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Or the infallibility of measurements? Whether I agreed with your statement or not, it doesn't take 4 seconds to hook up a 2nd 20k ohm amp to a 50 ohm output, which I've done on kit much higher quality than being discussed. I couldn't care less if you personally think a subtle change is conceivable or not, however, I was being polite about the matter. These crusades get tedious. I admitted it was (only) a suggestion without scientific foundation but it's been very...
I doubt you'd see anything even if different drivers.
I'd be interested in the PS 3, PS 6 and Fusion 11, probably in silicone as that would be new for me. These models have moderate impedance and efficiency so should led themselves to a variety of sources. Prices look great for what's you get.    Chicago, IL USA    Done a few formal reviews and commonly add impressions in threads. Have a few nice sources and more on the way plus a top custom and other universals.
Why we're all different. I find the Roxanne and k10 a bit on the full side. Try the Noble cable on the 13s when you get it. May warm them up enough for you.
Thinking about what that cable sounded like on my FPs, I'd agree. However, I still slightly preferred the stock cable on the newer model. The stock cable is a wee bit dry and hazy but most of the aftermarket cables I tried were not overall better and had some detracting characteristics as well.   I finally found one (2) I like. What I'm using now was from an individual on BST that can no longer be reached. I believe he ran out of stock of the silver portion of the hybrid...
We also don't know if the transitioning silver nozzle with vent is the identical driver to the gold. I recall when I had my original version, that I considered venting but was a bit to concerned about messing them up to actually try it. I've experimented with it on some PL50s and and M1s to some success but also found that the vent size was quite critical on both. The GR10 was already too good and costly to just mess with for fun.
While you may be correct regarding the sound I think many are mistaken about where that sort of openness comes from when rear vented, which they are not. It's not like you can 'hear' the space behind a driver. It becomes more free in it's excursion and no longer overdamped. In a multiway armature, it would normally only be the woofer affected. Making low bass with decent character and not giving the sense of being pressurized is difficult in a sealed front IEM. Remember...
I doubt it. The heat is likely coming from the LME49600 running with some higher than common DAP voltages and perhaps from the process of regulating those voltages but the case is doing it's job. It's effectively a large sink. It should be able to get more than uncomfortably hot before there's any concern about the unit.   I think the Dignis case looks quite nice.
Back to 1964, I bet the bass on the Edel sound pretty natural. I hope to get a chance to hear them at some point. Other than the reduced isolation, I like the idea.
Some things seem obvious once they're done but still wouldn't exist without someone doing it 1st. I doubt 1964 knowingly violated anything....if they did. Jerry recently came up with another way to tweak the high end and from what I heard in his new Sirens, it works. This may also be a shot across the bow of other makers to not go there as well.
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