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I bet this one sings.
I think they are genuine from that seller or at least the ones I got appear so. It's possible it may have been sitting dead too long or just defective. I'd try giving it a kick start with a 2a charger.
  Actually, the original FW was less sensitive. It's usually just a matter of getting accustomed to the screen and what a tap vs a swipe feels like.
Things may still beat in complex signals but that said, perhaps reflections aren't the mechanism that causes a sonic difference. There's really no way to be certain but my experience is that connectors and cables sound different and that I prefer those of correct or neutral impedance without multiple ground paths. There is also not enough resistance, capacitance or inductance in them for a measurable in band difference either. It's unfortunate that our ears are still more...
Varies by insertion depth. When I had GR10s, I used a med but when I tried 1p2, it was a large.
They do but it's not ID3. Wav has always had riff for things like artist, track and title.
Try a higher rated charger. I think the Samsungs might need a true 1a or higher charger with the DX90. Might have something to do with the battery's charging protection chip.
They're better and confirmed by our most respected reviewers. There's more to it than tube length since there can be phase shift beyond the crossover points which makes simple group delay at the crossover points less than a complete solution. Also when the length of the highest likely crossover frequency of say 3khz is 4.5" the tube length adjustment is less critical than the crossover when it comes to phase between the drivers. Tube length becomes more about character...
There's a reason I said 'debatable' but that's not for here. You asked a question. I answered in a non-circular fashion that tried to directly address the question. Try a non-balanced braided cable in a high rf environment some time. I believe impedance of connectors and cables differences in general are audible and I still can't tell if you do. Compare a good DIN or XLR (unbalanced) to an RCA in the same high quality circuit and get back to me. Don't be surprised if part...
Since the boards are flowed, they have to be built in a separate silver solder run and a since limited will naturally have more oversight. There could be more going on with other changes as well not mentioned. 
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