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No offense but why would anyone argue something they haven't experienced?
Of course they sound a bit different though it may not necessarily be the intent. Listrid FW was adapting aspects of AK120 FW and the later ak100 FWs do the same. He stopped because it became redundant and riskier than stock FWs.
Best thing I heard at CES. If headphones were my primary home listening, I'd have them as well.
Don't think it matters much as long as consistent in process. Obviously reviewers try to compensate (what they perceive) a flat sounding earphone to measure flat but there's a lot to consider and insertion depth of IEMs will vary by individual which will affect resonance and reinforcement.   I'm kind of a techie and appreciate all the efforts but there's nothing like a listen.  There's also a lot more to sound than flat response and low distortion, even when adding...
I find that quite acceptable.
Make sure you listen before purchase. 16s have LOTS of bass.
I like that they have seemingly optimized the TWFKs vent option and spent some time on controlling it's peak. I hope to get a chance to hear these. I know some will question the price but I think the build and design warrants it. 
The volume knob thing is just a little getting used to type deal. On the Lotoo Paw Gold you can change the direction of the V control. It's default is like the QP1 after using it for a while like that, I changed it to what I thought would be more natural but ultimately decided to put it back as it came.
Try using the headphone jack on the bottom nearest the side instead of the digital out on the top. Once it works, use the neighboring gain switch for volume range adjustments..
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