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Better is relative. It's extension vs speed in the bass. Most here prefer a bit more of something they refer to as 'decay' which is a very odd way to describe a higher Q. The GR10e has a medium high Q and the GR8e has a lowish Q. Some will prefer the bass character of the GR8e.   Obviously, customs are going to be more comfortable, LOL. I don't think anyone but you would have thought that was part of my statement. That said, of all non-custom tips, the stock ones are...
I'm not aware of any IEMs that change as much as Grados on run in. If you give up too early, You'll never know what you bought. New 10e actually has a bit extra bass which most prefer. I currently find the 8e more neutral if less extended. Stock tips are the way to go.
Go speedracer, go!
There are products that don't get improved upon and are game changers. The original Quad within it's overstated limitations, Linn LP12 if you know what you're doing. You can do it different but not better. I'm not saying this is one of those but it may be and stop the hunt for many. Nothing is for everyone but this could be so for many, to the point where source becomes the bottleneck. One could argue that it's too much for portable for that reason but this presentation...
I resemble that remark.To add, the original part of this thread addressed this issue specifically. With HiDef digital distribution, we no longer need to concern ourselves with inferior dubs, pressing or limited distribution. There may still be something to be said for servers and downsampling algorithms etc. but that's splitting hairs by comparison and a non-issue on most kit.
 If I get a pair, I'm stealing that look.
Capitol Studios' recording facility is available to anyone or any label and they're a great place. They also don't force anyone to use anything on hand even though it's top notch but are willing to help if requested. You can walk in with a Nagra and a couple mics and call it a day if you like. It's about choices made by engineers and producers, not the studio. I doubt UE uses bad or unnatural recordings to make their choices.  
I think recording fits here to some extent, especially with the emphasis on bit rate and recording quality by UE and Capitol for their new monitor. There's exceptions to every rule along with weakest link philosophy but master tapes sent overseas were dubs (of dubs), often played on different decks.   I don't understand the? about the purpose of this new monitor. They think they've found a better way to add some refinement with better highs and damping. Here, they are...
Generally has more to do with where the recording was made and initially released. I suspect you listened to a lot of British bands.     HiDef!  
Yup, Hugo is still better. Mojo improves my ak100mk2/120 but my QP1r is still better on it's own. I'll revisit once I have a sys.concept or glass toslink cable.
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