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Not necessarily but thats a lot of engineering and packaging hassle. JA has a good sonic track record so it's likely there for a reason and probably a win. It's a CIEM, many will adore it and some won't. The price alone will garner ridicule from those that would never consider it. That last one always seems a bit petty to me. 
Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe.     Care to comment?
Sounds like that may finally change. 4th order and quad tweeters for his patented high frequency driver correction sounds very interesting. It's 4 instead of 2 because he's into siamesed pairs in his better products for lower distortion. 4th order networks aren't generally flat phase but instead curve like all pass filters that the ear is insensitive to. The steepness means that you only need to worry about phase and group delay for an octave on either side. 
Or you can get another one for cheap at the big group buy site.
It's horses for courses. I found the DX90 a bit more resolving and the Alien a bit more organic. 
Maybe stick with silicone CIEMs. I'd be wary about acrylic considering the trouble you had. Some folks just don't assimilate that well. You're in Europe so can get Spiral Ears.
I've simply found the 13s to be neutral enough that cables change their character a lot. I've heard them with your cable and they're very fast, lean but not bright/ringy with it. Cohesive. Once you get near neutral IEMs this good, it's all about the interface.
I think you'll find that untrue. You relate sound to what you hear in nature so your reference changes along with your hearing. The loss tends to more frequency limiting than the sort of gradual rolloff that would accommodate that thinking anyway. While growing old is a real problem, the only reason there would be more 'audiophiles' in that age group is the low standard of MP3s and DAPs that many of have come to expect. That said, I'm not sure there are more elder...
It's called thermal noise. A constant background kind of white noise that doesn't change with volume. It's exactly what I thought we were discussing being different in the players when you doubted my hearing. In this case, the lower the gain, the lower the noise. Since it's generated just before the output amp in the HiSounds, it's magnitude directly relates to gain. Here with FW gains all the same, a lower gain output amp has a lower static floor. The noise also becomes a...
Any background noise on the s4 will be about 10 db quieter than on the Roxanne and about 5 db louder than on the X10.
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