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I was listening to a master recording dub of Charlie Haden with Laurence Hobgood and Kurt Elling that I know well. Piano and Bass were recorded together with a coincidental stereo pair of P48s and Nagra 4s at Capitol Studios in LA. No board etc. I've heard that recording many time on Quad 57s and 988s. Like I said, it may have been the particular sample but it wasn't the recording I was using.
Definitely more extended sounding on top and more bakanced mids than PL-50. The bump that the Pl-50 had around 2.5k was ever present for me even though I liked them a lot. I do think the PL-50 was a hair less hashy but ever so slightly and it may just be poor memory.   I don't feel faults of omission equated to neutral. Uncolored? Open? Clear? Sure but not neutral. Neutral is having the same amount of apparent bass as other frequencies or better stated, all frequencies...
There is nothing stopping you from wearing the RE00 over ear. I do. The isolation is about the as good as any other vented IEM but won't be as good as sealed units. They are bit low in apparent bass compared to the other 2 you mentioned but a simple tweak gets it to normalcy and it's overall performance is pretty remarkable for the price.
I found the newer versions to present a sense of more distortion with higher amplitude bass passages as well. I'm not talking EQ here but clean flat acoustic bass. I was quite surprised by it. Maybe it was a duff pair.
I mentioned this in the other thread. For those that want a bit more solidity or note shape in the bass, close one of the two vents on the back located on either side of the silver disk. Make sure you have 50 or more hours on these before you try it. Until run in, this will sound a bit upper bass-lower mid centric but things falls into place once break in has happened. I'd use a wide aperture tip like the spiral dots with this tweak.This also increases their rhythmic...
Make sure you have them checked when refit. JH13s are anything but bass light. The midbass is about right and probably less than the warm sig common to most things (like those w40s) but the low bass is definitely slighty elevated.
Questyle owners are a reasonable and civil lot.
Are you a tiny girl in a photo shoot trying to maintain your virgin ears or someone looking for tunes?
Just a few notes.   This is primarily a DAP and should be compared to same.    If DecentLevi would like to PM me his email address, I'll send him both 1.05 and 1.02 which is even a hair more laid back sounding. Perhaps he can revisit.   The post linked by Dithyrambes, that he said may have helped him in not trying the QP!r is written by a reviewer that gave the QP1r the best of 2015 award. I don't think further investigation into that reviewers thoughts would have...
To each his own but no downside in choice or trying it. Once run in, it's definitely more balanced with the tweak. I'd recommend folks run them in for 50 hrs, see what they think and then try the mod. Go with whatever floats your boat.    The current models have one vent about the same size as one of the 2 in these. May not mean much as there are other differences as well.
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