for this a while back. I like my HiSounds but am purging and keeping my more costly AK as my go to since I have a large HiDef library. This one works up to 24/48 WAV and 24/44 FLAC. Plays aac, wma, mp3 and some others as well. Shows normal minor wear but still in VG condition. No signs of drops etc. Lots of power and battery life with great sound. Comes with charger, cable and original box. $165 all in.
Works as new.  This was mine from new but I've dropped it a couple times so if appearance is critical, this one is not for you. Actually looks OK from the front but you can see where a corner of the stick on rear decorative cover has cracked off. There's a screw on cover below so there's no structural damage and it's perfect under the hood. I checked. Hisound will sell a replacement stick on cover for (I think) $10 if you want it. It could also just be removed and used...
DX90 is still the best value in HiDef DAPs imo. Just not THE best DAP.
Dx90, clean. Never dropped etc. I'm purging players and keeping my AK. I like the hobbie and DAPs but am not a constant user so I've collected too many that don't get much use. This is a great player and value but not my fav so off it goes along with some HiSounds I'll be listing. All accessories like new and spare screen protector. If you notice, the currently used screen protector has a bit of peal at the outside edges. You can see it in the pics if you look closely....
At the price differential, seems reasonable. I still prefer the AKs overall as well but it is at over 2 x $.
Thanks Lurker. Best so far...for me, anyway. Like the tuneful bass and boogie of 2.15 over the more laid back 2.1. 
Sure you are, LOL. I think you mean 16/96.
Not so bad then. Nice to know your player works.
We'll see but I believe those files weren't and aren't being used. Lurker removed some unneeded overhead, that iBasso may have been required to keep by license, to free up resources and possibly lower noise. I think the sigs will get closer, as we're all accustomed to lurker clean, but still maintain some differences.
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