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Haven't followed that issue but I very strongly suspect the card either has hidden files, the file not unzipped accurately/at all or is not properly formatted to FAT32.
Blue curve is tiny box, red curve is huge box and yes the terminology isn't correct as used but the process I used correct. Apologies. The system is more compliant as is and less so with the tweak. Been a while since I used this and got it twisted. I claim old age. As you can tell, I didn't check and just drew some curves. Should have checked my own link, LOL. Oops.  Thanks. 
If you want to hear mine, no problem. I'll even take the nail polish off the 2nd vent and you can play. I suspect that if you almost completely cover one vent, it will be perfect, at least for my preferences. This offer is for mochill only.
Yes i'm sure in this case, overdamped will bump the midbass and then roll to where it has less low bass. Of course it's also dependent on the system and amount of damping but this is closest to infinite baffle where you are changing the back loading only. Here you go.   Their underdamped example is extreme but it makes the point. It would appear that my tweak is a gnat hair to stiff as I suspected when I 1st did it.
Yes, it's a nice fit.
So I listened to them again today on my questyle and decided to see what EQ would do to my modded pair. I mentioned on the mod that I hear a very slight upper bass lower mid push and that perhaps a little more open than just one vent would be best. Well I like all the cursers flat except the one 125hz. Knocked that one down 1 click and everything sounds right all the way down to the 32hz cursor which is also best flat. 64hz also best at neutral. Played with every cursor...
Remember that FZMAN's LPG is slightly different than stock.
Viva la difference. Plenty of good to go around. As for the QP1r, FW1.05 isn't the leanest, that's 1.07 but it's the most correct, open for me. Midbass/warmth is where it belongs.
LOL It's the concept and not a person I addressed. It came from the suggestion in a few posts that dynamic range is an absolute so I wasn't really reading in. It was not my intent to insult anyone. Since you said that you agree that we can hear into the noise floor, that ended. No one had specifically said you can't hear into the noise floor before that so I don't see how that was targeting anyone because it wasn't. I've been a bit less cordial in other posts since but...
Is it a bit smooth sounding? I tend to not get that black between notes or quite the solidity form android based players in general but they can be very open and good/freindly sounding. The detail is there but the it's almost like there's too much harmonic for the fundamental. Hard to describe but not the solidity available from say, the LPG. I also think the DAC chip the LPG uses is commonly more solid sounding. I'm asking here. Not trying to project a character without...
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