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LOL, Silverears call it V shaped and you hear mids are boosted. To me, the previous FW had added presence which I liked a bit better than the 1st FW which was a bit laid back but this one is the most neutral. Sort of in between with good UI function. I guess we all have our own preferences. I can hear gapless engaged on any DAP informative enough to matter so no problem there. The low bass issue you're having is not noticeable by me on my JH13s. Probably a synergy thing...
I can still get some stuttering on 24/192 if I start winding it back and forth like when testing preferences but it never happens in normal play. That hasn't changed with any of the FWs but I don't consider it a big deal. Reselect the track and it's fine. No one actually listens to music that way.
Make sure to do a factory reset. Try med gain with gapless engaged. I actually think this FW is more even sounding as the players natural tendency seems to be a hair warm. The last FW had a touch extra presence which I think is what you're hearing. Fast roll also tightens things up if you feel it's needed. I'm enjoying it in slow roll with these setting (and the Samsung battery).
I do prefer the sound of this update. More even sounding. Subtle changes but I now like the sound with gapless engaged. I no longer have a preference for inverted or not. The gapless leans it out just a tad and adds a touch of presence to give a perspective of tightening it up that appeals to me. My gain preference is still medium. On less good files, I can vacillate between sharp and slow roll but on the best files always prefer slow. A fun 15min of listening to the new FW.
Didn't work.
There is a current thread going just a few below this one  and have been multiple others that get closed because of zealots on one side of the issue or the other. The accusation nature of your post will start this one off in the very same direction. There's not a more neutral audio hobby site on the net and you claiming foul just shows your lack of perspective and objectivity.
  Maybe you guys are taking a it too literally and he meant within a week. There are language barriers at work here. I think iBasso is well above average for approaching their projections. I guess they'd be perfect if they never said anything before it actually happened.
Easy enough. Put a variable resistor or L-pad in series with the output.  
I know your feelings and don't entirely disagree about esoteric cables but I doubt many show roll before 20khz. Can't burn both sides of the spec candle. The earphone cables I was referring to were all braided and of sufficient guage to measure less than 1 ohm resistance except for a shielded moon audio. You need a whole lot of capacitance or inductance to show roll from a 2 ohm or even 50 ohm output impedance source.
I still prefer wav to sacd/dsd. The kit just needs to be up to it. I also don't go lossless when I do HiRes.
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