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And the same holds true for distortion curves. You'll often see bass distortion at well over 1% on IEMs that have elevated bass response because it's referenced to 1khz amplitude. Drop that to linear and the distortion % falls accordingly.  As for the frequency response. That wouldn't bother me at all if it sounded right to me. Some roll is needed to sound natural and the rest is iffy in IEM measurements. The device is certainly capable of extended response.
I've heard all 3 and have used both Chords. For me, the Hugo is always better than the Mojo and the better the source and transducer, the more obvious it becomes. The rest is interface of player used and quality of file. There will be instances where the Mojo could be favored but for me, it would mean something else in the chain could be better. Fortunately, the Mojo is already pretty awesome.  I still prefer my Questyle as a standalone to through the Mojo but that's more...
Highly doubted. The KSE1500 is one of those things that can display their difference in timing and res.
wax guards also change the sound.
They don't because their triples leave lots a room between the end of the tip and end of the nozzle. Wax shouldn't be an issue if you casually check it now and then. More wax than that would probably affect your hearing anyway. The shorter black foam (olives) tips incorporate wax guards.
  Read the quote above yours and you have your answer regarding disagreeing with Sensaphonics. I was going to tell you to chill out but see you've already come to terms with that so​. To the fellow that's concerned about bending tubes. That is actually less of a concern that you may think. There is no bouncing. The audio wavelengths are much smaller than the diameter of the tube so you effectively have pressure waves emanating out of the end of the tip. In theory, any hard...
It's not occlusion. It a bit of air mass resistive loading from longer tubes. It may be negligible but we all know different tips affect the sound of IEMs. There's a reason beyond occlusion. You may actually prefer the sound of custom sleeves but I would be very surprised if they sounded the same.   To the person that said the yellow foamies lost bass, I find that true of all open cell foam tips. The Shure olives with their smooth exterior seem to hold up well in this...
Not as much because tip length remains as you like it. In this case, it will be longer or shorter depending on the person. Tube length can vary a little in some customs as well but generally not nearly as much as would be common here. Yes, everyone's ears are different but they're describing a greater relative difference from standard tips for many individuals.
Jh claims their drivers are unique. I believe it. You may not be able to acquire them if there's a problem after a 2nd party refit.
Anyone there should make sure to find you.
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