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It does have a confident ease doing complicated things that is rather unique to IEMs. The presentation can be be both rhythmically exciting and relaxed in execution at the same time.
Only the good bits.
Viva la difference! I agree about Freqphase for multi transducer devices. Group delay and phase has always been useful in loudspeakers. Why not here. Obviously, the Shure kse1500 isn't affected by these concerns.
That curve is what we perceive as linear unless you're speaking of the Fletcher-Munson amplitude dependant ones, in which case it's volume compensation which is also touchy and worse more often than not. Adding more than that would simply sound unnatural. It's an exception but a Sunfire XTEQ 10 does quite well in the low bass for about $1500 so not that expensive.      One problem I always have with headphones is that they can't mimik frequency/amplitude relationships as...
I think it's more a tonal and EQ thing. My JH13s have more sub bass than I actually want but less midbass emphasis than the sirens to achieve it. It's one of the things I like about them even though it's not perfect. The lack of added warmth in the mids while still having (sub) bass response. The highs aren't as harmonically tectural as the Siren series but the Twag cable cleans them up and gives them some of that. They do have a chameleon quality other than the sub bass...
  [Mod edited] He was stating it as his opinion, only his and not a universal fact. He clearly stated that we should respect each other's opinions to which you decided to trounce all over his. He prefers something else to your beloved. Stop having cows over it or you'll need to buy a ranch.  That said, I also prefer the Shure but will not buy it because I hate the extra box thing. I'm still quite happy with my JH13fp and twag v3 cable combo. I know it may not be an...
I'm happy as well but I do like to hear good new things. I am never carrying around multiple boxes for portable audio. I like the size, display because it's probably easier to see when outside than most and the over a day run time. I think EQ and FW controls are overrated, at least for me. If I can folder view and play the song I want, I'm good. I like my Questyle more than anything I've owned... so far.
The term decay has seemingly forever been used oddly here. It's become common enough that I understand that usage but it's been used to describe everything from Q in the bass to fine detail in the presence range (ambience retrieval). I don't mind graphs except for the fact that many rely too strongly on something that is only one measurement of many. Useful but often overly interpreted and could be better understood. In this thread, it's already been stated that IEM graphs...
I still have a 3rd and would love to hear a 6 sometime. I also have a couple AKs, Mojo and a QPR1 . Had a Paw Gold and Hugo as well. Always got on great with Jack and enjoyed our convos. 
I was fine with the Studio A3 FW. I play folder wav files that more often than not aren't even tagged. I should give this one a listen at some point as most of my library is above the 24/48 that the A3 could play. Still have my A3 along with some others. Hard to part with.
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