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I have a weird one for you guys.  I've had the WA7 (stock tubes) paired up with my HD650 for over 2 months now, listening exclusively to this setup with the built in DAC.  Today (out of boredom) I decided to try listening the the amp running off of my Asus Xonar STX line out RCA's into the Amp.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  The soundstage increase dramatically.  I must say I like the sound quite a bit more, however the bass is a little muddier, but I'll take that for...
Ok, I just picked up a used (absolutely MINT condition) set of HD650's.  I'm enjoying these a lot more than I thought I would.  I got them for a steal, so I couldn't resist.  I was really enjoying my DT880 600ohm, but these seem to take it up to a completely new level.  Now, having said that I have an order in for the EH goldpin tubes.  Will my grin increase even more once I get them?
My cat seems to like my new WA7 lol!   http://imgur.com/YcIApgr
I have an original Glow Audio One tube amp, and as far as I know it has the original Chinese tubes.  I think this amp was built around 2009/2010.  I bought the amp used off Craigslist, and I've put probably 1000+ listening hours into.  Lately, the left channel gets the odd crackles and pops.  I've also noticed that the 2 smaller tubes are starting to glow blue at the bottom.  I've read that this means air is inside the tube?  I've attached a picture.  I'm not completely...
Thank you.  I was worried because I read a few threads where people were saying a simple upgraded USB cord made a huge difference.  From what I understand the DAC is powered from the USB that will be coming from the PC, so not sure how "dirty" the power from the USB is. I'll take your word for it!
I just ordered a WA7 from a Canadian vendor.  How necessary is it to purchase a good USB cable?  What about an upgraded power cord? And if I should purchase them, does anyone know of a Canadian vendor?  USA is ok, but I'd rather get it faster if in fact I should get them.   Thanks!
Thanks alot.  Exact answer I was looking for!   I'm going to chill for the next few hours with my new Pa2v2 enjoying myself.  Many thanks.
Why exactly do you want headphones with high impedance?  Higher impediance does NOT equal higher quality sound.  It *most* cases lower impedance phones are easier to drive.    *Not all lower impedance cans are easier to drive.  Just wonder why you want "high" impediance.
First off, I'm really enjoying my Xonar STX sound card.  I've been using it with the Headphone Out with various headphones, enjoying myself.  However, I have a technical question. I know the line out or speaker outs have a better SNR rating.  I've recently purchased a Pa2v2 amp, and I'm wondering if it would get better audio running off the line out with my Pa2v2 amp as opposed to the Headphone Amp built in?  I'm listening to some tracks and experementing now, but I just...
Wow, this is a great thread.  I had almost but forgot completely of online raidio.. the 320 kbps sure is nice.
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