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Likely lower feedback. Have preferred high gain on almost everything with the option.
Chip swaps plus BBE. That's what I look for in a unit never heard.
They have lots of trouble without making huge, know it all, type assumptions and they also have no problem swapping chips either. I suspect some 'expert' had a hand in hacking the sound of your specific unit. Anything BBE = wrong for me. I've tried it and it only took me further away from the performance even with very subtle adjustments.
US distributor has been good. Don't know about Canada. Maybe try the US site and see if they're willing to assist even though they're only responsible for their market.
Both are correct. Shakespeare often used 'or' which Latin derived vs 'our' which is French derived. US uses or. 
But the DX90 is smaller, doesn't have less run time or describable amp noise. Calyx may turn out better but those aren't real concerns. Sabre like bad? Do you think a HM901 is bad? It's not my absolute favorite home dac but it may be the best one out there when using the inboard input an output circuitry which will always be the case in a DAP. Calyx also use it balanced in their top home DAC.
Stock 901 is not colored. It's about as right as I've heard. Different amp cards will bring different attributes and sigs to the game but I don't see how you could hold that against it. Ergonomically it's not for me but it's the least colored DAP I've heard. Haven't heard an AK240 but it seems the only folks that have less than great things to say about it's sound don't own it. Probably coincidence. There's a lot more to these DAPs than opamps/DAC chips used. Cases, power...
Haven't yet heard a dx90 but it's on the way.
Agreed. I'll take a proper character over bandwidth any day. If they're a bit hot, humor me  and run them hard for a day or 2. Just curious.
Sounds like it has great timing and inner dynamics that aren't masked by the big notes. What you've described is my perfect DAP. I hope I feel the same way when I get mine. Could you give a tonal leaning, however minor. Not nearly as important as following and relaying the music but I'm curious.
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