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The highs and extra warmth of the X5 just didn't agree with me but these things are always personal. Just as a side note. The rockbox option on the dx90 is a more upfront and intimate sound if that's what's wanted but it isn't warmer. You also get all the rockbox goodies but lose HiDef. Fortunately for those that like rockbox, you can boot back to the standard FW if HDef or somewhat different sig is required. Obviously wont matter to those that just prefer a X5.
        I think the point is that these curves are all relative and way overstated as absolutes in this forum.
It's been Rockboxed but don't hold your breath for poweramp. Stock(lurker) FW is my preference so no worries.
To bad you're not In ChiTown. Anytime if you get here.
Only ever used it as a single unit portable so can't personally comment beyond that. Apparently, the DX90 sonics are well liked as a DAC but is still using beta drivers for a PC and no MAC driver yet. They're coming but it's something to consider if that's a primary use. I'd check out the main DX90 thread for more specific info. X5 apparently works without much issue as DAC and again, I'd refer to it's main thread.
Specs say avi and screen res is 320x240. Don't expect much in the way of decoding or resampling in a $29 device. Convert to avi 320x240 and call it a day. AVC is a nice free conversion program.
  I don't recall anyone stating that it didn't.
Because it's a portable device and quite contrary to your assertion, I only like DAPs as all in ones (just not the X5 that way) for their primary purpose of portability. Though I've made a couple amps for fun, I won't use them as I think you often do, which is great but not for me. A DAP needs to be what I desire as an all in one. The specificity regarding the X5 was used to differentiate from it's LO use as I didn't try it that way. I'm also sensible enough to know that...
I couldn't care less about the touch screen or buttons or I wouldn't like my HiSound. I was only referring to my take on the sound and I am a lot more into getting the message than I am soundstage and the like. I just find that when it's really good at playing music, those other things present themselves but only if in the recording.   You are correct. Even though I'm accustomed to rather costly home kit, I don't think cost of components equates to goodness and I just...
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