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Thanks. Haven't heard 407/507. Interesting how we're passing time waiting for Shure. I think the message here is that bass and electrostatic are not adversarial terms in earphones. Like any headphone, it will be a unit to unit evaluation.    In this design, since the amp is part of the package, Shure got to chose the bass character they wanted, It's very easy to to give a rising bass curve below 100hz in the analog domain with only a few passive bits before the amp...
Lambdas have that lean/ethereal character to them. I still like the earliest low voltage one the best because the top was smooth and they had some rear damping that gave them a more natural bass character and apparent solidity. Thought the Nova was OK but still a bit lite in the loafers.
Except that Jude later said directly to you: @Kunlun The presence of low bass--even the physicality (to the rather limited extent that one can reasonably expect from an in-ear)--is very present with the KSE1500. I've confirmed this with a lot of different music now. No one is saying they have the bass quantity relative to midrange that Layla's or jh16s (which I personally wouldn't want) but it seems they can do low bass in balance, depending on individual perspective....
 l \l/
I think that assuming Staxish bass and perspective are poor assumptions for this device. The context is very different, even to small Stax in ears. Better to give a listen before coming to any conclusions.
Been there, done that. That ribbon is a pain to put back. Same soc/dac/amp as clip. I can't remember but it may have a higher voltage rail.
I was being somewhat facetious it's just that it's already good enough to compete with any DAP.
The line out is surprisingly good as well. I suspect it beats most PC/DAC combos. Curious to see if Questyle can ever one up this guy.
Yup. There are losses involved with dig transmission between devices in terms of clock recovery, jitter and bandwidth. If the internal DAC utilization is already excellent and the amp better than what you're hooking up to, this result is not surprising. Mojo is a great piece for making PCs and other DAPs better with it's size and overall performance but it's a waste for the QP1r.
New Posts  All Forums: