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It's relative but when I heard the 4, I thought it rather tolerant for something that revealing. No peaks or raggedness to emphasize issues in recording. I'm used to revealing things so maybe my perspective is different but I found it to have a pleasant mix of being informative and musical.
I've now heard a run in pair of PS3 (non XB) and I like them a lot. Less midbass, smoother mids than the 2 and similar highs to before as I recalled it. I personally prefer this balance to the xb. The refinement through every range is better on the 4 but the straight 3 is likely the best monitor type of the lower models, the 4 being warmer, more musical and extended for listening. I didn't find the 4 highs rolled but instead, smooth and extended. I know you like a bit more...
I believe existing owners get 20% off. I like advancement but I'm quite happy with my V1/twag for my uses. Unless these are better than Angies, I don't feel the need to do anything as I don't think the jh13 is the weakest link in normal a portable chain once it got voiced with the TWAG. 
They have, I know and not so hard. The extra effort would be how to make it thin, flexible, durable and with low resistance. Resistance matters as well  but that's simply a function of gauge and material. Without a shield or odd config, the capacitance and inductance are not really a practical obstacle at 4'.The only way to limit capacitance is to add distance between the conductors. It can be accomplished by a thicker cable or using thinner conductors but none of that is...
Will this be available to accommodate twice that specified amperage? NAS, Servers etc tend to use 6-7amp switching supplies and could benefit. 
A2s just sound 'right'. It's not about bandwidth or how ranges sound. They play music.
I still think that the A2 is the best of the lot. Prefer it to the A5 etc etc.They sound like their source, have great rhythm and clarity. Bass limited due to size but what's there is VG and they go lower than expected. Highs tend to be as smooth as their source. They suffer from sometimes being too revealing of what's coming in. Not their fault.
I hope the new 13 is tuned differently then or at least accommodates the tuning knob effectively. When you say more bass, is it more low bass, mid bass or overall and how does turning it down effect things. I really like the overall sound of the Angie at around 12 o'clock as the midbass was about right but it could have used more low bass at that setting.
If they started making the V2, they likely stopped V1 production and would probably only do a special order.
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