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I think we're talking about different things. I was looking at the driver itself. There's often a small hole in the backplate for venting. Doesn't mean there isn't one under the glass board but it generally has a corresponding center hole.
Why I hoped he was expanding his distribution to more countries like the US. It apparently wasn't as cost or time effective before. Perhaps this charge makes it so. He's certainly justified to charge what he deems appropriate for his efforts.
Perhaps the desire to have a hybrid or certain type of iem is too strong in some. Plenty of VG single driver IEMs that get less wrong than many of the multi drivers. 
Oh my.
I added that while you poLook up. added some while you were posting. You should understand this stuff if you're going to get technical. Jerry also talked about having to change the crossovers points once everything got phased up with the new circuit etc because he was getting added output (lack of cancellation) at transitions.
Just go to their web site and look at the phase curve under freqphase. Time aligned systems with phase shifting crossovers don't look flat. So does export mean that Spiral Ear may sell into the US. Maybe the additional cost is to cover the problems he previously experienced.
It actually takes both into account. How well and important will be up to the listener.
I think you're referring to the normal front opening. Venting the backwave through the front would cause loads of cancellation.
I'm not impressed and it looks like that woofer isn't rear vented. Hard to make low bass with restricted excursion. Phase doesn't see wrong from those graphs vs overall response. Just not very successful looking for all the effort and seemingly good build. It's a difficult task but not brain surgery for someone with reasonable resources and ears. If you're going to use 2 BAs in parallel over most of it's range, why not find 2 with more dissimilar curves or resonance...
I see what your saying but I do disagree. No one argued against folks ultimately paying for the sound, like any product. Point was about what it took to create that particular sound. Success is always in ear of the beholder and I'm pretty sure most will feel the Layla better than the Angie. I may have as well under different circumstances. I just felt the Angie could compete with anything at any price depending on preference. I'm sure JHA could easily live with selling...
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