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I'm sure there's protection and warranty by local market. Always places to find things cheaper if ones wants to risk it and some local markets that won't be as controlled.
On your part? 
Nor would I. I suspect a bit of balanced favoring is about interfacing or device/character preference more than anything else. Perfectly valid for an individual but not a better way for most applications, at least IMO.
If the central DAP ground is at the neg headphone terminal, you're good to go. Starring it back shouldn't be as good but with enough current capability probably still doing well. No dap will be perfect due to space and routing limitations but it can be done without a 4 pole connector. It's funny, sometimes when playing with grounds, it doesn't always work best as expected but single path to a central point seems to always be correct.
I see we agree and I was only commenting on the extra power because it can be achieved in a DAP without increasing rail voltages so there's some advantage there. Not one I care about either as I think all portable kit should have associations considerations as in, don't make portable transducers inefficient or below 10 ohms.
Not really seeing the advantage of balanced in DAPs at all unless the added power is required. CMR is a non issue here and it's much more difficult to make 2 equal and opposite amplifiers per channel than one. Key is to get proper grounding and quiet supply in a single ended device. 
Bluetooth player/system?  I thought they were gone. I guess they were just redoing their site. 
Not knowing exactly why something happens doesn't preclude it from doing so. Tree falling in the woods stuff. Changes are not EQ but generally background processes, buffers and resources changed or rearranged to function better. Sometimes the sonic changes are intentional but likely more often not as specs/EQ generally don't change. Some of these updates could be secondary corrections in sound by manipulating resources after a features update but not EQ based. For me, it's...
Seems rational to me. I think many get caught out on synergism. You've worked for a sound you like and then change one component without the same effort put to interfacing and declare it inferior. There's more to it and that device may be preferred in another arrangement. I do believe certain things are inherently better but they clearly won't be so for everyone.
He likes the 6 even more. http://www.kenrockwell.com/apple/iphone-6-plus.htm I own it along with some better DAPs and I'll take the DAPs.
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