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I liked them a lot with my Rocoo BA DAP
Fungamania flaked so I'm bumping these back up.
CONUS only!!!!
Like the title says, it's all free.  I don't need it so just cover the shipping and handling and it's yours.   1.  Hippo VB earphones.  Almost new but arrived defective with the left earpiece not putting out the same volume as the right.  Includes the original box and #2 ports.   2.  Monster Turbine Pro Copper box, manuals and earhooks.  Never used.
Open to offers but not looking for any trades except for high end closed headphones that can be given away as a gift.  
sale pending  
  Post a pic then.  It's only been a few months that we've been asking.
I lost my pair of MTPCs in March but still have the box and all accessories.  All manuals, cable stay, ear clips, cases, normal tips, flanged tips, gel SuperTips and foam SuperTips are brand new.  The only thing that's missing is the largest size of the foam SuperTip and those were the ones that I used.   Again, every single things is brand new and included except for the largest size of the foam SuperTips.
Received directly from Aurisonics and haven't even opened the box.  Everything is included and everything is new.  Not used and not refurbished.  Brand new.  I'm only selling because I finally found some tips that make my Ossicles comfortable (Monster foams) and they're only worth about $100 if I decided to sell them.   Everything is obviously included (case, tips, tools, etc).  Willing to ship worldwide.  Add fees if using PP.
I'm selling my slightly used Rocoo BA.  The sound is incredible but I've never felt comfortable with the idea of running with it in my pocket.  As I mainly listen to music while exercising, going back to my basic Sansa Clip makes more sense.   Everything is included as new.
New Posts  All Forums: