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Obviously any well fitted custom will isolate well but there is a difference. A hollow acrylic shell doesn't block or damp as much energy as a solid silicone one. I use an acrylic CIEM but it doesn't bias me to the all good vs all bad type of message board arguments. In fact my old Shure se530s with a deep fit olive tip isolated about as well as these. I suspect that an er4s with deep triple flanges do as well. Obviously acrylic is good enough at isolation judging from...
Will be fun to hear your impressions of universal vs custom versions and comparisons to the other CIEMs you have coming. 
Other than size, this has the features and topology I like in a DAP so I just created a Massdrop poll including it. Doesn't mean anything will happen but vote away. At a break, I'd at least see if I could live with it's scale. I'm getting a little tired of the experimenting with DAPs thing but this one has me quite curious. I don't care about balanced and prefer it not be Android. I quite like the hardware, analog V control and clocking etc. There's a lot right here but as...
So you're saying the 901s is coming out to compete with the stainless ak240?  I doubt there's much of a correlation. They probably had some customers ask for a more durable unit and replied in their familiar manner.
I'm a ladder DAC guy but don't make that my sole buying criterion. Unless you're just looking for cheap fun, I'd check out something like a Chord 2Qute DAC for home use. It's now basically a Hugo sans batteries.
I think they're different animals altogether. Jokers are substantially more informative and time consuming, researched. He's never done a review without having something on hand for a bit. Doesn't take anything away from this great thread and it's 'brief reviews'. One doesn't have to be better than the other.
They're always to do fun but unless owned and rotated through a few setups, it's hard to do ranks unless one is quite obviously better. Probably why we get variances from different folks that own both of the same thing. I like the pleasant and non-confrontational take give here. 
Config looks fine to me. Size is big but it's thin enough where I may consider giving it a go. Calyx is too chunky for me.
If they're like other JHAs, there will be a noticeable change. Don't know what part(s) break in but they move.
Yup and I've heard 3 of those 4 with different tips and the graphs we're using aren't ears and only show freq. response. There's other measurements that may show more. When 1/2 of our samples show clear differences in just response, it's probably not something to discount.
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