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If you would just do it as iBasso recommends, it will work. No offense but that post was a little silly. iBasso has never recommended using the batchtool and have made upgrades extremely used friendly via it's internal menu. The batch tool was only noted for those that want to backtrack to 2.0 from later FWs, for whatever misguided reason. Since 2.0 isn't an 'upgrade' it likely doesn't have the needed code for the native installer.
It's always a bit of both. As a tech Jerry probably considers something like a Etymotic 4S neutral but as a music lover understands that it 'sounds' bass shy or at least overdamped in practice. In natural space, There is a natural crosstalk in low frequency that makes us perceive more low end as frequency drops and this is where he tailors to his ear. If you listen to him talk about flat being boring, he specifically references the bass. His protagonists are keen to...
I use a DX90 $400 with JH13s that I got on sale for under $900 and it's working out. I think the DX90 is closer to the $1k(+) daps than any IEM I've heard in the $400 range is to my JH13s and I can leave my desk ay home.
I agree but still think the higher end stuff seperates itself a bit more than that. So much comes down to preference. A JH16 has too much bass for me to personally enjoy it. For me, something like a jh13 or UERM competes with anything and I haven't heard anything below them that is as good. The flagship Noble 10 and JH Siren may be better but perhaps not enough to swap if you have these. The JH13 and uerm are good enough where associated kit or cables can make them into...
It is their FW. I believe that the shell program has some utilities and processor ramping disabled. Same sort of things you do to optimize the sound of a PC and deserves... Lurker, correct me if I'm wrong.
I thanked Lurker the day after it showed up. Many of the best HiFi mods are about either removing extras added for production to get things back to how the prototype was designed or like this where a sound FW is not altered but allowed to do it's thing to it's full potential.
I think 24 bit Rockbox would be very well accepted but I suspect it would be a lot of work to have all the options available. It's the well executed options that make Rockbox so popular. Only one I ever used on my Sansa was dither but I'm  
 I think Lurker stated that his only loads via the factory upgrade method. Connect as storage, drag and drop to root directory, then select upgrade from the dx90 inboard menu.
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