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Maybe try the mod.
Quality vs quantity. It's a performance issue, not a battery life one. It prevents toggling modes and additional background monitoring using up resources which occupies even more of the low idle routines.  Less sharing and less noise. Question becomes whether it's audible or affects performance and those that use it seem to be universal on the subject. It's just sounds and works better this way without noticeably affecting battery life so yes, you happen to be wrong in...
Disconnect it from everything including the PC or other dig source and see if it still hums. If so, you can try lifting the chassis ground (3rd prong) from the power plug with an adapter but it's not a recommendation since it's there for a reason. Really does sound like a ground loop but it can be the result poor design as well.
I Like it!  Trust me, I don't like everything. I've listened a bit more and can say that I don't prefer it to a DX90 or AK100 Mk2. Without having a DX90 here, I can't say that I prefer the iBasso either. I still like the $700 AK best overall but there's something to the Alien thats very appealing. I no longer have it to compare but I feel the DX90 is a bit more resolving yet the Alien gives it a run at actually playing music. It's more tangible so preference will be...
I dragged a couple dozen wav albums onto a card, pics, AMG data etc and all. Put it in play and come back 10 hours later to find it's kept on rollin. It was plugged into a supply so I don't know about run time but It's not fussy about odd  files here and there.
Marvel would be a cool name but they couldn't link it to a superhero without copyright issues.
At least +.75  
LOL. I'm just not used to 'value' kit. 
I've been Alienated. First quick listen tells me it's quite good. It's a very tangible sound. I'll run it in some and comment then. I'll say this. if you have some customs, try inverting the at the ear pieces. Depending on which absolute phase they are, it's possible you could get a different perspective. It's snappier on top and puts mids less forward when it's what I consider the right way around. This is always hit and miss with IEMs and DAPs as absolute phase is...
I know we all get excited to give new impressions but give them some time before doing a review.
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