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Got mine. Cursory listen and now I'm beating some ac-dc into them to start their break in. I'll report back in a few days or once I think they've settled in.
Nothing is for everyone and when there's comments that go against the grain, an individual unit should be compared against another. Nobody's perfect.
Probably a bit early in their life for such a definitive review. 
If you're using the headphone out, you just like the character/coloration of the F6. If the F6 were neutral and with less current available, at best, it would sound the same. That's A O K but it's not a minus on the QP1 nor a plus on the fiio. Simply a preference.
While I wouldn't do it because I'm fond of the internal amp and only use DAPs on the go without extra hardware, I have a couple questions. Are you 'double amping' off the headphone jack and are you certain the Fiio is set to flat and not using the EQ 2 setting? If you are double amping off the headphone jack, the f6 is only 'adding' a character of it's own as it's driving capabilities are below the stock QP1's. I suspect you simply misspoke and are using the recessed line...
I have on multiple setups from 5 to well over 6 digits. The better the setup, the more I prefer wav. Next time try native wav instead of the additional flac processing. I think what many are hearing is that native DSD are modern dedicated for audiophile type recordings and much of wav is dubbed or more commercial. I've compared with both as original on the same recording and as analog dubs. At the end of the day, the recording and performance is what matters most but I see...
I don't get the infatuation with DSD vs HiDef wav. Just nice that it plays everything.
Generally there's added buffers and circuit (transcoding up to 32 bit float and back down plus dither added) involved so on a resolved piece of kit, it can often be noticed.
These are cheap enough to play with. I may try a small vent if I feel they could use it. I suspect the foam is appropriate as installed, at least for me. I could never acclimate to the highs of a b2 for instance. I even found the 2.5k bump in PL50s a bit much at times. I suspect the foam mod makes the bass harmonics more apparent and thereby has the bass sounding more delineated as opposed to increasing the bass amplitude relative to other ranges.
Never claimed UPNP was better, said I didn't like USB, Transcoding is different than encoding or decoding but whatever, man. Do you guys buy those pointed sticks or widdle them yourselves?
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