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 to her and your choices.
 Could be the way the midbass is perceived by different individuals. Most phones with bass extension have a bit more extra midbass reaching the mids than the jh13fp. I also didn't adjust the bass control when I auditioned and I'm sure it was at least a bit higher than that. I think you'll like the tonality of the k10. It's a tad warm but in a good way and with a touch of sparkle on top to balance it.
With so much power on hand (2 x X5), that seems odd. An easy way to test the amp sections neutrality would be to level match with the volume control and compare amp out to line out, both into another amp. You can also try that with your other daps and see which are more similar through both outputs. Line out should always be better for a couple reasons but it removes how much of a preference is down to interface vs neutrality. the spoken word when browsing headfi. I can see all our wives raising their hands with rolled eyes.
I didn't find them harsh in a limited audition but I did find them a bit u shaped in sig. Something others like more than I do. I don't find my jh13s harsh either but they're FPs. I'm actually using a brighter than stock cable on them. It's not like I'm impervious to etch either. I couldn't enjoy with the highs of some overall VG phones like the B2 or GR07.
I did hear them about a year back. They had the focus I like but didn't make me want to stray from my jh13fp overall. Thought the K10 had better tonality. I'd personally prefer the newer ones as they display both qualities quite well
Is relentless a synonym for headfi?
Yes, ink and probes are much more perceptive.
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