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The isolation spec is frequency dependant.
They're still voltage amps and I've never heard 2 amps of anything that sound identical. Like you said, we don't know which is actually more correct but I suspect the Blue Hawaii cost goes towards something. I can take or leave tubes but this is an application where they are more than viable. So much of an audition is also source dependant. 
The amp thing is a bugger. I still have a SRM1 MK2 PRO 'A' around that I like. I also had or at least compared to later, supposedly better/improved versions with B,C and D designations etc. This A version was always the best of the bunch. 
Thanks. Haven't heard 407/507. Interesting how we're passing time waiting for Shure. I think the message here is that bass and electrostatic are not adversarial terms in earphones. Like any headphone, it will be a unit to unit evaluation.    In this design, since the amp is part of the package, Shure got to chose the bass character they wanted, It's very easy to to give a rising bass curve below 100hz in the analog domain with only a few passive bits before the amp...
Lambdas have that lean/ethereal character to them. I still like the earliest low voltage one the best because the top was smooth and they had some rear damping that gave them a more natural bass character and apparent solidity. Thought the Nova was OK but still a bit lite in the loafers.
Except that Jude later said directly to you: @Kunlun The presence of low bass--even the physicality (to the rather limited extent that one can reasonably expect from an in-ear)--is very present with the KSE1500. I've confirmed this with a lot of different music now. No one is saying they have the bass quantity relative to midrange that Layla's or jh16s (which I personally wouldn't want) but it seems they can do low bass in balance, depending on individual perspective....
 l \l/
I think that assuming Staxish bass and perspective are poor assumptions for this device. The context is very different, even to small Stax in ears. Better to give a listen before coming to any conclusions.
Been there, done that. That ribbon is a pain to put back. Same soc/dac/amp as clip. I can't remember but it may have a higher voltage rail.
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