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Sounds like you just did a proper ear test and checked out fine.
Never said "another" and that's actually the second time you've used quotes with words not in my post. Perhaps it's unintentional and you're unaware that paraphrasing with quotes is improper usage. Just a note for the future. Quotes are strictly verbatim. Wont argue definitions and let this thread return to topic.  I personally don't think they are voicing for anyone in particular. Just doing the best they can.  
This is your post. "iBasso is a Chinese DAP manufacturer in Shenzhen. Base on my recent observation on the Chinese audio forums, it is very likely iBasso tunes the FW2.1 to the preference of the local Chinese mass: enclosed, in your face kind of mid presentation who uses multi drivers IEM. (BTW, multi BA drivers IEMs is the current hot trend in China) I guess all the other "ordinary" people using dynamic driver headphones like us will have to stick with FW2.0.5."  One of...
I think the FPs do well in that regard. They just don't have that built in soundstage and are pretty accurate to the scale of the source. Midbass is in no way lacking. For me, they sometimes have a bit extra low bass but the rest is as close as anything else.
That's likely because you lost the ground connection and are only hearing a difference signal between the channels which is common grounded in the phone cable. Sounds just like that. If the hum is equal in both cannels, it will disappear. First test the Bellari. Use shorting plugs on the input or an rca cable with the other end shorted with something. If quiet, the Bellari is likely OK. The carbon doesn't have much in the way of metal shielding. See if it changes with the...
Whether or not it looks like android, the OS will probably be Android based now that they've gone that route.
How about the link I gave on the previous page after he asked the 1st time? Go with Dynamic 20111223.
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