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The soundstage on the K712 is more focused in your head with a depth that sounds like it's coming from above you while the AD2000 is noticeably wider with a depth that spreads in front of you. The AD2000 sounds more forward and it can be harder to distinguish the sounds than on the K712, with its more light and dry sound. You'll still hear the same thing, but the AD2000 (and basically the whole AD series since they all do soundstaging basically the same) will seem to...
Well, after listening to these heapdhones, I like them, and I don't.   I like them for the imaging, but they sound weak and there is no bass.   They sound basically like the MA900s with a better midrange and more, deeper bass (going off of memory). I tried to mod them for more bass (removing the felt behind the driver, putting tape over the white felt around the driver, equalizing, and trying beyerdynamic gel earpads which are known for increasing bass), but the...
Just bought a K712 Pro from Amazon this morning. We'll see if they're keepers come Friday. It'll take a lot to tear me away from my beloved ad2k mkIVs.
Can't come. I work Saturday. Oh well. Then again, I probably couldn't come anyway since I'm in the process of modifying my headphones again (trying to put in AD2000x drivers I got), and I don't have the parts for it yet. I was also going to bring some custom made headphones that used bose cube speakers, but that project didn't turn out very well. Way too loud, the frequency response was jacked up, and the enclosure I put them in made everything sound like it was in a...
Well, you can count me in. AD2000MKIV (AD900 chassis, AD2000 Driver, Beyerdynamic gel earpads, custom driver modification for higher membrane excursion, bent headband, and some other things), Onkyo Reciever with the speaker amp section powering the headphones, and a laptop with some music. I'll bring my E17 too.
Comparisons:I’ll update this post whenever I get other headphones to listen to.  [[SPOILER]]
I guess I'm in. I'll be bringing my ATH-AD2000MKIV, FiiO E17, laptop with some music, and my receiver (speaker l/r outputs power the headphones). 
You may have a piece of hair or something touching the driver. I know with my headphones, if something like that touches the membrane, it makes the bass sound distorted. So, take them apart and see if you find anything. 
You can pick up a pair of Denon D600s for around $225 used off of Amazon. That will be your best bet, imo. 
I almost like it. The only thing that this would be good at, in my opinion, would be gaming. It's basically like the buttkicker, but on your body. For music listening, I don't think I'd like the experience.    Let's see if you guys can figure out another "use" for it 
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