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Why the qualifier? 
This is not something I'll use as I like it all in one, including control point, for portable but it's an awesome product and extremely well conceptualized. Congrats. Those that already use Mojos on the go get nothing but benefits with the poly and lose previously required hard connections, cables, clock recovery etc etc. How can anyone have issue with more features and versatility?
What if the pair you hear break in aren't your main listening pair? That's some awesome mental gymnastics. 
Wrong forum but any 12v 1a or more linear regulated supply would be a good start.
Make sure your headphone is plugged in all the way and nor physically blocked. It's possible to to get out of phase mono across the L+R leads in series with the L on the jacks R pos and R on the Jacks ground. The headphones common ground connection completes the circuit.
except they still use tips on the other side. It's not the same as what he has. Just an example.
This time or last time?
Probably allowed you to hear your sources. No wonder you keep trying.
I have heard it and it is great as a stand alone with DAC.. unlike it's forebearer Serve which was best only as UPNP server/ripper. For a PC setup, my budget preference would be a TC Electronic Impact Twin with a linear PS of choice. Needs to be 1A or higher.Use a high quality Firewrie cable to PC and Dig out cable to your DAC of choice. The internal DAC is Ok and will get you by until you want to improve. This type of setup is what I used 10 years ago with the Konnekt 8....
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