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Oh, well then. We are a strange lot. 
It's not like he forces himself to listen to them, LOL. 
So you're saying we're a good fit?
I actually doubt it, at least to this standard. The gaps used and engineering is unique and exemplary. It would be like comparing a Quad  to a Martin Logan . Another's unit would likely either run lower V and/or have larger stator gaps with less control of a heavier diaphragm. At some point, you might as well do a planar magnetic. Shure has the facilities and reverse engineered one of their electret microphones to get started before re-engineering from the ground up. They...
Agreed but the street price of these will be a bit lower and they are a fantastic size and build. Even the case rocks. Seeing how some are all about TWFK sound, this is a great example. I didn't think that highly of the originals.
Check what's written, that modification is a poor way of describing the 63 that didn't come out until 81, not an adjustment the original.   The original have only had one panel compliment and one significant production change to the crossover for power handling.  This is directly from the Quad service manual:  ModificationsAt serial number 16800 (March 1966) additional filtering was added to protect the treble unit from damage due to high level low frequency signals....
And it won't be worth it in general to most people but portability and being able to use it that way is a big deal for a portable device. You are certainly not wrong as it pertains to you but the stax would be useless to me as a portable or live sound device...and I own Stax.
O T Nothing to do with stereo vs mono. Later units weren't changed until they introduced their 1st solid state amp, the 303 in 1966 and long after stereo became commonplace. It was to accommodate the stronger 50 watts. It amounted to raising the high frequency crossover point to prevent the tweeter from arcing as easily. It happened to improve the sound as well.
Sealed in ear vs open mini phones. Better or equal isn't that important as they are different products other than their mode of operation. The Shures can be used by recording and mixing professionals, on busses, planes etc. and can fit in your pocket. I wouldn't be as concerned about getting caught in a light rain either.
Great speaker is you know how to use it.
New Posts  All Forums: