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Did I miss a full meet or something?   Not sure if this has been seen before, but it looks like etymotic has created an app that will use the microphone and deliver its signal to your earphones, like shure's pth. I could see this being useful for those with iphones and high isolation iems.
Everything should be available in black or grey. I hate that bronze that looks like it's attempting to camouflage with your skin, or the transparent plastic that tries to look like a custom. Red looks ok but I wish the cable were black.
Not really referring to anything in particular, just everything that I've seen. Aero still has it anyway.     Now that Christmas is near I want to spend money. I can get a reshell plus mid for $380 plus tf10, or sell the tf10 and spend $550> on a 1964-T. Does anyone have a chart of tf10x4 versus tf10 remoulded, or any impressions on it?
Why is there a peak at 3khz for everything that comes out of UM? I know that there's a difference between open and sealed canals in resonance, but it seems like there's a consistent measurement difference.   I really should have spent more time at the UM table in the melb meet.
It's not human nature. It only applies to males.    
Highlight of the day: that palmolive hand wash accompanied by the roll of paper towels. I haven't seen that combination in more than 5 years. Brings back so many memories.   I was really glad to see such exotic lenses on the cameras, such as leica-r and voigtlander nokton.   After listening to the UM demos, I really want a custom now. HD650 as well. For 6 or so months I hadn't been bitten by the gear bug, so I hope I'm able to resist this round.   Pizza for...
I'll be there at around 12. I've got things to do in the morning. I don't think I could not possibly eat pizza as I just had some today. We'll see what happens and go with it.
Dark shots should be underexposed to retain the feeling of the environment. The photos all look really unnatural, giving the same feeling as overdone hdr.
Does it really matter?  
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