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I find the hiss on the 3rd anv noticeably lower than the previous model. Sounds better as well.
I like small DAPs and IEMs. You know, the kind that there's still room in my pants for.
I need to hear one of these at some point. Sounds great.
No. If you want to here it at it's native rate, you can convert to wav before loading it up.
Only in wav. 24/44 in FLAC.
Without getting into a debate about it's merits, I buy things other than apple for this so I can ply my HiDef files on the go. If I was doing this comparison, I would use the exact same wav files which can easily be played by both. I would make sure all EQ/proEQ was off and perhaps even things like gapless defeated. I would also try another earphone as sometimes there are just complimentary sigs etc that come into play. Of course, you have the Shures so that's what needs...
I think you've already given the mods plenty of work.
Part of the vid i like best was the brief description of the diaphragm having uniform self damping characteristics at all frequencies. If true and to the correct amount, the z7 should perform quite well. I always feel that sealed is at a disadvantage in full size phones due to having to deal with the backwave and pressure but proof is in the listen.
Interesting. I expected three different values in the feedback loop. Definitely some minor difference in sonics. Of course,​ little things tend to be noticed in revealing kit. 
On an amp that you can roll devices or eliminate stages, you cannot optimize a circuit for a given set of deices or topology or at least we don't know what it was optimized for. Perhaps you found it for the P4. Power supplies have a huge affect of an amp as well. In effect, an amplifier is a controlled way to connect said PS to  a transducer. When you have a set circuit topology and guys that listen, you can get a more optimized result, even if more limited in some ways....
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