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Driver count isn't important to the end game and they're not that dissimilar in price (in the US) so it's all good. I prefer the Angie and even my jh13fps to the Shures but that's why they can all exist in a competitive market place. Lots of different ears to please.  
They'll probably still get a bit better.
Thanks for the input. How much time are on those?    Don't know what tips you;re using on the 846 I remember when I had se530s and the olives isolated as well as anything including customs.
when dealing with major manufacturers, almost always have to get things repaired in the country sold. Local distributors generally have their own set of books and service cost would be on that balance sheet.  Consumers may look at this as it being stuck to them but the distributor looks at it as not their product that had part of it's profit factored in to the service equation. It's actually quite fair.
 There were a few things like the advertised res that were rightfully addressed. Clearly not as important as just sounding great but it wasn't all one sided. Definitely lots of people behaving badly. I never care about price. If someone doesn't like it, they always have other options. Nothing to get upset over.
If you out the track# as the first part of a title, you'll get your order in any format, 01 song.
My God guys, let it go. Not much resistance here without looking for guys to disagree with.
The trash metal had nothing to do with it. He was getting way too much grief, had enough and responded in prose that was unwelcomed by the mods but that wasn't what closed the threads. The threads got closed from similar fighting between advocates and proponents both being unreasonable and not letting it go as it seems may still be the case. This thread is much more friendly and sane. Lets not spin past ones beyond what they were and reopen that can of worms. Tera seems...
I've seen that case on US ebay as well. I like the plug recess but I only use straight plugs, I could see where you'd prefer something else with a right angle one. I had a right angle plug once but found it actually fatigued the cable more easily and put more lateral pressure on the jack in use, at least for me.
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