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  Maybe you guys are taking a it too literally and he meant within a week. There are language barriers at work here. I think iBasso is well above average for approaching their projections. I guess they'd be perfect if they never said anything before it actually happened.
Easy enough. Put a variable resistor or L-pad in series with the output.  
I know your feelings and don't entirely disagree about esoteric cables but I doubt many show roll before 20khz. Can't burn both sides of the spec candle. The earphone cables I was referring to were all braided and of sufficient guage to measure less than 1 ohm resistance except for a shielded moon audio. You need a whole lot of capacitance or inductance to show roll from a 2 ohm or even 50 ohm output impedance source.
I still prefer wav to sacd/dsd. The kit just needs to be up to it. I also don't go lossless when I do HiRes.
I thought the 1st 5 audiophile cables I tried on my JH13s were worse in overall character to the stock cable. They're quite often downgrades. I've found a few I like but the ledger is still weighted towards less preferred than more and there isn't a price correlation to my preferences either. 3 of the 4 I like are under $70. The other is the twag V3$$$. I know that in home audio, I always liked a particular moderately priced cable to all the esoteric stuff until a few...
Run them hard for 8 hr stretches with rests between and they should come around. 50hrs of normal play doesn't get them to their best. I personally found the GR10 responds well to extended run in. If you want more bass, you can do what many do with the eq5 and use Sony hybrid tips but I liked them best with the stock tips.
Jamato's is more.
I was waiting for you to try that. I've been a little busy. Sound about the same as one or even tighter? I'm looking forward to this next update. The units are functioning well so I suspect they are doing some sound optimization along with minor bug fixes.
I don't want to prolong this but you misunderstood the link. Your 128gb card has 128,000,000,000 bytes. The computer also sees all 128,000,000,000 bytes but reads them as 7.4% fewer GB due to a different base. When you calculate up, I'm sure that you use base 10 just like the card makers. Not much to discuss.
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