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Ak240 doesn't use the same DACs.
On paper a single old non 2m will still beat a pair of 2ms but both give exceptional #s and use similar topology.
I also think the Itouch/Iphone are underrated but still prefer the sound of my Anv 3. I don't find it bright and that it falls into the tonality of those units depending on series. (some are leaner/brighter than the Studio as well). I think that if you're not a fan of the studio sig that you won't like the upper mids/highs of the X5. It's warm but brighter in the lower treble at the same time. I ordered a DX90 after briefly hearing the x5. 
I wasn't as high on the x5 as some and the DX90 is less than $1/2 the others so it was worth a go for me. I hate the Pono shape for a portable. Calyx still looks interesting but there's nothing I actually like better about it functionally. It will come down to sound.
Just tried the iBasso web site. It's probably a traffic jam. Looks like the USA has awakened. 
LOL, I know as much as everyone but Jamato. I like lots of things about it but no clue how it sounds other than some faith in our reviewer. 
The 1602 requires 30% less current, it's noise spec is part of the LOL spec so it's not a weak link. It also shows better low frequency linearity and phase control than the 1612. Check the data sheets and look at the large signal step response graphs. They are different scale so not as obvious as it looks but the 1602 still looks better overall. iBasso may just prefer it for this particular purpose. Most of us know just enough to be dangerous.
Got my order in about 3 hrs ago. Happen to wake up at 4:30 am and saw it was up. If limited, there will be a lot of US buyers waiting for later batches just due to the time of release. Like everyone else, hope I'm in the 1st batch.
That's correct in theory but when the DX50's various FWs can sound different from each other......
What is it about Headfi and biting the hand that feeds you. Look how ell that worked for Calyx. Be happy that Jamato has given us as much as he has.
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