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I heard these as well. They are all that and a bag of chips. Best non electrostatic I've heard and may compete for best period.
I'll PM. Just looked at my 13s for kicks and the tubes are far from the same length. Never bothered before because I know there's more to how this works. added an explanation in a thread that asked about it, in case you're actually interested instead of the usual argumentative spin. I just didn't feel like taking this thread into the trash over it. The example I used for a non phase aligned example was your NT6. Again, the importance of freqphase is up to the buyer and I make no claims other than personally...
tube length matters but probably not crazy critical since there's more to the freqphase than that. Even if slightly off, it should only have minimal effect when you consider wavelengths vs crossover frequency and how little cancellation or blurring would occur. A mm or 2 may be negligible in the grand scheme. Obviously, you want it as good as possible but even in the original, we don't know that they are all the exact same length. Only that their lengths are arranged for...
and if you buy only on specs vs price, you're assured mediocrity. This argument is for the sound science forum. If you're not actually interested in the products being discussed, perhaps it's the wrong thread to participate in. I think you'll find many of the posters here have some technical background (likely significantly more than you) yet don't follow it blindly like lemmings. Fools come in all ages and incomes and for many, ignorance isn't bliss.
You can turn off the beeps in the menu: btn sound/disable Tracks should be titled with 01 - 02 - 03.....11 - 12  etc as the beginning part of the title. 
This is Plussound's latest type 6 litz cables in a separate pure silver conductor plus pure copper litz conductor Hybrid construction. Won't change color or oxidize, low resistance and has tremendous bandwidth. I've run these in for over 100 hrs and they have very little eartime, only at my desk. Lots of texture, extension and detail with a balanced presentation.  I'm going for a bit more analytical presentation so want to try a few others. Hope I don't regret this.  This...
I like the idea. I generally get the sense that IEMs with actual low bass have a sort of odd pressurization going on with certain material. No way around it other than to front vent to decouple in some way or not have low bass in the correct perceived balance. Just speculation not based in any tech and obviously, isolation suffers. IEM trade offs abound. I always wondered what something like a bass heavy jh16 with (semi) open ambient ports would sound like.
I think we're talking about different things. I was looking at the driver itself. There's often a small hole in the backplate for venting. Doesn't mean there isn't one under the glass board but it generally has a corresponding center hole.
Why I hoped he was expanding his distribution to more countries like the US. It apparently wasn't as cost or time effective before. Perhaps this charge makes it so. He's certainly justified to charge what he deems appropriate for his efforts.
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