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I do as well. I'm sure many want to know how much bass there is compared to mids or if it has their preferred U shape with sparkle but for me, reviews that focus on separate ranges tend to lose the goodness of it's whole. Great reproduction of music is about time, res and good octave to octave balance without significant aberrations and that's exactly what Jude has described. I've always found that when something has those qualities, it's easier to hear into bands that may...
Marketing. I'd give you 10-1 odds that this is the driver they use and it also shows a lowering of treble.  http://www.sonion.com/Products/Transducers/Receivers/26-E25%20AcuPass%20TM.aspxThat said, It may still be VG but don't expect it to compete with the subject of this thread or even the SE-846.
Just that the bump at 200 is odd. Thought it might be the tips flexing and allowing the entire body to move at that specific frequency but looking at other graphs from innerfidelity, it may just be a characteristic of their measurement. Looks like most sealed IEMs bump up there a bit but the Shure is more pronounced. Not really important, just a bit of pondering.
Try some shure olives if you have them. Won't make it all better for you but they did help the overall balance a bit. Many should love these since units without that TWFK sparkle often get described as not extended when in fact, elevated treble is being preferred. I'm of the mind that a little less top is more appealing to me than too much. That said, I think this is a great example of what can be done with a single TWFK and should be well liked by those whom this...
Your ears are more sensitive and lack the lag or memory that your eyes have. Consider that light bulb over your head is flashing at 60hz. More sensitive is probably the wrong phrase as the eye noise floor is very low but at least they are different enough mechanisms. Some correlations are not going to to be practical. Ears work over more octaves, not sure about dynamic range or contrast capabilities.
As I mentioned earlier, that spec is frequency dependant it reaches 37db at 1000hz where the spec is taken, gets better above and worse below. This is an independent measurement of the se846 from innerfidelity. Notice where it passes 1Khz. If olives, it's spot on, if not it will actually get better with them. My guess is that it's not and the tips used are flexing a bit, allowing the entire phone to very slightly react at 200hz relative to other frequencies. Just a guess.
The 600 V part isn't difficult at all but it may be a case where the phone sounds better to some when slightly overbiased. Tends to bring up color and round things out a bit. For instance low bias Stax work (kinda) fine if you rig it for high bias jacks and it plays as loud as a normal listeners would care for but it clearly sounds better at it's intended bias due to the physical parameters of the driver. A slight bias change is acceptable if the maker prefers it that way....
The isolation spec is frequency dependant.
They're still voltage amps and I've never heard 2 amps of anything that sound identical. Like you said, we don't know which is actually more correct but I suspect the Blue Hawaii cost goes towards something. I can take or leave tubes but this is an application where they are more than viable. So much of an audition is also source dependant. 
The amp thing is a bugger. I still have a SRM1 MK2 PRO 'A' around that I like. I also had or at least compared to later, supposedly better/improved versions with B,C and D designations etc. This A version was always the best of the bunch. 
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