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Nope. No need to debate but everyone should try stuff for themselves and come to their own conclusions vs accepting everything they are told. DX90 is revealing enough for folks to come to good conclusions, whatever those are. The popcorn was because I knew there would be responses that want to squash personal assessment. I don't prefer wav and kinda like flac 0 on my anv3 but prefer wav on the dx90, as I do on my rather costly home kit. ymmv  
Looks neat but I'd recommend folks get a great 24/192 wav file and do there own conversions from there in DBpoweramp or XLD and compare that way. Try the FLAC vs wav compare on the DX90. 
I hope that you like it as much as I do. Not everyone will, just like many prefer a jh16 to jh13 etc. For me, there's also no comparison in which of those sounds more natural either.
I'm not campaigning nor asking you to swallow anything. Simply relating my personal experience. Nothing to argue about unless you don't accept that I can be allowed to hear what I do. I actually prefer the DAC that the X5 uses to what's in the AKs. The X5 circuit is also not inferior but I prefer the later AKs. I don't see what parts have to do with what one hears unless compared in the exact same environment(device). From a techie standpoint they all measure well enough...
I'd take the mk2 and 120 over the x5. Non so with the DX90. I don't have an ak120 any more but I certainly don't think the DX90 sounds worse. Other than UI, being a touch bigger, and having slightly less play time, it compares pretty favorably..
Sure, Don't want to scare the musicians. Barefoot is reserved for mixing.
I feel just the opposite. The x5 was not nearly as realistic sounding to me on recordings I know because I was there. The recording engineer also heard both plus an AK and will be buying a DX90. The value is the best I've seen.
Are the DX90 and DX50 battery sizes physically different or just different included capacities?
I believe Jamato has talked about it in a DX50 thread.
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