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 You can disagree but your assumptions of my experience are completely erroneous.  Tried dozens of USB DACs including DAVE and DCS via asio or wasapi and Wavelab, Foobar, J River and some Hi-End memory buffer type players. Found Wavelab setup correctly sounds the best to me though not really friendly as a library player. None sounded as good via USB as they did with a Firewire interface of a Weiss INT 202 or Konnekt interface (either linear supplied)(Dave wouldn't...
Could be but I absolutely hear it and passed blindtests convincingly. Perhaps I'm trying to find a reason but it's not a bad idea. Just adding to the discussion. Feel freeto be rude. I've nothing to prove. You guys can have your ball back and toss it around the circle. I also think EVERY USB dac is worthless for hearing significant differences. Fine for making the noise from a pic more palatable but thanks t's about it. You can now hate on me some more. Ciao.
The idea that you can't hear below a noise floor is a poor one. The possible advantage of HiDef is more about timing than acoustic bandwidth or measured noise floor and probably why I prefer it. Remember thresholds of what is considered audible was done with listening tests of single tones before solid state. The same ones the stated 1db is the threshold of difference when we know 1/2 db used as EQ in something good is repeatably distinguishable. I've done it. What happens...
There should be dither (intentional low level noise) added when rendered back so that can cause a very minor difference but for all intents and purposes that's correct, especially on less revealing 16 bit​.​  
I like the idea of a vinyl tube as coupler but really, if you could find some sorbothane to hollow a path, that would likely be best. It probably has the most similar characteristics to human skin. Maybe something like these used back to back. They're on eBay.
I like the highs a little better in the new one but tend to prefer other aspects of the older version. More a sideways move unless you have a preference or want the enhanced bass version. I did notice the low end having a fluttering sort of distortion on elevated clean signal on certain material with the new version. Can't remember if both or just the XR. Not silly loud or sustained bass either. It was a Charlie Haden string bass run I know well. My buddy who made and...
This one's awesome. All good, all the time, cake and eat it too FW. It's stuff like this that lets you know who you're dealing with. Smart guys with ears. 
LOL. That's about the tenth time I've read that about an iem here. 
That's what anechoic chambers and speaker positioning/room control are about. Different ears do respond differently to input but they respond to that input in the same way every time so it's really not as important as often made out to be. We may not both hear flat the same way but we both interpret it the same way. Think in terms of target function. Your perception of live sound is skewed equally to your perception of a flat device so we both perceive linear the same even...
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