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The DAC in the Iphone is likely no worse and will be better clocked simply due to not needing clock recovery or added jitter in the interface. I think the issue here is that there is no longer a line out like the older units. I suspect the optimum portable source for this is a quality DAP with true line out.
Thanks. This is what happens when you don't go back far enough. My mistake then and makes the compare subject to source. Sounds like this and other reviews could both be correct and not contradictory relative to source or at least to a subjective extent without too much debate.
I don't doubt your impressions for a moment but do find them surprising due to the contrast of others. Are you certain that the DAC wasn't in use? It will be in the loop with an analog input under various circumstances like EQ or sound profile.
Many confuse etched with accurate. Preference aside, I suspect the RR are more correct for any type of listening. Sounds like they may have paid more attention to phase and/or group delay as well. It's not anything new to transducers but they may not be mentioning it to avoid (overzealous?) conflict with JA patents.
It's really a lot of work if you want something better than a cookie cutter approach.
I thought you already had a portable dialysis machine.  
Nice to see some sold and get more reports. Fun to pass time in theory when not much more was happening but now we can get to the meat.
I'm not a brick guy either but if I owned that, I would at least  try a 2 pocket approach with perhaps a 1-3 foot cable between them (depending on which pockets). The dap would function normally and only Volume is used from the Shure and even that is optional as the AK out can be varied. Would take the concentrated weight and bulk away from a single point.
They all get removed for a reason as was one of mine. It's a discussion for a different forum. Posters will consistently bring 'bitrate is unimportant' to a product discussion that triggers opposing views. It becomes a different thread because there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue. For me, it's recording before bitrate but if the recording and playback setup are good enough, that recording will sound even better at a higher bit rate. Call it personal opinion...
I still prefer a great speaker setup to anything headphones but the costs for that aren't comparable and make the Shure seem cheap. I also never thought the KSE1500 overpriced to begin with. 
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