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I bet a hole that small is easily blocked as well. On the 13s, one hole is tight but it goes with a push. I found the eye of a needle handy when getting out some deeper wax. Glad it out worked here as well.
Sorry. I was going off the review. It was not my opinion on sound but a paraphrase as I have never heard one. Better than a dx90 or X5 at $400 as Mike stated should ring a lot of bells.
 5000 looks to be exactly what was intended. The shape looks very nice. Does it fit to hand as well as it looks? No mumbo jumbo, hype or magic. Just good solid engineering that performs. 
LOL. Does the given tool really not fit if you give it a decent push? The needle is great but the head needs to be thin. It's not too difficult to push wax deeper as well. I like custom tips that I can see the bores with for that reason.
I keep vacillating back to 1.37. It's just tonally better with a stock 120. Though I like the fast dynamic of 1.32, it's just lacks a bit of weight and is a touch glassy. Of course, it smooths out and fills that little bit if you choose gapless but then it loses that same amount of boogie that was gained. Certainly musical and fun which 1.4(2) sort of squashes.   If I ever bypass the output resistor, I'll give it another go as my jh13s (which is what I'm going to use on...
It's not. Discrete allows more current and control in use in either design. How well it achieves this is up to the ability of the maker. There's a reason that when you begin looking at speaker amplification It's not only discrete but you begin to parallel the output devices to allow even greater current delivery. Size of tracks and devices matters when control (current) becomes a greater need. Current amplification is unique and may be overkill but that's not the point as...
I think folks are just happy about getting a discrete output stage and are evaluating the unit based on it's performance. Marketing is part of any commercial device but this particular amplifier design is a bit of rocket science. Why not talk about it? I think there's a bit of sheep in those that can't get over it and think one amp is just like another or .002% distortion in one device sounds just like .002% in another. If you didn't bother listening to it, why comment?...
I think folks also need to look at your # ranking and realize that many of these are close enough to be considered relatively equal and subject to the ears of the beholder. Can't tell you how much I like the twag v3 with the 13s. If you're in the States and like to try the cable on yours, let me know. There's some good synergy going on.
I got a whole Lotoo love for my Paw Gold.
This is effectively a $300 dap with 64gb which is a good value for those that only use compressed formats. The OS and camera rock and it will sound VG. Not a high end competitor as stock but it will easily compete/dominate in it's price range and be a joy to use. I bet it gets HiDef with one of it's future updates and can do some of that with apps as well. That's the only time I see needing more than 128gb being an issue. It certainly makes it an issue for me and I don't...
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