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First, I'd try a stock cable and then a regular stranded silver. No gold and no litz. If that isn't lean enough, I'd suspect the build or drivers.
The clear back is stick on and can be carefully pried off. 4 corner screws and your in. If you find a screw, return it to a board corner and use a tiny amount of nail polish on the edge of the screw.
I've forgotten, have you opened it and looked for loose screw possibly causing a problem? 
They do have extra low bass but not to where you're describing. Break in should be a non issue for a used set. Perhaps it has to do with the 2nd party rebuild. If a bore isn't positioned correctly it can seem down in amplitude and relatively increase other ranges. If the FP portion wasn't followed precisely, that could also cause some cancellation at certain frequencies. Jerry did say he had to change the crossover points and slopes to compensate for the drivers being in...
I find the hiss on the 3rd anv noticeably lower than the previous model. Sounds better as well.
I like small DAPs and IEMs. You know, the kind that there's still room in my pants for.
I need to hear one of these at some point. Sounds great.
No. If you want to here it at it's native rate, you can convert to wav before loading it up.
Only in wav. 24/44 in FLAC.
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