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Could be the dig conversions aren't in place until selecting a profile.
I guess no free/discount samples were available.
9k is not a 'shouty range'. ps500 with additional Grado large cups is hard if not impossible to beat at the price. There's always preference but it's a really good phone once run in.
We are also assuming that you are not using any EQ or sig selection available on the shure amp. 
Also check if your line out is variable, especially if it's in the analog domain. QP1r and I suspect some others offer it. Nice to know the pad is a simple gain reduction.
Doesn't really ring my bell for a few reasons. Not for here.
Relax and let it break in. JH13 goes all the way down and already has a bit extra low bass. If you want it a bit warmer sounding, that's simply a preference and you'll need to try some cables for yourself.
I suspect it will be worse with almost any DAC. I quite like the Mojo with an AK100/120 but the QP1r is clearly better line out then when adding the Mojo tos out. The internal dac/line circuit seems very well done and you don't have to deal with the clock recovery and jitter involved with SPdf. If they're close in performance the inboard DAC is at an advantage and in this case seems to be show it.
Give it a couple hundred hours before finalizing your conclusions. I love the TWAG V3 on mine. If it's general warmth you want, the moon cable is good but I think the TWAG is more neutral or at least voices that way on the 13. Cables take a bit to come around as well. Agreed on the Mojo. Also like the Questyle QP1r on mine.
It's a shame too as much music doesn't need all the processing and mixing that is so common. If you have access and control of an environment and placement, it not that difficult. It's not like musicians sound bad while playing live and you can create, the best seat in the house. It's pretty easy to understand how another set or more of mics at the same performance will cause significantly more time domain issues than a stereo pair in close proximity to each other. We all...
New Posts  All Forums: