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Neither nor. It's not sharp or distant. Leans a hair toward the smooth side but clearly not distant. Nothing is perfect but the DX90 is VG by any measure.
Seems odd timing with the EQ-8 now taking over for the EQ-7.
Likely 2 busses with one having the issue.
It's more a matter of whether genuine or not. Haven't heard either of these 2  but the Chinese batteries are considered less good and the Japanese. I use the Korea/Korea version with good result.
Often does.
I'd look for a better driver for those ports.
Stop posting while soused.Must be a leap year. #366: To post on Head-Fi.
I think it has more to do with expectations and conditions of test as much as anything else. I've found that given genuinely good files and situations, most prefer the same things when presented with something great and looking for a natural accuracy. Problem is that those conditions aren't that common nor much portable kit or earphones great when speaking in absolutes yet the endeavor is worthwhile and fun.​ The quality and convenience of today's better portable setups is...
It should but the question is, how well? 192 isn't part of the original toslink spec because it's bandwidth is lower than coax. Even with custom glass types you still need to deal with the stock inboard transmitter/receiver interface which are almost universally meh. One reason I prefer a proper coax interface.
That's actually pretty common and usually has to do with USB-3 ports not doing well with USB-2 audio protocols. 
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