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That's likely neither a DSD or PCM file but DXD. DXD is a format similar to PCM used so that mixing, level adjustments etc can be performed on DSD type files but there's still conversion involved. Honestly I don't see the point of DSD with modern DACs but that's OT. It was likely converted to that from DSD when transferred from the SACD. I suspect that the bit rate isn't the issue here but instead, the format. The Sabre does DXD but I don't thing the 179x dac does. That...
Keep an eye on Ebay or whatever auction sites are popular in Japan. I recovered an AK120 by being diligent for a couple months. Mine was lifted from where I work.
I don't think that's true. The FW is mounted like any OS. It's simple and doesn't use a heavy shell like Andriod but may still be unix based. May be direct coding as well but I doubt it's embedded. Embedded means the SOC has the FW and codecs already as part of the hardware when purchased from the supplier. Basically that if you defaulted the blackfin to factory spec, it would still have at least rudimentary navigation and play functions.
I haven't tried it on the Lotoo card but there's a free PC program called teracopy the organizes transfers into a single function. You can just keep adding without the PC slowing down while trying to transfer multiple threads at the same time. Might help. 
The way he uses it allows him to ditch the DAC/amp and still have a very portable player. Best of all worlds. I'd personally never ditch the headphone out entirely. The Mezzo mod would be my direction if considering this but I like it a lot as is once you get your IEM/cable combo voiced in. I have considered bypassing the 2 ohm output resistor.
I didn't compare directly but  from memory, it's kind of a wash. I like the ak100 mk2 with later (warmer) FWs. The 100ii sounded a bit threadbare to me. It's sort of a wash with the earlier model being a bit friendlier and the later a hair more resolved.
You may want to consider a better model fro the era. The later ones get very open sounding but a bit ethereal. The lower bias units with some rear padding are less open but more solid. Original Lambdas are pretty cool. I also got a great result by opening up the front of some SR5s a bit more and removing about 1/2 the rear damping.
over 90% of amps have common output ground. Unless a balance connection is needed, cheap and chearfull gets it done. Check amazon.  If we want this to genuinely be good and drive reactive loads with a low impedance source, buy a headphone amp. If you don't have a line/pre out, you can even run a headphone amp off the speaker outputs with series resistors as well.
Depth and color is exactly what the 100mk2 has over it but not by much. 
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