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They turn around repairs quite quickly as well.
With noise. Needs noise shaping like delta sigma DACs. One reason I'm still a ladder DAC kinda guy though I don't see a great ladder solution for portables.
As I've said before, unless they've done more than mentioned, I don't see how it's 'better'. The difference in resistance at contacts would be negligible and at best there would be some minor character change. Even if there is some change, it wouldn't necessarily be for the better. A far as I'm concerned, buy whichever one is easy to get.
Great speaker and often preferred to their higher offerings.
Clip uses the class D amp that's part of the SOC. I'll take a bit more impedance to get a proper amp chip.
Don't know that particular amp portion of the sub but normal procedure would be to get an ohmmeter and start from the back  to the front. Use an ohm meter. Make sure the driver isn't frozen and reading like a short. Next see if the output devices are shorted then rectifier and input pair. Those are the most likely spots for failure and if you find it make sure to check more devices in the corresponding channel. There's going to be a lot more stuff in there to fail and if...
For some reason I was thinking ferrous instead of copper. Senior moment. Copper should be fine and a lot easier to solder. I wonder of that ground is shared in PCs. If so. it may be advantageous to just tack the pin off the housing connection for the power supply portion.
I'm curious as to why both housings need grounding. Is the chassis not in parallel with one of the leads? Might actually increase noise with multiple paths if so. I'm not arguing but asking here. I'm unfamiliar with USB protocols or cable requirements.
Try some more sources. They are very chameleon like. They don't create soundstage, they reproduce what is actually there. I consider it one of their strong attributes. I bit extra low bass can sound less tight but it's as much about synergy as anything else. They don't have that midbass bump that many like. I'm not disagreeing with you because it's always personal. Just my take. 
? as to why you say that. 13s have slightly enhance low bass.
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