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Remove any cards. Press the ^ button on the side, and the power button on top for 7 seconds to reset.
Unless web store based, good manufacturers will always sell at retail so to not undermine their outlets. A brick and mortar shop that actually sells and services local customers is worth paying a bit more for and manufacturers don't want to discourage good outlets. 
I see that you're selling this on eBay. Can you tell potential buyers how this final issue was resolved? Don't know if this $50 source is reliable but easy enough to find. Seems a waste when you can get used RoCoos for close to $100.
Depends on the unit and how informative. It's quite variable but JH better models tend to move for a bit.
You're prolific.
Voltage should work great.once you find your reference low V.
After hearing the latest TOTL customs in universal form, I also didn't have a desire to change from my 13s. Nice to hear the custom version is enough better for it to be worthwhile for you. The new cable isn't that bad. Let us know how they're doing after a few weeks and when you get another cable. Highs are so cable influenced and the 13 also responds in kind. May be a bit early but how are vocals and piano?
I can hear the hiss between tracks but have never found it intrusive while actually listening to music on the 3rd. We're all different but I like my jh13s straight out of the 3rd or BA.
Quite pleased thank you. You guys know that you're just burning the other end of the something else needs to be demoted to elevate this candle. I like my quirky HiSounds, DX90 (with dual battery), AK120 I had and would probably like this as well. If I could buy one, I would.   Let me be 1st in line for any Aussie that decides to pass it forward. 
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