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and Rocoos do have fast scroll. Disappointing I'm sure. 901 may still be the best I've heard. Just too big for my use.
Dr. Cavalli once said, “if you have to use ultra-exotic parts or stress your circuitry to the limits to get the performance you need, then you probably do not have an adequate design in the first place.”   Are you buying a parts catalog or sound. I haven't heard a Liquid Glass but the last thing I would consider is weather or not it's using esoteric bits. A listen would suffice. Good circuit design and voicing is so much more important. Many good manufacturers use...
I noticed that the latest Rockbox build (been a while since I used it) allows either 44k or 48k operation. Is that correct? Can Rockbox now natively clock 48k?
It's not the cards which are all plenty fast enough for 192 but the overall interface with them. It's great that he addressed a seemingly marginal issue instead of ignoring or deflecting. 
Same hear(sic) but I do like a hybrid I got and did like the TWAG V3. Regular silver, the Moon, SPCs and 1% gold/silvers didn't do much for me either.
Just because it's not an electrical improvement, doesn't mean it isn't a sonic one. Voicing matters. That said, most cables(some costly) I tried on the jh13 weren't preferred to stock but a few were.
It's all speculation as I haven't heard anyone complain of blips either. The buffer does need to store twice as much capacity to time buffer 192 as well as 96. We don't know how the player handles buffer under-runs (obviously gracefully if it has any) and perhaps he just prefers the sound with a larger buffer. Shouldn't make a sonic lick of difference but if you've ever played with buffer size in informative setups, you'll notice some minor change.
Would be my guess as well but remember it's all downsampled to 16/xx(x) in the Tera. Could be that 192 becoming more common spurred on the change.
Even if considered 2 conductors, there will be 0 resistance between them so I guess it can't even be considered 2 conductors. I've heard things like there could be a diode type of effect at very high frequencies but it's way beyond what could theoretically affect audio. For me, plating does change the sound but there is no way I could ever prove it in measurements. 
It's likely either a repaired player or your repaired player.
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