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 I have both and prefer the QP1r on it's own.
Preference. Some [eople like Comply because they can sometimes slightly resist highs and be warmer sounding though there isn't more bass. I say 'can' because it comes to fit and canal size/shape. If cut back to the stem or barely big enough to seal in a straitish fit, they should not resist highs. The tip will pinch a bit for many. Other like them because of comfort, isolation and get a proper fit. I always preferred the Shure olive on things it would fit (not these)...
Mochill mentioned the spirals though I may have repeated it. I'm waiting for spirals because the wide mouth older ue tips I have on these aren't as secure as I like, 
Highs issues would more likely be your source or files. The top is actually pretty linear but revealing of issues elsewhere in a chain.
This and the bass is low on these as stock. Try a piece of tape over on of the 2 vents if you want more. It's a preference thing.
Looks great. Always thought tubes driving mosfets effective. Only question for me would be the power supply even if regulated after input. If its a switching supply as I suspect, I'd try a linear one at some point and see what you think.
Try rescanning the library.
Haven't followed that issue but I very strongly suspect the card either has hidden files, the file not unzipped accurately/at all or is not properly formatted to FAT32.
Blue curve is tiny box, red curve is huge box and yes the terminology isn't correct as used but the process I used correct. Apologies. The system is more compliant as is and less so with the tweak. Been a while since I used this and got it twisted. I claim old age. As you can tell, I didn't check and just drew some curves. Should have checked my own link, LOL. Oops.  Thanks. 
If you want to hear mine, no problem. I'll even take the nail polish off the 2nd vent and you can play. I suspect that if you almost completely cover one vent, it will be perfect, at least for my preferences. This offer is for mochill only.
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