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As I suspected and why pointed at.      Always like your stuff, tomsky.
Maybe they could but they think it sounds better at 2 ohms out. Perhaps they are not willing to compromise the sound of 98% of their clients for 2% of headphones designed to be driven directly from a battery.(jk) The spec race is overrated. How much does even the extreme example of the Shure vary here? A couple DB from flat? Not a biggie for a transducer, especially when the impedance curve doesn't have big dips or peaks. These are smooth octave to octave transistions here...
Sounds perfect to me. I've always said the player leans warm.
mids are too warm with the extra midbass. A sound many like.
It's interesting how foam changes the treble in a different way than a resistance filter. More smooths and de-peaks. Can get a little soft if overdone.
Difficult to go wrong there. I'm not a W40 fan but it's a personal sig preference and do think it's a quality competitive device. If you get the GR10, they need strenuous run in. Others to consider are the Noble 4 or a custom like the JH5.
This. Anything around 2 ohms output impedance should be acceptable for any DAP.
As they should under these conditions. Only scale is different.
It is a bit more complicated than I described but as I said, for those with multiple devices, that reasoning is especially unsound. In your scenario, if the adjustment becomes quicker with familiarity with one device, how would you explain someone hearing changes over weeks of time. Your brain just doesn't work that way unless you want to claim it's all placebo but you've already said it isn't.
 That's short term hearing adjustment that happens with everything and not related to burn in. Usually you'll get some compensation in 10 to 15 minutes as your brain looks for normalcy. There's not great movement available but it definitely exists. Problem is with how you apply this information. Your ear resets and the next time you listen it needs to do it all over again. It's not like your ear or brain remembers between listens. This is just a rationalization for the...
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