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Up is right. Just use the larger tips to keep them further out if that's what you're after.
Sorry if that came of as a scold. Wasn't my intention at all. I just meant that if you're writing code well enough to do this, you probably don't need them to find it.
If you know that much, you won't need their consent or help. Throwing it out there gets tweaks that think they know more than they actually do fiddling about but I'll defer to q.
I doubt they would want their new baby getting bricked this early in the game. 
Lots is interface as well. Find a combo that sings, plug something else in and it won't be as good. Angie isn't really about low bass either. Turning up the bass gives a general rise and affects the mids. If you have a warm source, you won't turn it up as much. I liked it closer to 12 when I auditioned on an AK240 but it was a quick listen. My 13s have more low bass relative to midbass and mids but that's not what the angie is about. In fact the 13 probably has more low...
Things like this is why it's good to find local dealers. If shotgun had this issue, he could go down the street and troubleshoot.   I don't know the connector but I suspect the right and left ones are interchangeable. Swap and see if the issue follows the cable or IEM. Also, if you borrow an ohm meter, you can easily test the cable on and off the IEM.
Too loud or sustained sine waves can break anything. Issue is that the coils in transducers keep building heat without time to dissipate in those conditions.
I much prefer some extra sorting before production to being a part of the QC program. It's what good companies do instead of cavng to their desire to sell and consumer anxiousness.
Into what load? If it's the same volume it will depend on what it's driving whether that added perception of control is realized. In fact the 10 v will play a lot louder into high impedance. Nice to have both but once you have enough swing, as you said, it's about current. Nice to have when driving more mass or reactiveness. Also why more power doesn't get you anything if you aren't clipping. More about amp design and general goodness at that point.
Used Rega P3.
New Posts  All Forums: