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I think it needs to be called cover.jpg, be under 500x500 and not viewed via folder nav
 Just points to randomness of issues.   It's a great attitude but still a pain. Here's what I never get about these sort of situations. You know these returns and reworks are raising JHA's per unit cost, cutting profits so much more than spending a bit additional up front. It's not cost effective for their rep either. I suspect that they consistently underestimate demand on products or are unwilling to ramp up to where you're threatened if the market goes sour. I'm...
My files work fine on all the FW with perhaps an occasional glitch if I FF or RW a 192 file. Mine are wav. Are you using FLAC which require more resources? Off topic but I'd rather listen to 24/96 wav than 24/192 FLAC anyway and yes, I'm aware of FLAC's bit perfection.   I take it back, I just had the issue when trying 1.32 with wav. Going back to 1.3 and check.   1.3, which I had been using, is working.     back to 1.32 and it's working as well. This install of 1.32...
any file.
My wiring comment included the internal wiring. If it sounds more balanced with the pots all the way up, it would mean that they swapped the woofer and full range pins and that could be in the shell. You're describing exactly what I was asking about. I sure wouldn't want to listen with the bass all the way up nor would they be identical that way. Thanks for the info. I assumed this would be the most common way for the issue to occur and apparently it's so.
Have you tried turning the bass pots up all the way to see if the levels get closer. Makes me wonder if the cable or receptacle is improperly wired. guess you could swap left and right to determine if it's the cable or the earpiece. Obviously, none of which should need to happen. If they can't make them reliably for this, they need to hire better/more people and charge more.if necessary.
That's my house                                                           I wish!
Some certainly varied more than others.
Only 4gb down on 128, nice!
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