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Can't wait.
Language of UI and ads would indicate so.
Wait for it.
Mine got caught up a bit in customs somewhere.
Agreed, Seems a 3 way should get it done if only for frequency tailoring reason. There may be something to using 6 instead of 3 as siamesed drivers will cancel vibration and have lower distortion but it's certainly only part of the design process and clearly not the most important one. There's currently a killer deal on the UERM at a certain group buy site.
Actually, not so much when it doesn't get used as it often doesn't when used with a PC etc. Fix is usually just to exercise it a bit. Pots like this are self cleaning but need to be used every so often for that to happen. Popping is a different issue. I do know that there was period where a LOT of manufacturers were shipped misrepresented/bogus electrolytic capacitors from a chinese supplier. Only shows up after some years and not because the manufacturer cut corners. 
I see an older ak120 and Dx90 there as well. How did you find the Tera?
shipping could buy you over 100 more.
Can you give a rundown of the ones you listened to. Not asking for a preference order.
below average They don't block very much.
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