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I believe they all get sold through dealer networks so going back to your dealer and having a receipt should do. A good reason to buy within your area.
Stacks take the portable out of portable audio. Not for me either. 
Swapping headphone out for line out of the QP1r into another amp shows an extremely close sound so we know the amp is transparent beyond it's driving capabilities. I suspect it's more neutral than your E12. The line out of the QP1 is likely better than the X5. (It's been a while since I heard the X5 and I hear it's changed some so don't want to assume too much) I say that because I can play it on some top home systems as source with music I know intimately well and get...
You're projecting again. I never mentioned seperate amps. There are lots of DAPs where at least the last device is a discrete transistor (AK, Hisound, 901 etc) and others that have fully discrete amp stages. (AR, Questyle, Pono etc.)   I never said that the ESS amp couldn't do what they say it can. It's your projecting what that actually is that's at issue here. I also applaud this effort as it may be that all in one for HiDef users but I really don't expect it to better...
I will back pocket it when cutting the grass etc. Until there's a case I can use with it playing, this works great. Not worried about it there. It's when handling or setting it about that I'm concerned with dropping it. Nothing's happening to it when pantsed. It's plenty sturdy enough if you sit down by mistake (or not) and be fine. If my cased Iphone 6 can handle it, this certainly can.
Find one piece of info that says that. If it's adaptive, it likely scales down to save energy for the battery. Charge pump is there to allow single rail operation and to mimic that rail with an opposite polarity one of equal voltage. It may require less voltage in certain situations and adapt. That has nothing to do with audiophile design where you generally prefer fixed parameters and more elaborate rail generation. Less efficient but usually better. I say this because it...
As am I that it's still tickling your fancy.
It's correct in theory but proof is in use. I use Med. with my jh13s and I would default there unless you sense some noise or need more power.
Use any you like. High is only required for full size phones but there are no consequences if you use it on something more efficient. I use med on JH13s and a friend uses high on some Grado ps500. We could both go lower or higher and still get whatever listening level we like.
You just need to hit play. It will look like this when in play mode; ll and this when paused; > to indicate the next use of the center button. Counter will run in play mode. It pauses when the jack is shorted from plugging in or out. Proper operation. It's also not a bad idea to cycle on breakin either. Both the unit and the battery.
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