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Hopefully new form means smaller. If so, I'd consider one. Lots more to good sound than just the chip so wait and see how it turns out. Hifiman doesn't have a history of succeeding product being worse.
Good thing most of us like them as is. It's not about enhancement. it's about complementary sig to what is desired. The point was only that sig changes are available and when items are of that level, it's often associations of source, cables etc that bring them to where you you would like them to be. I'm using a stock cable lately as well but I have one I like better. No biggie.
Well, there's something to be said about not going down the rabbit hole either.
Not saying that you'd like it as much as the wonderful K10 but just changing to a Noble cable fills out the 13 if that's the preferred sig. Once I started messing with cables, I realized that for me, the 13 was close enough to right and maybe as close as anything, preference not withstanding.
I wouldn't worry and the site is up.
If using with an amp, I'd plug directly into the DX90 to make sure it's the culprit.
These are out of band filters so even though they affect the character, there will be no measurable EQ involved. A DAC can't operate without this filter and maricilus is correct about the ringing. There are always trade offs and a slow filter could have a higher noise floor but with the way these oversample etc. that can be negligible in band. The other filter type not used here is minimum phase which completely eliminates pre-ring but has a greatly increased post ring.
it's a different filter that's part of making the dac square waves into signwaves. They have different phase characters along with their differing slopes and it in turn affects the sound. Slow is generally prefered but if you like it more analytical, sharp (which was the standard for years) is available.
A Nocturnal IEM and cable tour has begun with shotgunshane as first member after myself to receive them.  Here's a list of members on the list to receive these so far: Shotgunshane Hiflight  Idiosynchro_24, Winter. After the 1st couple reviews, more US members can be added.   The items on tour are the Nocturnal Hybrid IEM $580 with copper cable, $599 with the hybrid cable and $669 with the 8 core copper cable. My personal preference is the $599 setup. Let's call it...
Should, yes, if you mean to what most consider and uncomfortable volume but dealing in absolutes is a dangerous game. There may be a 100 ohm headphone out there that neither can drive though the X5 would do better in this absolute. Being able to drive something is a function of load and efficiency and actually a couple other factors that are hard to quantify on a spec sheet.. 
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