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Post a scan of the invoice to show where they were purchased
Selling my barely used Rocoo-A. Purchased from Highsound Audio and never switched away from my Rockbox'd Clip. The sound from this tiny thing is incredible. Here are some reviews: Forgot to add that it comes with all accessories (unused) and the original box in mint condition.
Same here.  I was able to do a chargeback on my credit card though.
Has anyone chosen 13s over 16s?
Do you know the difference between the 1 and 2 gen?
Why selling the IE8s? Something better or something that you didn't like?
Decided not to do the JH13s new so I'm bumping this up. Will wait for reviews of the UE18 and JH16 if I don't find any JH13s, JH11s or UE11s for a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by boomana These would be Jerry's words: Direct quote from JHA: "This triple bore allows us to double the low frequency drivers for lower distortion, increased headroom and greater detail and accuracy in the low frequencies." Maybe it's just marketing hype for the new model or maybe Jerry doesn't want people to feel scammed by the recent sale on the JH13 only to have the JH16 released right after.
Quote: Originally Posted by boomana That's just irresponsible posting, and flame-baiting, which this forum doesn't need. Since you've clearly not heard either, and I'm guessing by the nonsensical declarative tone of your posts, you also have little to no experience comparing high-end audio gear (no one who does would make any such statements as yours), nor have you read and/or comprehended Jerry's own words regarding the two iems, I'm going to ask you to...
Quote: Originally Posted by robm321 Sucks to spend over a grand and then find out you're in the shadow of a better product for a tad more Shhhh. JH13 fanboys will come and get you for saying things like that.
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