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Many usb3 controllers aren't happy with all usb2 devices, Dacs seem particularly susceptible. I'd try a genuine USB2 port (not blue) or updating my PC's USB3 controller/driver.
with wav.
Never debated that it's OK and said I preferred FLAC on one of my players. I just didn't question his hearing in the process as you seem keen on doing. His bias is an inclination to think they sound the same yet he hears a difference. Why force your opinion on him? He has a choice to make and I'm sure he'll choose what's right for him. 
For me, it would be if I could find something else I liked as much. I'm not into punishing my ears to make a point or vindictiveness. Personal audio is about me, LOL. Some will feel they're not worth some perceived hassle, which is fine, but a bit of that wouldn't dissuade me from years of great sound if I felt it so. 
Probably noise and added buffers is somehow presenting those bits in a way that is subtly less good but the reason concerns me less than the result. It's the million dollar question but it needs to be asked after audition and not as a defense of position. No one can't explain the mechanism of gravity but I'm sure it exists. Different bit perfect servers sound different as well.   If you've ever played around with things like cubase, wavelab or better player programs,...
They are different slopes and frequency adjustments to give better control of how wide an area etc is adjusted. Easy enough top set it up like a standard EQ but it would be a disservice to yourself. For instance If you're adjusting for a headphone/earphone, it will tend to have a resonance peak somewhere and standard non parametric EQ would creates dips on either side of the adjusted peak. This types of EQ is more professional in nature and allows for critical correction....
It's more than data. The player uses more resources to decode ALAC in real time. I always use wav on my best kit which is far better than anything portable. I actually like FLAC on my Studio V because it adds a touch of fill. 
where are folks getting their info? Everything after 1.3 does DSD and DAC.
Not intending this to be a mod thread. It was explained well enough and your question already answered. The PAW has great engineering and doesn't happen to use signal path coupling caps as far as I can tell. When devices do use them, they are there for a reason, sometimes not obvious to consumers. While not used here, if done properly, they are not the bane some make them out to be. Just a different compromise. Those that want to discuss can PM. I'm not continuing this...
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