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Your likely writing the fw to somewhere else. Turn off the unit. Hold the up button constantly while connecting it to the computer until you here the tada and then release the button. If you can see it in my computer, you didn't do it right and try again. Open the installer. Once the installer finds the player, it will become visible in my computer. Just quick format it there and then initiate the update. Check the erase data box for kicks to see if it takes.    If you...
Driver size has something to do with it as well. K10 has 2 woofers, the Layla 4 and they clearly take up more space. No doubt Freqphase will certainly affect the packaging as well. I think the Angie is more similar in driver size and count. I'm sure it will continue to be a bit larger than the K10.
I never understood that sort of thinking. If something is genuinely great, it will continue to be so regardless of whatever comes along. If something gives you goosebumps and you wait for the next big thing, you'll be waiting forever sans goosebumps.    That said, I suspect the Layla is JHA's top dog for a long time. I really like the focus, timing and balance of these new Sirens. I can understand someone preferring something else but they're the best I've heard so far,...
Find the FW installation instructions in the anniversary forum and make sure that you're using the right FW. Sounds like you may be getting it wrong. Here's the correct FW.
Layla is warmer with more note fill. Angie is leaner. It comes down to interface and preference. I liked the Angie's leaner take but under different circumstances I may have preferred the Layla. One thing I know is that the Angie is super value.
They should change the V control. That looks like an ear blast waiting to happen. 
agreed. It's not a giant killer but sonically, there's nothing I'd currently rather have under $600 and the footprint just makes it that much better.
It's personal but when I listened to the X5 with a variety of phones it sounded like that to me along with an oddly emphasized high end. It was an early unit with original FW so things may have changed and little things tend to get amplified with me. Contrasts with top kit tends to do that as well. I've heard it's good as a line and dig out but haven't listened that way.   Here's an exchange I had at the time.  thericochet   offline 118 Posts....
Never had an issue with mine when I had it. Just a really nice player for the price.
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