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I try to not convert bit rate as there always seems to be some loss and I've tried them all. Why I like players that do HiDef and swap cards.
None that I've heard. At a bit more money and significantly more size, the Questyle is worth a look.
You got got it right except for the older AKs, 100mk2 (closer) and 120 (clear upgrade), are still better. I A/B'd. The original AK120 FW was a bit lean and bright. The last 5 have not been so.
It's not like they're playing with the codecs. This has to do with resources, buffers, background functions or simple subtleties due to code and registry config. Ears are just very sensitive, especially if dealing with something that's inherently revealing and relatively neutral.
Actually, all but Apple play FLAC unless quite old and even Apple units that use apps can do it. Reason to convert is size. Faasoft is also not free. If I'm paying, I'm getting DBpoweramp. 
I wouldn't restrict myself to a hybrid but it seems that you're not strictly doing so. I'd consider a custom like the CTM  CT-300 but to stay in your price and requirements, maybe the DN-2000J. I haven't heard it myself but a few here that I trust have thought it a clear upgrade on the 2000 and the best of the moderately priced hybrids. 
There's no great way other than keeping the volume down. Inline resistors were common in the day of receivers but raised the output impedance. Basically there to drop noise and gain. Same you could do if for single driver dynamic headphones. Best bet is to find a speaker switch that includes headphone jack to accomplish this.
Sell the jr. I slightly prefer an AK100mk2 to the JR or DX90 and clearly prefer the ak120 to all of the previous.
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