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Quote: Originally Posted by boomana These would be Jerry's words: Direct quote from JHA: "This triple bore allows us to double the low frequency drivers for lower distortion, increased headroom and greater detail and accuracy in the low frequencies." Maybe it's just marketing hype for the new model or maybe Jerry doesn't want people to feel scammed by the recent sale on the JH13 only to have the JH16 released right after.
Quote: Originally Posted by boomana That's just irresponsible posting, and flame-baiting, which this forum doesn't need. Since you've clearly not heard either, and I'm guessing by the nonsensical declarative tone of your posts, you also have little to no experience comparing high-end audio gear (no one who does would make any such statements as yours), nor have you read and/or comprehended Jerry's own words regarding the two iems, I'm going to ask you to...
Quote: Originally Posted by robm321 Sucks to spend over a grand and then find out you're in the shadow of a better product for a tad more Shhhh. JH13 fanboys will come and get you for saying things like that.
Why would anyone want "increased speed, accuracy and headroom in the lower frequencies" anyway? I'm sure that they will continue to sell tons of JH13s because they're clearly better than the insignificantly more expensive JH16. Jerry seems like the kind of guy who rests on his laurels and fails to innovate or improve products. LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by cardude I don't think you'll find very many JH-13 owners who will agree with that statement. They sound WAY too good, I could never consider my money wasted. And for only $50 more you could have gotten the superior JH16. Just seems like a swift kick to the stones of every JH13 owner. Bad luck.
Think of how much better the JH16s would be compared to the JH13s. Wow.
Sounds like the JH16 is clearly better than the JH13 and a lot of people have wasted their money on the 13s.
Quote: Originally Posted by teds headfood i got my tf customs back from fh and yes, the new connectors have larger diameter holes.any stock ue cable will no longer fit without modification.the stock cables that i sent them, came back and have been squeezed/flattened by pliers or vise to be made larger. That sounds a little jank. Couldn't they have use the correct connectors?
Quote: Originally Posted by rune-san Yeah, Super and Triple Fis could have additional drivers, but the 5 EB's can NOT support an extra driver. There simply isn't enough room in that little case. Not true according to UM. It obviously depends on the size of your ears but they can get extra drivers in there.
Only $109.95 including shipping on Ebay. Great for having remolded into customs by Fisher or UM. UM can even do a 5-driver custom with 2 high, 2 mids and the large EB dynamic subwoofer! That's the one that I'm going to have UM make for me. Ultimate Ears Super.FI 5 EB Earphones for iPod MP3 Wht - eBay (item 270456203955 end time Feb-10-10 17:50:11 PST) Ultimate Ears Super.FI 5 EB Earphones for iPod MP3 BLK - eBay (item 270456205044 end time Feb-10-10 17:54:00 PST)
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