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Quote: Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn When are the 12 driver customs coming out? Double dual high, double dual mid, and double dual low drivers Just when UE announced the 6 driver UE18, JH quickly does a one up with two more drivers and a triple bore config. Wrong. The UE18 is triple bore.
Three separate sound tubes and filters sounds like a new twist.
Any danger in ordering from a company that's been banned from these forums?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hsiu the updated version has more rubbery cable which is soft but a little "bouncy" shell doesn't seems to have big different. Not sure if it is my ear getting worst but it is slightly warmer than old one out of the box, it might change after some burn-in. bass is deep but quantity is less than before, might need more burn-in. I know it sound silly but to me even BA phone need a little burn-in. Hard to imagine anything...
I'd like to give them a shot. Probably have them remolded into a set of customs. Hope. Hope.
Thanks. That's tempting. One day only. The pressure!
Looked online but the sale price isn't on there. Still shows as $1099 with the JH 11s as $850. Might also be interested in some UE11s.
Not sure whether it's worth it to buy new JH13s, new JH11s or try to get some used ones remolded. PM or post here. Thanks. EDIT: Would also be interested in some UE11s since they're known for having a bit more bass.
Quote: Originally Posted by drmz4life The drmearz drm-1 is only rated down 30Hz, but does it really matter if an IEM driver is rated lower? It is proven that the human ear only hears down to approx 50Hz so anything under that is virtually useless. You = 100% wrong. 15Hz-20Hz is typical, buddy.
How are they brand new if you've opened them up and used them? I'm confused. If they're used, can you do $175 shipped?
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