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Just too big for me but looks like a very nice product. I'm with you on beating the X5 not making it special at it's likely high price but of course it's just opinion. Nice to have more good things to choose from. Any idea if they have something smaller planned in their future?
These aren't entirely representative because they are into significant loads but it will give an idea. Here's a clip+ : Heres an Ipod touch 3 (I think it's pretty good sounding into higher impedances): This looked much worse in that link even without a load and why I think his was defective.   The tera looked like a square without the wiggles and would probably only have shown a minor tilt in the horizontal lines with these loads. It looked about as good as it gets.
It did look like the Touch was defective but I don't for 1 minute think he doctored anything. Basically, it showed square waves that rang out of band (or worse, Ipod) on a clip and Ipod when the Tera had none. There was something wrong with the ipod square but he can only measure what's on hand. This was the link but has been removed. Perhaps t was discovered that the Ipod wasn't right. It looked neat but one measurement...
Not at all. You just prefer the Tera with any format. It says nothing about which format is actually better. It's like saying that because I prefer a Hisound A3 playing 400cbr aac to a Clip playing FLAC, AAC must be better than FLAC. You're not solving for a big variable, your solution lacks a constant. I'm sure that there are plenty of great things to say about the Tera without nonlinear extrapolations.
You're entitled to your opinion but the way to tell which is more important is to hear the formats on something that plays BOTH extremely well. This takes nothing away from the Tera's overall performance but it's also not the best DAC ever made for home use. Approaching that would give you a better indicator of bit depth vs frequency differences. My opinion of course but I'm familiar with the Altmann home DAC which shouldn't be worse as a line out. I think it's quite good...
It is but there are no losers here. Unless you think it will never happen, waiting for a personal compare may be more cost effective than catching a BF deal.
Especially when double amping. How does just the Alien compare to the home kit into your Shures?
I don't think he said the DX90 is better. "It (alien) has better detail retrieval and clarity."This.
If you go there to listen to one, it's only fair that you help them to stay in business to allow that to continue giving dems and support. It costs more for them to do it that (the right) way. Almost anything you buy locally can be purchased for less on the interwebs. You may be able to talk them down a bit in person as well.
Sont tips are great on them but the stock tips are much better on other models of Ortofon and Grados than here. The Sony tips smooth and warm up the EQ5 very nicely by adding more resistance to the bore. I found them a little hot and lean with the stock tips. 
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