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It was not a defence. It simply stating fact and I clearly said that the variability of appearance is a bad thing in the very 1st sentence. I have never disagreed that JHA quality control should be better. I thought it important for folks to know that this particular issue is cosmetic and on the hidden in ear portion. The plates will look the same and consistent. I do see that the transition to those plates could be a bit cleaner looking as well. I agree it should have...
I agree that this variability is a bad thing but remember that the CF here is just a cosmetic weave and not structural and the areas shown not visible when worn. Screw driver is a screw driver. That said, it's good to show these things here so consumers can understand what they might get and decide for themselves what is acceptable. When I listened to run in pair of Angies, I thought the bass was normal with the long groove a touch below 12 o'clock.
I think it's called revealing.
ak240 has a bit better texturing and weight. Subtle.
That's not it's intended market. Way too small. It's an addressed market with that intended capability.
Seems people that own the Layla are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase. Don't be a negative Nancy or expect perfection because they can find some fault with it. Revealing things do that. Perfection can't exist in an IEM, at least not for everyone. 
That would have me think of the Hippo as a brown Biscuit.
1741 likes higher voltages and is a lot more power hungry. Not a good choice for a small DAP. I highly doubt a 1740 done right will be the bottleneck in a $499 DAP. A 1740 is a very capable and appropriate device.
As do the units.
If they're smart, they wont have one. Nothing worse than folks giving some money and complaining about delays or a product getting rushed to quell them.
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