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I believe the AR M2 has a class A discrete output stage but I don't expect it to be as good as the Questyle. Other units have their last stage as simple discrete pairs. There's many ways to do this and really, is it a problem if max current is down at 7kHz where only a small fraction as much energy is required? Part of why the Questyle is VG is it's circuit but there's lots more to it. I'm concerned with the end result. I've heard protos of great amps before they were...
I find that I can almost always hear a very slight veiling or loss of crispness with gapless engaged on good DAPs and files. Seems there's always tradeoffs with DAPs. I sort of like there not being an way or the other. Always on or always off. A bit of a myopic view but myopicity abounds on headfi. 
My view as well but I can personally live without gapless.
Well sure. He made sound good for himself as well.
To be fair, there are no bugs that need addressing so no need for updates unless certain features are deemed as needed. Most updates fix this or that and there's simply nothing to fix here. I know the lack of gapless is deal killer for some but it's not a fault. Just a feature it doesn't have. Everything gets amped up on message boards. This certainly doesn't suggest any lack of support.  Judging from the # of members here that exercise with their units. Slightly changing...
No EQ works for me but I wouldn't be surprised if it showed up in a later FW.   There's a a lot of talk about the circuit and specs etc and I certainly don't want to diminish the importance but you can easily ruin great physical designs with improper voicing of components and FW. I think they've done really well with this. The early unit I heard did not sound enhanced or souped up while still being very controlled and informative. It goes beyond being smart and a good...
Try the bass near noon or at least set it to where you think it sounds correct. I'd use my own best judgement of that and not rely on other's take. Just make the bass to mid transition sound right and the rest will fall into place.
I'm sure there are phones that would benefit from one of their stand alone amps but ya, not for anything intended as portable. They aren't small nor light but it's a viable shaped that should be easy to pocket without much trouble and I'm a big fan of rotary volume controls.
I wouldn't know how to but they were solid, warm and clear with an easy control. I only listened for a minute or 2 to each as there isn't much point to getting anal about pre-production stuff but they were simply VG. When they're in production I'll listen again for things like PRAT and how well it holds interest.
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