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I was being somewhat facetious it's just that it's already good enough to compete with any DAP.
The line out is surprisingly good as well. I suspect it beats most PC/DAC combos. Curious to see if Questyle can ever one up this guy.
Yup. There are losses involved with dig transmission between devices in terms of clock recovery, jitter and bandwidth. If the internal DAC utilization is already excellent and the amp better than what you're hooking up to, this result is not surprising. Mojo is a great piece for making PCs and other DAPs better with it's size and overall performance but it's a waste for the QP1r.
Because IEM drivers are smaller and lighter than speaker tweeters. Some dynamics will be better than BAs and vice versa. With dynamics, it's more about lack of distortion, control and linearity. The linearity part is more difficult than you may think in an in ear because flat free air response doesn't sound flat in ear. 
I quite liked and setup numerous Roksans and even adopted it's spindle config to a few LP-12s. They are actually a much bigger pain to keep running in proper tune than Linns but do get close in performance when you remove the cosmetic surround that holds the cover. I like the DV arm but prefer the Naim Aro, now gone. Part of what made the Roksan good is the removal of the spindle. It's the opposite of clamps which couple the record to table noise and vice versa, IMHO. The...
Better is relative. It's extension vs speed in the bass. Most here prefer a bit more of something they refer to as 'decay' which is a very odd way to describe a higher Q. The GR10e has a medium high Q and the GR8e has a lowish Q. Some will prefer the bass character of the GR8e.   Obviously, customs are going to be more comfortable, LOL. I don't think anyone but you would have thought that was part of my statement. That said, of all non-custom tips, the stock ones are...
I'm not aware of any IEMs that change as much as Grados on run in. If you give up too early, You'll never know what you bought. New 10e actually has a bit extra bass which most prefer. I currently find the 8e more neutral if less extended. Stock tips are the way to go.
Go speedracer, go!
There are products that don't get improved upon and are game changers. The original Quad within it's overstated limitations, Linn LP12 if you know what you're doing. You can do it different but not better. I'm not saying this is one of those but it may be and stop the hunt for many. Nothing is for everyone but this could be so for many, to the point where source becomes the bottleneck. One could argue that it's too much for portable for that reason but this presentation...
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