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Considering that it no longer needs to be licensed, I suspect ALAC will be part of the mix.
I think FiiO is a great company in terms of hardware vs price vs quality but I've listened to a few or their devices and none have rung my bell. It's always personal but I'm pretty much off trying any more from them.    Thanks for the linux answer. Probably best of the available platforms for this.
I prefer 24/48 to 16/192 in controlled testing. Could have been 24/44 to 16/188 just as easily but I try to stick with multiples in downsampling to limit interpolation. Used Wavelab Pro for conversions with appropriate dither where required. Have also done similar comparisons in the past by natively recording an original analog source in different wav formats directly into a Nagra VI SSD with linear supply. If I was using a PC with USB DAC and FLAC etc for playback, some...
I believe it tops out at 24/48 wav. The 24 is the more significant part.
I really like the manual V control, that it's protected and that it extends out the same plane as the jacks. Looks great on paper but proof is in a listen.    Questyle, Is the FW based on Android or some other shell or is it more or less proprietary?
You keep saying that in every new DAP introduction but it's far from true for dedicated players. The screen is only on for fractions of a minute unless setting up queues, going deep into menus etc. At least it has the option do these things and an oled would just increase the price for no significant benefit in use time. If it was fired up all the time it would be a different story but as it stands, the effect would be minimal.
It's a little early to review. It takes a couple hundred hours for it to settle in. Glad you like it.
I suspect that it's quite rare for folks to use BT and headphones at the same time. May be why you haven't heard more about this. No Idea if it's normal or not but BT usage is commonly an either or situation.
I think you may like the new ones. Headphones also have some sonic advantages to speakers but the experience is never as natural as free space. For an isolating type in ear, I think these get closer to that experience than others. Very informative without being mechanical and a nice transition from octave to octave.
Pretty much this but any headphone is difficult to master on, especially is reverb or harmonic type effects are needed. That said familiarity is important and mixing is something else altogether that sealed phones or IEMs are very useful for....besides listening to sweet tunes. Be interested in your take as well.That list of speaker runs the gamut from covetable to things I couldn't stay in a room with.
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