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same here. Mine is coming from Singapore.
Why the 'unless' is there. They rarely get worse with burn in.
I'll wait a bit to comment unless it's vg out of the box.
The only part I disagreed with was his take on the sound of the the x5 but that's just my opinion vs his. Never heard a DX100. I thought it was really well done overall. My thoughts on the x5 is that it sounds like it's trying to achieve 2 different sigs at the same time and it doesn't really work for me. I know others love it so to each his own. 
Low output impedance is all you need to worry about with that pairing.
I never doubted the measurement and the output of the DX50 is sufficient for it's intended use. Quantity doesn't equate to quality. If a device doesn't play loud enough for you without distress than get something else. The measurements of all those devices don't tell you enough to differentiate them sonically for over 95% of what will be used with them. They will sound different but it wont be because of power capability. One power measurement doesn't tell you the story....
Beats me but into high impedance, I suspect it will be high but something a bit less than the rail V. I don't think it's a rail to rail device. It doesn't really matter if it's playing things well in the real world. 
Not true. The buf634 has output current protection so will limit current regardless of voltage but that voltage will be greater into higher impedance. Since low impedance loads (more current) tend to be more efficient and high impedance loads less current demanding (more V) it could actually work out well in real world use. I suppose it could get caught out into rare loads but anything below clipping should be great with the DX50. More power doesn't sound better. It just...
Not really. Into high impedances, it may be required to get max output. Basically, max volume into 600 ohms may not induce clipping at less than high gain. More V and lees current is needed.
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