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You should do your best to get a fit and go by what you hear. Kind of the point of doing an audition. I'd consider bringing my own tips as some of the disposables used leave something to be desired.
Haven't heard a V5 in a while but definitely better than the 7th.
I just bought Worm's RoCoo to complete my rotation. Wanted something smaller to keep around with the A3. Studio V will go on sale. If anyone needs a multi purpose weapon, let me know.
Because the material hype is mostly nonsense. Once the material is rigid enough, there's nothing there to make a difference. Resonances will be out of band.
You could kill a guy with the little brick and it and it would still work.
I believe that with the Onkyo HD player, current Iphones/pads/touches will support up to 24/88 without downsampling via HO.   Without an app, they can do up to 24/44 wav or aiff natively. Not so bad and if you haven't heard the current touch screen players, one should reserve comment because they are not bad at all. Classics are long in the tooth and not as good sounding but you have to remember how much music they held compared to the competition before Sansa introduced...
I think they're all better, at least from gen 2 on.
You should be better off with a local dealer that should get more of the procedure properly organized and correct but unfortunately that isn't always the case.
The JH5 will likely be 20% off on black Fri weekend. At $320 it's been the best value in CIEMs for years. Honestly, when I got my JH13fps during a sale, it was between those 2.   Don't worry about the mids of the JH5. It will simply be a matter of sigs and if what the V3 offers at the extremes is worth the extra cash.
Sounds like a dealer problem as well. No cue without impressions and order both confirmed. Are they asking for new impressions and have you spoken with them directly or is this info from your dealer? JH may just not want to throw him under the bus.
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