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Some other pictures of the TiN coating can be seen here:
I've had them for well over a year and run with them all of the time.  TONS of sweat and not a single issue.  So much sweat that I had to put some tape around the Y cable just below where the sliding connector sits when I run because it would constantly slide downward because of the sweat.  16 hour flights are also no problem.  Maybe I just got a good set.
Used VBs in very good condition.  No marks, scratches or tears in the cables.  Work great except I've lost the #1 and #3 bass ports so only the #2 (medium) ports are included.  These sound the best though.  Comes with the zippered carrying case.
Selling my pair of like-new R1s.  Original box, all accessories, flawless condition.  Burned them in for 30 hours using pink noise but the sound signature isn't for me
^^^ Looks like an HY3 with a sound tube for each driver.
FWIW, this Ebay seller will accept at least as low as $124.99 with free shipping and maybe lower.
LOL What "source" is that?
A very thorough review:
I liked them a lot with my Rocoo BA DAP
Fungamania flaked so I'm bumping these back up.
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