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Generally has more to do with where the recording was made and initially released. I suspect you listened to a lot of British bands.     HiDef!  
Yup, Hugo is still better. Mojo improves my ak100mk2/120 but my QP1r is still better on it's own. I'll revisit once I have a sys.concept or glass toslink cable.
I believe Jude said they are the best he's heard and he's heard and/or owns those. "best sounding, most revealing in ear, ever" I don't know what more you guys are expecting until reviewers and consumers have them around long enough for proper compares.
This but the westone is more of a tuned in character as opposed to versatile in perspective. It really doesn't have much prat.
That's because the impedance may not be constant by frequency and it's likely measuring DC resistance.
It took me 30sec to go to their site and find it for $65.http://www.jhaudio.com/product/4-pin-spare-cable Not bad for a cable with controls.
I'll say that I don't entirely agree but it may be pertinent as the ones he's using were upgrades from pro to FP.
No universals.
Anak and Jude are familiar with those pairings etc and they both seem enamored. Perhaps we should wait for official release. I'm certain that plenty of impressions will be here when available. I doubt you'll get much in the way of answers before that.
Not really unless they decided to make the amp balanced front to back and even then, there's no real advantage. Balanced is way overrated for consumer audio.    What I did yesterday: Listened to Quad 57s and 2812s. Fixed a 988. 
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