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I'm with Tyll on what sounds more correct. Correct is accurate and it doesn't necessarily mean flat response in an earphone. Even ET will bump up the mid and have some high roll in the target mix to sound linear. I personally don't think their target curve has enough low bass. Here's a simply test to take for yourselves if you so choose.   http://newt.phys.unsw.edu.au/jw/hearing.html    Even a flat bass response on this test may not sound quite 'accurate' to the music....
Be careful about who's around if you read that aloud.
I still miss mine at times but I mostly use these things on the go as portables in a pant pocket and it was just a bit larger/heavier than I would use.
I haven't been keeping up but I really like the the proposed device as stated on the opening page. I don't think the ess DAC better than some others but it's certainly capable of being part of a great device.
but his technical info was correct, opinion notwithstanding.
 I guess you missed the 2nd post.
Likely why they are limiting their responses. It was a general, non specific response about having a system in place that just got taken to task. They know they can't satisfy a certain group by doing anything other than breaking their policies. Once they cross that line, everyone will expect it for whatever reason they personally feel justified. If you don't think the brand good enough or reliable enough, look elsewhere but their service and return policy would never keep...
I don't have any direct experience with Hifiman returns but this is normal procedure. These products are QC'd when made and 'DOA' is as often than not an attempt at a free return, an accident by the consumer or a something like the buyer not undertanding iems need a seal and thinking them defective etc. I am not implying that is the case here as manufacturers aren't perfect either but there is a return system in place and the buyer is on board with that once he enters the...
Great perspective. Thanks. I never rely on just measurements for evaluation. That UE7 measures great and doesn't seem to be a fav of anyone.
That would make the 2.5k bump that was described by another poster be quite tame and perhaps even welcome. Thanks for that.
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