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I'm happy as well but I do like to hear good new things. I am never carrying around multiple boxes for portable audio. I like the size, display because it's probably easier to see when outside than most and the over a day run time. I think EQ and FW controls are overrated, at least for me. If I can folder view and play the song I want, I'm good. I like my Questyle more than anything I've owned... so far.
The term decay has seemingly forever been used oddly here. It's become common enough that I understand that usage but it's been used to describe everything from Q in the bass to fine detail in the presence range (ambience retrieval). I don't mind graphs except for the fact that many rely too strongly on something that is only one measurement of many. Useful but often overly interpreted and could be better understood. In this thread, it's already been stated that IEM graphs...
I still have a 3rd and would love to hear a 6 sometime. I also have a couple AKs, Mojo and a QPR1 . Had a Paw Gold and Hugo as well. Always got on great with Jack and enjoyed our convos. 
I was fine with the Studio A3 FW. I play folder wav files that more often than not aren't even tagged. I should give this one a listen at some point as most of my library is above the 24/48 that the A3 could play. Still have my A3 along with some others. Hard to part with.
The graphic is good but we can hear a lot more than 36 db down from mean. If it's resonance and the graph is expanded down, you'll still see it though greatly reduced. It's been manually cut by about 15 db but the overall result is much better than that. There are no free lunches as I haven't found an EQ that isn't at least a little audible and things behave a bit differently in dynamic situations than in sustained sweeps.
It's not entirely that simple. Dropping amplitude isn't enough to avoid ringing. EQing it down lessens the effect but true resonance can't be defeated with EQ. The mean amplitude will be correct and show tidy but dynamically the initial pulse or arrival will be low compared to other frequencies. It's not a cure all and more a bandiad if at times an effective one. if it's simply frequency and less so resonance, EQ is a cure but more often than not resonance is in the mix....
And the same holds true for distortion curves. You'll often see bass distortion at well over 1% on IEMs that have elevated bass response because it's referenced to 1khz amplitude. Drop that to linear and the distortion % falls accordingly.  As for the frequency response. That wouldn't bother me at all if it sounded right to me. Some roll is needed to sound natural and the rest is iffy in IEM measurements. The device is certainly capable of extended response.
I've heard all 3 and have used both Chords. For me, the Hugo is always better than the Mojo and the better the source and transducer, the more obvious it becomes. The rest is interface of player used and quality of file. There will be instances where the Mojo could be favored but for me, it would mean something else in the chain could be better. Fortunately, the Mojo is already pretty awesome.  I still prefer my Questyle as a standalone to through the Mojo but that's more...
Highly doubted. The KSE1500 is one of those things that can display their difference in timing and res.
wax guards also change the sound.
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