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Posts by goodvibes " then let me recommend to you the best DAP I have encountered until now, the Paw Gold." Though he states it's not better in every way.
Gap between songs is negligible, like 1/4 sec. 3 sec is what it takes to turn on from completely off to being able to play your 1st song. It's OK if gapless is a must on your own devices butt you're assing the wrong questions on this one.  Sounds like eBay is the only place to find these at the moment.
It's quite strong and drives most everything any DAP can. Pairings will be personal.
It's actually more important on the 13s than the Angies or Laylas because of the less steep crossover slopes and greater overlap.
Jerry even said he had to change some values due to getting more reinforcement at the crossover points and the amount of phase shift correction can't be accounted for by .5" of available group delay adjustment..
I suppose but none do it natively so no biggy, especially for me. I'm still a .wav king of guy. In fact, the FW I like best on the mk2 is sans DSD. That said, when I 1st received the 100mk2 it had the last FW in it and I also preferred that the DX90 I had at the time.
No, I actually slightly prefer my ak100mk2 to the DX90 etc. I think the JR competes well with those players but is different. It's an informative, neutral untweaky sort of thing it was meant to be. AK for the masses.
This but to add, I still preferred my AK100 mk2 to the JR when I heard them side by side. More to do with color and dimension than res or tonality which the JR does quite well. Very neutral sounding player. I still feel the ak120 is a clear upgrade on both. Same about it vs a DX90 or X5 as well. Of course each FW on these units sound different so it may vary by what you prefer. I use older 1.30 on the ak120 and 2.10 on the ak100 mk2.
I think it should be known that it doesn't include a remold. This option won't help buyers of used units. Drivers haven't changed between models so this is a wavegiude, extra bore (I think) and x-over update, which they can do by pulling the cap.
Unless you're a certified bass head, buy the Angie. JH13 is a lot closer to neutral than the JH16. Angie has extra tweeters for Jerry's patent on achieving his take on that range. The JH16 has extra woofers with significantly extra bass quantity for situations that need it or a preference for those that want that sig.
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