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Love my A03.  Great fit with the Monster foam supertips.  Tried a lot of tips and found those were the best for my ears.  
Purchased from Jaben at the same time that I bought a pair of 03 Ossicles. Burned each pair in for 20 hours on the computer with pink noise and prefer the sound of the Ossicles. These are basically new and none of the accessories have even been opened.
Purchased a while back from Sound Earphones and selling since I want something that's bassier. $299 + shipping new so these are a steal. Excellent condition, everything is included as are all of the replacement filters and o-rings.
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Purchased to try pairing with my iPhone 4S and it sounds fantastic but I also got a Rocoo BA portable DAP and am going to stick with that instead. Like new and everything works perfectly. Includes the USB cable for charging, a short LOD and a medium LOD.
This was sold to me about three weeks ago
Nevermind. Jack helped me get it. Kept trying the firmware update steps over and over on various computers and the player was finally recognized by one computer. That was all that it took to be able to reload the firmware. Didn't get corrupted this time and it's working again.
Any way to unbrick this lump? Followed the firmware update instructions to the letter and now it's bricked. My BA came with the P firmware installed and when I tried to install the correct BA firmware, it bricked itself.
Buyer beware here
Need this gone.
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