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My thinking as well. I wished they'd offer it in a2 pin version (sans controls) for their other models.
Thanks for that. I'll need to rush out and get these pro headphones right away.
Hardly. There will always be a cost compromise to get something to fit into your pocket. If t was that easy, Centrance would be making a DAP instead of a DAC/amp. It's folly to discount what goes into making a good front end. Centrance choosing AK for this should tell you something and you still need to buy that AK DAP to use with the Glove as well so your pricing is also significantly off. That said, what Centrance is doing with the glove is fabulous and extremely...
I'll defer to the Doc who owns both but from memory, scale and size are quite large on the k10 and the Sirens seem to be a bit more specific of instruments etc within that scale and like Doc said, it has to be in a recording to notice. I think the Sirens can get more intimate on smaller scale pieces while still being able to scale up. The Sirens have a great sense of time. K10s make a great wall of sound. Both sound expansive. Tonally, the Layla reminded me a lot of the...
If I hadn't found the right cable for my 13FPs, I'd be all over the Angies and It may eventually happen anyway. Depends on if I get all portable source anal again. I really don't use portable enough to warrant it but I'm jaded.
Damn them, giving descriptions of changes on their website and all that. Westone says a lot more under 'features' of specific IEMs. Grado puts all their in-ears on the same page and only has specs and a short paragraph for each. This is eye of the beholder stuff.
We had early reports of the cable portion having issues on the Roxanne before JH changed it but that seems in the past and I don't recall anyone breaking the shell portion until this report. Obviously as with atmaka, the samples have been 'tested' by customers pulling the cables on and off. The screw on portion is probably now strong enough that cross threading could possibly create an issue. The solution would be to not do that or force things. Acrylic is surprisingly...
Now, you may think her trade is unseemly but you have no idea if she's worth it until you get a taste.
I believe the Hugo bluetooth function will accommodate redbook. Don't know what the Iphone or Tidal app was sending. It should still be better than direct if everything was right but that said, ya, a physical connection is always better and I don't know how much jitter the iphone's bluetooth out might have.
Perhaps the need to open them up for repair allowed this option.
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