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Just to be more specific.100 does DSD at 2.30 and the 120 since 1.30
Dump your cookies, go to headphone.com and there will be a 10% coupon available that works on the preoerder. I'd do it quickly as I suspect it won't work on the KSE1500 once Shure finds out.
I get it but selling the AK100 gets you close and there's always the cheaper QP1 -without the R.
QP1r > AK100+Mojo
Don't put solder on that. It will go out of spec and stress what it's connected to. If other phones work fine and you want to use that one, replace the plug and maybe use a straight one. That looks like a 90* and probably sits in the socket exactly the same way every time and not distributing normal wear.  They sell through dealers so contact who you bought it from but it doesn't sound like it needs it if other phones work and that plug has an obvious issue.
For me of what I've owned or compared directly to at least another in the mix using some 24/192 masters that I know intimately. (original)X5
I'll remove that part and apologies. This is the same way I'd try to explain it in person and also apologise when put straight about a certain point.
What does disagreement have to do with anonymity? You drew false equivalencies and now are in nothing to see here mode. No idea of changes as stated in the last post yet called it a completely different model in others. What response did you expect? Buy at a greatly reduced price before anyone has heard it and are then critical of a difference in sound that you also don't know exists or have heard. Then expect a free rebuild of something that is already considered VG and a...
And that didn't happen here. Manufacturers can always improve the same model during production. Your example is bass ackward. It's like you're saying that it's illegal for a car maker to add an upholstery color to a running model or change air filters for a couple more HP without offering you a refit. That's just silly, especially on units that may create an overall revenue deficit if done for free. 
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